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photo courtesy of twicepix I haven't blogged here nearly as much as I should - even though I'm trying. Unfortunately, just about every time I do show up to do some blogging here on ActiveRain, I wind up with the dreaded Proxy Error.  With my schedule being what it is lately, I just don't have ti...
image courtesy of REbarcamp Austin March 11, 2010 - REbarcamp comes to Austin If you've followed REbarcamp news in the past, you'll know that these events have proven to be fun, educational, and often quite inspiring.  On Thursday March 11th, REbarcamp invades Austin.  This will be my first live...
photo courtesy of StuSeeger Are online friends your friends? Last week I wrote a post at AgentGenius about connecting with clients and consumers on a more meaningful basis than just business.  That article, prompted a response by AgentGenius writer Ken Montville, "Your Client Doesn’t Care: A Con...