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I'm frustrated by what I see. Imagine what a consumer feels if I'm frustrated.  I work in this industry, so I know what's going on and read up on everything I can.  I spend hours doing research for posts, ideas, and clients.  I actually enjoy that side of real estate and real estate blogging.  W...
Take a walk on Deed Street. I was introduced to Deed Street at Blog World 2009 thanks to Doug Lazovick, the founder and man behind the curtain.  During the conference I actually spent quite a bit of time with Doug and got to know him and chat with him about Deed Street. The idea of Deed Street is...
image courtesy of Twitter, Gimp, and my own conversation with a local consumer Talking to the consumer...not at them. Recently, I had a conversation with a local about their home that resulted in a post about "For Sale By Owner" homes in San Antonio (and beyond).  I was pretty proud of the post ...
photo courtesy of hyku FTC handing down $11,000 fines?  Yikes! When first announced, the changes to the FTC Act of 1980 caused quite a stir throughout the blogging community.  The idea was that if you were endorsing a product, you had better disclose your relationship with that company.  Were yo...
Ken Cook does it again. Ken Cook comes through again and answers the question of when you should get pre-approved for you loan when buying a home.  I think this post goes great with my post Realtor® Speak 101: Pre-Approval.  I think pre-approval is one of the most misunderstood and most important...
photo courtesy of Casey Serin For Sale By Owner - Is it a good thing? I recently spoke with an online friend of mine at Twitter and learned they were selling their house as a "For Sale By Owner" (or FSBO as they are often called in real estate circles).  I didn't know they were selling their hom...
  Ever wondered what "approval" means? Mortgage guy Ken Cook breaks down the stages of approval for a mortgage and shows you life on his side of the fence.  Ken's no-nonsense look at the value of the various stages of the loan process is refreshing and straight on.  Then again, Ken's never been k...
San Antonio 78260 Although prices have flattened out a bit recently, there was an upward price trend in 78260 for the second half of the year.  Inventory remains high at 429.31 homes, so it's going to take awhile to clear it out and because of that, I don't see any major gains in appreciation in ...
San Antonio 78259 New homes being built at a sensible pace, plenty of land for expansion, and the gently rolling hills of the edge of the Hill Country define the real estate market in 78259.  I fear this area will eventually end up a bit more like Stone Oak, but for now, that is nothing more than...
San Antonio 78258 The Stone Oak area (78258) has had more trouble than most over the last year.  Overbuilding combined with the nightmare that is 281, has allowed this once heralded area of San Antonio to become a little less desirable.  Don't get me wrong, plenty of people still love the area, b...

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