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Disclaimers are extremely important to have on all your listing marketing material both on and off-line; especially now that the market prices and interest rates are fluctuating. Typically, the disclaimer is placed at the bottom of your listing flyer or listing brochure. In most cases, the text s...
Should your Open House smell like Cookies or Pine-Sol? This weekend I toured a few homes with my clients. At our Open House Briefing dinner an interesting conversation occurred regarding the "smell" of the homes. My client said, "House #2 didn't smell clean." I thought, 'what does smell have to d...
I got this email that I thought I'd share.  Pretty sensational and hard to believe; makes for an interesting read for the day. I guess with the economy slow going, people resort to different was of making it big. Here's the article:   Oklahoma Man Wins Lotto 3 Times by: Alun Hill via News-Fire Ju...
  Is being a specialist really that valuable? ABSOLUTELY! Targeting a niche and being the specialist within in it can add so much value to your brand, business, and the community. Here the top 5 rules to capitalize on your niche: State your claim -- What do you want to achieve? What is important?...
Hi Bay Area A/R members!   I'm doing some research for good family neighborhoods near or around the Palo Alto-Menlo Park area. I'm basically looking for the Irvine (Woodbury) equivalent up north. I have 2 toddlers so safety and schools are #1 priority. I might be moving our offices in Palo Alto-M...
“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” – Mark TwainBeautiful isn’t it?A great quote inspire and give you that ‘umph’ you need to challenge the day. It’s a lifetime of wisdom wrapped-up in a simple sentence. A great quote can be worth more than gold and serve as a ...
Where do we draw the line when it comes to positioning? For the past 2 months my custom flyer business has been booming; however, I've noticed a very odd trend. I'd say 80-90% of the agents I make flyers for all have the same or very similar position statement that reads something like:   John Sm...
(5/2: 11:00PM Added resources links to template sites) Should I use templates in my real estate business? Absolutely! Flyer templates are the best way create professional marketing for your listing(s). It doesn't matter if you are brand new agent or a seasoned agent; templates have a clear advant...

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