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  Im a huge fan of Matt Stigliano and his writing.  And, this blog he posted the other day needed reposted for those that may have missed it.   March 24, 2009 Flashback I wrote this post back on the 24th of March.  It was important to me when I wrote and it's still important today.  I've been luc...
Working where I do, I have an opportunity to speak with agents all over the country about their local markets and the trends that are happening there.  One conversation I had yesterday prompted me to pose a question on our facebook page about open houses.  I was curious to know, "Are open houses ...
  I wanted to write a blog post about using photos to help market your business as a follow up to my post on Guerrilla Marketing.  But, Monica did such a fine job on this post...Im going to reblog it!!  Awesome post!!   8 Ways To Use Photos To Promote Your Business - and best of all, most of them...
I was recently playing around with services that allow you to post presentations online...companies like SlideShare and Scribd. I posted this to Scribd a few days ago...and in that time, it has climbed to about #7 on Google for some of our primary search terms!!!  In my mind, that is AMAZING!! Fe...
  "Marketing is the differentiation of yourself against your competition.  Advertising is the cost of being boring." That is according to an article I read in BrokerAgentPro roughly a year ago.  The article went on to say that, if a person marketed themselves properly, they would never need to ad...

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