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There has been a lot of buzz on AR about online lead generation companies recently.  And, I wanted to "throw my hat in the ring", as it were...First off, let me be clear about one thing: Real Estate Client Referrals is NOT a "lead generation" company.  We are a full scale realty referral procurem...
Since my company is based in Missoula, Montana, I don't know what homes generally sell for in your area.  It could be that you can't even buy a closet space for less than $200,000. And I understand.  That's why I'm happy to announce that Real Estate Client Referrals allows you to "cherry pick" re...
Thought you'd like to see a really interesting video from a fellow real estate agent, Amanda King from Century 21 in Bramptom, Ontario. She just grossed over $5 MILLION dollars in sales thanks to Real Estate Client Referrals - a unique real estate referral agency (not to be confused with lead gen...
Hey Realtors,I'm interested in hearing what you HATE most about lead generation companies. I know we've all heard horror stories about long-term contracts, cancellation fees, huge commission splits and all that. But I'm interested in knowing, what really bothers you most?Have you tried a lead gen...
From all of us at RECR to everyone in our AR family...Have a wonderful, joyous, and happy holiday!!  May the love that was shown by Jesus to all mankind reflect in your hearts during this season of giving...and may you have the merriest of Christmases.  Now, having said that....does anyone else's...
There are dozens of different lead generation programs online today, and it's hard to know who to trust.  Here's my advice:  Don't trust any of them.  They're outdated - nothing more than dinosaurs caught in the world wide web.Technology has already shaped the way we agents do business.  First wi...
True story...It was a lead generation company that almost made me quit the real estate business altogether. This company (who shall remain nameless though it's been all over the news lately) used to charge monstrous monthly fees. I believe I ended up getting 140 leads and only closing one.  Just ...
I can't begin to stress the importance of proper client follow-up, especially around this time of year.Seems the standard response to your clients is to send the obligated mass-produced holiday card. But what if you could do so much more than that?What if you could effortlessly follow up with cli...
Attention all AR peeps...I wanted to extend an open invitation to everyone to check out my company, Real Estate Client Referrals.  First off, let me explain that RECR is NOT a lead generation company.  We are a full-scale realty referral procurement agency that focuses on QUALITY referrals...with...
Are all internet referrals worthless? Of course not.  At least, not when you know how to identify where they are in the buying cycle and how to use this knowledge to your advantage when working with a prospect.  This blog post will show you how.First, a common misconception among real estate agen...

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