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photo courtesy of eflon   You'll need to do some homework. In order for this post to make much sense, you'll need to read up first.  Please read Larry and Sheila Agranoff's post "Should We Even Respond To This One?" (a featured post from 12/21/09) - if you're not a member of ActiveRain, the post...
photo courtesy of Mispahn No one ever said blogging was easy. I haven't posted here tons recently.  For a guy who managed to dive right in to blogging, I feel like I've neglected my ActiveRain blog a lot recently.  Sure, there's been holiday parties, me tearing an ear drum, me pulling a muscle i...
photo courtesy of mollypop Finally...a connection. I had a call today from Stacy Jones of The Jones Team in Katy, Texas, we've been trying to connect for awhile now, but today we finally spoke.  It was a conversation about real estate and technology (mostly websites) and I thoroughly enjoyed it....
FHA Loan Changes - Good Idea? Yesterday, I re-blogged a post about FHA loans, originally written by Ken Cook, one of the lenders I really trust when it comes to FHA information and advice.  I had read his article with great interest, as any change in any lender's rules, regulations, or requiremen...
  Thanks Ken! As usual, Ken Cook, does a great job breaking down some of the latest expected changes to FHA loans.  I find it shocking that everyone ran around saying we need to help clear the inventory by extending and expanding the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit and now they're thinking about...
photo courtesy of BenedictFrancis I'm unhappy with Twitter. Twitter recently introduced a new feature - a one click retweet feature.  For those that have been using programs like TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop, this is nothing new.  I've long hoped Twitter would create a one-click feature for ret...
photo courtesy of intangibleArts Welcome to my iPod. My latest article at AgentGenius covers some musical ground for me.  As a huge fan of Fugazi growing up, I learned a few things from watching them play live.  In a recent situation, I was reminded of how Fugazi reacted to situations in the tur...
image courtesy of my Twitter account and @LaniAR's tweets ActiveRain helps me get quoted. Late last week I received a call from California.  I had no idea what was waiting for me on the other end of the phone.  It was Jenna V. Loceff.  She explained she was a reporter for the North Bay Business ...

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