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When: Tuesday, June 26, 2007, 10:00 AM ESTClick Here To Reserve Your Line Where: ON LINE Your Home  Event fee: $39.95 per line Description: ONLINE - requires internet and telephone access and some type of spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel PERFECT FOR AGENTS AND PROPERTY MANAGERS TOO! The f...
Sticking to a policy of not buying mortgage leads for several reason, not the least of which we are busy with real leads, I never had any intention of participating but I did have a lot of questions about the phone call I received in February 2007. Normally I tell the caller I am not a good prosp...
So it's just a little "gray" area that will never harm anyone. Maybe I'll just let it slide so I can get the commission from this deal. After all, how will anyone ever know?For those of us serious about eliminating fraud and mitigating the damages to our industry and indeed our nation a statement...
I have been teaching and doing short sales for several years. Recently they have become the "hot topic" in the real estate investor market and suddenly everyone is an expert. Another edge I have over the "guru" world is that I am not only an investor and a trainer but my "day job" is as Director ...
When: Wednesday, June 13, 2007, 8:00 PMEmail KEN for more information678-946-0100 Where: ON LINE    CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR LINE NOW - You need a phone and a web connection. If you want to have 10 friends come over and participate it's still only $39.95 because the fee is PER LINE.  Descriptio...
This is the long awaited follow up, nearly 24 hours, to the posting Three Reasons to Sell NOW!!!But first a bonus story ... I found a funny today while I was out driving for unlisted distressed properties. It was a home for sale, by the owner none the less, that has been for sale since I purchase...
If you have never read my writings you may need to do so after reading this so you will better understand the horse to which belongs this mouth. More specifically I am writing from My Own Little World. In other words what I write here is applicable to many areas in which I operate, but not all, a...
My grandfather was born in Sebewa Township, Michigan in 1880. I was just thinking of him last night and of how many people there were on this planet when I was a boy who were born in the 1880's, 1870's and even a few from the 1860's. Now there is barely a soul left from the 1890's but there are a...
There is at least one thing every person I have ever met has in common: we all have to eat. Like the commercial says, "You gotta eat. Who do you think you are? You won't get far. You gotta eat."Agreed! I eat about four times every day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late light snack - usually. My...
Of course it's really nothing new but it's new to a lot of people doing short sales. Once upon a time there was a very hot real estate market pretty much across the nation. If a home went into foreclosure it went all the way to the courthouse steps because of many reasons - mostly lenders really ...

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