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Just to clarify. PMI is a company name. Just because PMI was seized by the state of AZ it does not mean private mortgage insurance has gone away. Private mortgage insurance is still available in AZ through other private mortgage insurance companies
Q: How would a government shutdown affect the mortgage business and your closings? The last time we went through a government shutdown in 1995, it was a pain, but not a panic. I can assure you my company has prepared all loans in our pipeline and are looking at new contracts not yet acquired for...
The answer is different for each situation.  How long are you going to be in the home? What are your financial goals? To figure out whether buying points will help or hurt your mortgage rate, you must calculate how much your monthly payment will be at the interest rate you’ll be pay without buyi...
A borrower on maternity leave can be on the loan but we cannot use any qualifying income unless the employer will verify that the borrower will be receiving their FULL normal income while on leave. Any type of short term disability or reduced pay can not be used as qualifying income
CREDIT: This is a review of the customers past history in meeting their obligations. Not only have they paid their accounts on time, but how long have they had a history. This is one part of the automated system that has the highest potential for inaccuracy. With the emphasis on credit scores an...
Agents who sell a Freddie Mac-owned home off of an offer received between May 16th and July 31st of this year will receive an extra $1,200 in bonuses as long as they close before September 30, 2011. The properties must be part of the Freddie Mac HomeSteps program and sold to owner-occupant buyers.
Just a reminder....3 CE hours free.  Register for the class by contacting me. Class will be May 25th from 1-4PM in Chandler, AZ.
Often times I get customers that say I'm the only one that answered the phone and I was the 4th or 5th person they'd called.  Well my first question might be why wasn't I the first but that's for another blog. Then I have to wonder, really?  You mean there are people that put in all the time and ...
This is a really great article by RisMedia about the Evolution of Buyer-Agent relationships.  I suggest you check it out. I'd be interested in hearing your feedback about buyer loyalty after reading the article.      
We're about 14 hours into the news coming out about Bin Laden's death and pundits are already expounding on how this will help the economy and stablilze the financial markets These days it takes very little to make the markets move up or down.  While this may help the markets move up I fear it w...

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