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We are pleased to announce a new feature included in our ResidentTeam website. The application eRealAnalyzerTM has been added to all listings being exported to!"Analyze" buttons have been added to listings that are being exported to, just below the "Tell Me Mor...
You have been marketing a home and you are trying to stop the foreclosure with a short sale. It is important that you price the home close to the payoff in the very beginning. The price needs to be adjusted about every other week downward until you get an offer. Remember that you are trying to ge...
Kissimmee and Saint Cloud, Florida Bank Owned Properties On the Rise. There are currently 277 active listings and 127 pending listings for a total of 404 bank owned properties on the market. Since January 1, 2008 there has been 105 bank owned properties sold. The majority were on the market less ...
Closing Day of a Real Estate Transaction, is it a good day for surprises? How can surprises be eliminated. Simply with communication. Communication with the lender, the title company, the Realtors, and the buyer and seller. I have a closing in 11 hours. The surprises were yesterday, not today. I ...
I was recently asked to market a home that had been neglected for years. I did the owner a great service by neglecting to list the home before it was ready. The interior was filthy and needed cleaning. The home owners past tenants were not good house keepers. We waited 3 weeks for the work to be ...
A Preliminary HUD when listing a Short Sale Is a Good Idea. I usually have my title company do a preliminary HUD 1 when I list a short sale. Just reticently, I am representing a buyer on a short sale. The negotiation has gone on for almost 4 months. We finally got an approval. While we were doing...
Who do you have representing you in a home buying transaction? The most common situation is the home buyer using the listing agent's services.This is known as a transaction broker. In this representation the agent can assists both the seller and buyer. It is also possible for the buyer to ask ano...
Why do people such as yourself, surf the web for Real Estate sites. To get information!!! You maybe just inquiring for a future move. That is great! Or you are ready and getting started. Our site is free! everyone loves free. We, The Resident Team are also Free. You see, the sellers pay the commi...
With homeowners abandoning their homes because of foreclosure looming, I am seeing more and more homeowners stripping the appliances. Weren't the appliances sold with the home? So aren't the appliances mortgaged along with the home? Thus making them the property of the lender.Where do people get ...
I listed a home 11 months ago. I stepped down the price as the market fell. Starting at $119,000 and when I hit $99,000 I got an offer. When I went over the offer with my client, she was distraught that he had to come out of pocket to sell the home. The offer was for $95,000 and the note was $113...

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