lead generation: Get Better At What You Do -- Online Lead Generation Group On FaceBook - 08/22/11 03:45 AM
Most of you are keenly aware of the fact that I am not an real estate agent. In fact, I work for one of those annoying lead generation companies. And, I have done so for the last 8 years. If there is one thing that I do know about this industry, it is lead generation, lead follow up, and lead conversion.
Many of you are also aware that I'm a social media junkie and complete addict.
Having said that, I got a wild hair about a week or so ago and started a group on Facebook solely for the purpose of … (9 comments)

lead generation: Call Your Prospects. FASTER! - 11/10/10 12:15 AM
“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” ~~ Patrick F. Drucker
As we head into the beginnings of 2011...and everyone is working on their business plans and preparing to make 2011 better than 2010 was...I wanted to hammer home a point I have been trying to make for the entire year both here on my blog and on my fan page on Facebook -- CALL YOUR PROSPECTS FASTER!!
Let me give you an example...
So, there I am...sitting in the drive-thru at McDonalds. (Not that important really...everyone reading this has been there more than once, … (37 comments)

lead generation: Generating Leads Is Easy. Converting Leads...Now, THAT Takes Effort. - 09/14/10 01:33 AM
If you follow me at all...you know that in just about any given moment, you can find me involved in one conversation or another on Twitter.  Usually more than one...And the day that this conversation occurred is no different. 
See, I was talking with my friend Tamara about lead generation and conversion.  We were talking about the fundamental importance of lead generation and the fact that most agents simply don't have enough leads and why I think most agents simply fail when it comes to this activity.  Below is an exerpt from that conversation from Twitter (If you don't use Twitter, … (119 comments)

lead generation: Do You Lack The "Lead Generation" Skills To Survive?? - 12/22/08 05:56 AM
If you follow me at all...you know that in just about any given moment, you can find me involved in one conversation or another on Twitter.  Usually more than one...And the day that this conversation occurred is no different. 
See, I was talking with Tamara Dorris about lead generation.  We were talking about the fundamental importance of lead generation and the fact that most agents simply don't have enough leads and why I think most agents simply fail when it comes to this activity.  Below is an exerpt from that conversation from Twitter (If you don't use Twitter, I am talking … (92 comments)

lead generation: What's The Secret To Invites...Why Dont People Listen To Me???? - 02/19/08 02:05 AM
Alright....Ive had it.  By the time I write this, Im going to be looking like this guy here....Why?  Why?  I can not for the life of me understand why only 3 of the people that I have invited to ActiveRain have accepted the invitation and built a profile.  And, I work with over 3,500 agents all across the country and in Canada.  (So, its not like I dont have a pool to choose from.) 
What does it take to get people to understand that this simple little social network will advance thier business in so many ways???  I have learned more in … (57 comments)

lead generation: 5 Things All Qualified Leads Have in Common - 02/07/08 01:42 AM
This morning I came across an excellent article on the Realities, Myths and Urban Legends behind Prospecting that shared 5 important things that every qualified lead has in common. I'd like to expand on those five points in my blog today:
An awareness of their need for whatever it is you sell.
If they don't know they need it, why would they want to buy it at all?  You may need to take the time to EDUCATE them by presenting your product in such a way that it helps them better themselves somewhow - more money, more time, more productivity, and so on. … (6 comments)

lead generation: Make People Want to Contact You! (Part I of II) - 02/06/08 02:24 AM
When you buy real estate leads, what exactly are you doing? You may think you're getting a good deal, but oftentimes when you call on those prospects, you discover that they:
Don't know who you are or why you're callingAren't interested in what you have to offer (they may not even be in the market to buy or sell a home!)Probably already have a real estate agentUnfortunately, this puts you in an awkward situation...you've just spent your money to try and ultimately get a commission from someone who doesn't want you to contact them.
I know from my own personal marketing experience … (0 comments)

lead generation: From Washed Up to WhooHoo!! - 01/18/08 12:18 AM
My name is Jeremiah Thompson. I started out as a complete and utter real estate rookie seven years ago working in a small RE/MAX office in Missoula, Montana. 
I spent countless hours "in the field"... hosting open houses, only to feed cookies to the neighbors.I spent long hours on the phone, cold-calling and even getting yelled at sometimes.I put in so many hours at work, that it cost me a relationship with my girlfriend and some of my most valuable possessions...
The "Crazy Idea" That Turned My Career Around and How It Can Work for You
I decided that things had to change. … (11 comments)

lead generation: How $99 Referrals Can Be Worth More than $1,075 Leads - 01/16/08 06:21 AM
How much would you pay for a good referral?
I mean a referral that, let's say, had a 20% chance of buying or selling their home within a year?
Now that may not sound like much at first. But consider the fact that, unlike with traditional lead programs, where there's a slight chance that 1 in 100 of the leads you get will turn into a closing...but our average closing rate is 1-in-5.
That sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Why do you think that is?
That's because, until we came along, "lead generation" companies actually bragged about their 1 in 100 closing … (0 comments)

lead generation: YOU Have the POWER!...You Just Need To Use It. - 01/09/08 11:59 PM
Good Morning!  Today is a new day!!  Now, clear your head and get ready for this one...this is important...
The 'Clintonian' definition (thats my word for my version....kinda catchy, dont you think?) of INSANITY is this: Doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results.  Having that in mind, lets move on...I'd like to share with you all a little piece of advice I recieved from my Economic's professor in college...Dr. Colleen Johnson.  Smart woman...and I dont just mean book smart.  She was sharper than a two-pionted tack.  Anyways...here is what she told me upon graduation...Or, a close summary thereof...
If you … (8 comments)

lead generation: RealEstate.com No Longer Doing Lead Generation? *UPDATED* - 01/07/08 08:35 AM
I had an agent contact me earlier today that found us off of AR....And she proceeded to tell me that RealEstate.com is no longer offering a lead generation service??!!!!  Supposedly, they are attempting to position themselves along the same lines as Top Producer.  So, I am curious if anyone out there in AR world can verify this for me.....Please send any info, links, etc...
Thanks!Update --- I went to the RealEstate.com website and the rumors are true.  They no longer offer any form of lead generation service as a subscription style service.  Although they have kept the contact management software in place … (3 comments)

lead generation: I Love Small Town America...Other than that, this isnt about anything important...Or is it? - 01/04/08 02:52 AM
I grew up in a small town...and I know small is a relative term to most.  I am talking less than 1,000 people when I graduated high school.  My graduating class had 29 kids in it.  Im talking small town. 
I can remember:
-- having to go to the doctor...walking into the office and being seen right away and leaving without paying for anything because they knew they could send a bill to my parents house.
-- going to the drug store and getting perscriptions for pain medications for my dad and they actually gave them to me knowing I wasnt going to go … (6 comments)

lead generation: It's US vs. THEM.........And the winner is.....??? - 12/27/07 12:26 AM
There has been a lot of buzz on AR about online lead generation companies recently.  And, I wanted to "throw my hat in the ring", as it were...
First off, let me be clear about one thing: Real Estate Client Referrals is NOT a "lead generation" company.  We are a full scale realty referral procurement agency with one primary goal -- To ensure that you make money using our network so that we can keep YOU as OUR customers for life!  The only way we have to do this is to ensure that we are delivering the best quality referrals on the net...and … (12 comments)

lead generation: Cherry Picking Referrals – Catching the Ideal Prospect - 12/26/07 07:49 AM
Since my company is based in Missoula, Montana, I don't know what homes generally sell for in your area.  It could be that you can't even buy a closet space for less than $200,000. And I understand.  That's why I'm happy to announce that Real Estate Client Referrals allows you to "cherry pick" referrals. In other words, if you don't want to receive any prospect's information who is looking to buy on the "low end" - you don't have to.
Never again will you have to deal with clients who just aren't in a position to buy according to the market in … (0 comments)

lead generation: $5 Million in sales!!!...from Internet Leads??? - 12/26/07 02:30 AM
Thought you'd like to see a really interesting video from a fellow real estate agent, Amanda King from Century 21 in Bramptom, Ontario. She just grossed over $5 MILLION dollars in sales thanks to Real Estate Client Referrals - a unique real estate referral agency (not to be confused with lead generation - the two are as different as night and day!)
I should also add that Amanda was named as Century 21's International Realtor of the Year - a HIGHLY prestigous honor.  In fact, she gets nearly 40% of her business from us.   Where would you be if you … (1 comments)

lead generation: What do you HATE about Lead Companies? - 12/24/07 01:58 AM
Hey Realtors,
I'm interested in hearing what you HATE most about lead generation companies. I know we've all heard horror stories about long-term contracts, cancellation fees, huge commission splits and all that. But I'm interested in knowing, what really bothers you most?
Have you tried a lead generator and had less than stellar success with them?
Have you been charged outrageous fees and have no idea where they came from?
Come on, let's hear it! Go ahead and vent :-)

lead generation: Lead Generation and "The Human Factor" - 12/21/07 01:10 AM
There are dozens of different lead generation programs online today, and it's hard to know who to trust. 
Here's my advice:  Don't trust any of them.  They're outdated - nothing more than dinosaurs caught in the world wide web.
Technology has already shaped the way we agents do business.  First with the MLS, then real estate web page listings, and lead generation services.   Each of these programs had a critical flaw in it, however:
That factor is "human interaction". 
Lead generators are far too impersonal and amount to nothing more than "screen scraping" names and numbers (often faked).  Why should you pay a … (4 comments)

lead generation: How Lead Generation Almost Ruined My Real Estate Career - 12/20/07 01:17 AM
True story...
It was a lead generation company that almost made me quit the real estate business altogether. This company (who shall remain nameless though it's been all over the news lately) used to charge monstrous monthly fees. I believe I ended up getting 140 leads and only closing one.  Just one! It made my blood boil. I almost swore off internet prospecting altogether.
Because in the process, I learned some very valuable lessons from my mistakes. I carefully watched how this company did business and how they treated their real estate agents. I noticed and I swore that if I ever started … (8 comments)

lead generation: An Open Invitation To Make Money... - 12/14/07 02:39 AM
Attention all AR peeps...
I wanted to extend an open invitation to everyone to check out my company, Real Estate Client Referrals.  First off, let me explain that RECR is NOT a lead generation company.  We are a full-scale realty referral procurement agency that focuses on QUALITY referrals...with one single goal in mind: TO HELP YOU MAKE MONEY!
Here's what you get:
Verified referrals -- Real humans that actually want your help.  Anything less is not acceptable either to us or to you.Exclusive territories -- Your area is yours.  No recycled referrals.  No need to cut your commissions to attract a client away from … (1 comments)

lead generation: Shop and Compare...Pick a company that brands YOU not themselves... - 12/10/07 11:57 PM
Housevalues?  HomeGain?  RealEstate.com?  ServiceMagic? 
Have you been down this road before??  Names like these usually strike fear into the hearts of those that have used them for one reason or another....whether it be the lack of quality referrals or the huge monthly fees and diabolical commission splits or hidden fees. 
Having said that, I would like to introduce to everyone a better option.  Century21's International Realtor of the year, Amanda King, has been taking referrals from www.recr.com for 4 years...and says that 40% of her annual sales comes from recr.com.  And, for her, that equates to over $5million in sales.  Below … (4 comments)