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 There have been a lot of blogs posted here on Active Rain lately about good business books to read. I would like to make a suggestion to new Agents and Brokers to read the E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber.This book explains why entrepreneurs fail in the first few years of opening their business. It t...
 The past two weeks I had two different buyers who were in a lower income category looking for a home. One was an owner occupied multifamily and the other was a single family residential.I have been seeing homes sitting on the market for months, expiring and getting relisted by new agents. These ...
After reading about the latest Zillow problems it occurred to me that it's not just Zillow that has a wide range of prices for the same property, but we, as Realtors do also.I had a first hand instance of this last year when my parents asked me to get CMA's from different Realtor's for their vaca...
 Market Report for Warwick, Rhode Island Stats taken from State Wide Multiple Listing Services Active Listings    9708*as of 10/23/2006New Listings       185*as of 10/23/2006Sold                    94*as of 10/23/2006Pending             192*as of 10/23/2006Expired and off Market    129as of 10/23...
City of Warwick, Rhode Island Why would you want to come to the city of Warwick, Rhode Island? Well for one, it's my hometown! Two, it has a lot of waterfront property. Three, it has a lot of great history.  Here is a little history. Warwick was founded in 1642, and we are the "sister" city of Wa...
Today I noticed my husband watching a TV show that was featuring a guy who wrote a book called "Hooked on the Web".As I passed by, I noticed the "look". "Don't even think about it!", says I."What? I wasn't thinking anything" as he continues to stare at me.Okay, I will admit that as I'm watching a...
 Today I read an article about a trend in the industry.It stated that there has been a lot of creative financing going on since the market downturn.  This financing, when entered in the MLS system does not give an accurate picture of what the home actually sold for.      For instance, say you sel...
When I first found Active Rain and read all the blogs and forums, I thought to myself, what a great resource for referrals. As I continued, I became addicted as many before me. Active Rain was still in Beta stage and there were a lot of people trying to figure out as they went along, just what it...
Due to the change in the Market lately, I have been spending a lot of time using the Tools in my MLS to see for myself what the actual changes are. The problem with doing this is that not all the MLS listings are updated. I find that almost 15% of the pendings are old. It looks like someone put t...
Hi all,Although some of you seem to have some great clipart, I personally have a hard time finding it.I did find this site though: http://www.signgenerator.net/It let's you customize signage and is kind of fun.If anyone else has a favorite clipart site feel free to mention it.  

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