communications: 5 Things a REALTOR Should Never Say to Leads - 10/05/16 11:14 PM
Do you ever look back on a conversation and wish you had said something differently? It happens to the best of us. When you’re communicating with real estate leads and past clients, it can be challenging to handle every conversation perfectly.
But being aware of what you’re saying (or not saying) can help you begin to have conversations that lead to more leads, more clients, and more commissions!
Here are 5 things a Realtor should never say to leads, and what you should say instead.
Don’t say: “Have we worked together before?”Do say: “How have you been enjoying your home on Winding Way these … (0 comments)

communications: What You Need to Know About Keeping in Touch - 03/28/14 12:47 AM
Today’s blog post is by leading real estate sales trainer, Bruce Keith. Bruce is an IXACT Contact partner and founder of Bruce Keith Results. Remember that with a good real estate contact management system, the formula Bruce discusses can be planned and executed very easily. Enjoy:
The task of staying in touch with your real estate database always generates the question of “How often should I contact them?” The challenge for many real estate sales reps. is that, “I don’t want to be pushy but at the same time, I do want them to think of me when my services are needed.” The best … (0 comments)

communications: 3 Keys to Real Estate Sales Success - 07/17/12 12:39 AM
Today’s blog post is written by Michelle Vella, the founder of RealSTUDIO® Branding & Design. Michelle has over 20 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, publishing, photography, branding, and graphic design. RealSTUDIO is the preferred branding and design firm for many real estate agents and broker offices across the country, including RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside in Vancouver, British Columbia. We’re lucky to have Michelle share some insight with us on how REALTORS® can stand out from their competition from a branding and  design standpoint.
One of the challenges that many real estate sales professionals have is “finding business.” Whether you are … (7 comments)

communications: Should I Be Using My Real Estate CRM More? - 06/07/12 01:26 AM
Maybe you’ve signed up for a real estate CRM, like IXACT Contact, but are not using as much as you should. If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the below questions, this is a clear indicator that you desperately need a real estate CRM/ you need to use your real estate CRM more often. We recommend you log into your real estate CRM once a day for at least ten minutes.
I don’t keep in touch with all of my past clients I often feel disorganized and miss important appointments and commitments I don’t know where most of my business actually … (2 comments)

communications: Top 4 Favourite Real Estate Contact Management Tips - 05/31/12 01:28 AM
This is a re-blog by real estate trainer and author of Sell with Soul, Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn. Jennifer endorses IXACT Contact’s Realtor CRM and openly recommends it as her real estate contact management system of choice.
The article begins here:
I believe that every real estate agent who wants to be the best thing to happen to their clients (thus generating a steady supply of new clients throughout their careers) should invest in and commit to a real estate-specific contact management system. No, not to send out cheesy drip marketing emails to their nearest and dearest every two weeks, but to maximize the likelihood that … (4 comments)

communications: What’s The Value of a Realtor? - 05/29/12 12:11 AM
The below is a re-blog from an article that recently appeared in REM Magazine. The article cites a survey showing that 70 percent of people who don’t use the services of a REALTOR® to sell their home say they would use a Realtor next time. It’s up to you, as a real estate sales professional, to help your real estate leads and prospects understand the value you provide. Hopefully, this article will help you to do just this.
IXACT Contact’s Realtor CRM has been designed to help you build and nurture the relationships that you currently have so you can spend less time prospecting and looking … (2 comments)

communications: How Real Estate Success Stories Will Win You New Clients - 05/10/12 12:01 AM
Real estate success stories are among the most persuasive elements of a real estate marketing program. People may forget the details of your credentials, such as years of experience or list/sold statistics, but your past real estate successes will stick.
You may have testimonials and real estate success stories already featured on your website and in your real estate marketing materials. But you should also have a repertoire of success stories ready to communicate verbally when meeting with real estate leads and prospects.
Putting Past Real Estate Successes to Good Use Let’s say, for example, that during a listing presentation a client asks:
“Besides the … (5 comments)

communications: Are All REALTORS® Really #1? Differentiate Your Real Estate Marketing - 05/01/12 12:25 AM
Look around you. It’s likely that you’ll see some type of billboard or ad with a REALTOR®’s face on it. But have you noticed that Realtors seem to sell themselves in the same way? “I’m the best!,” “I’m #1,” “I’ve won 10 awards!”
So the question is, how do you differentiate yourself and your services? How do you set apart your real estate marketing from that of your competition?
When all agents are essentially saying the same thing (that they’re the “best” or “top performing”), you need to take another, more effective approach.
Do you go above and beyond for your clients? Have … (0 comments)

communications: Plant the Real Estate “Referral Seed” - 04/26/12 01:07 AM
When you see a Doctor or Lawyer who has “By Referral Only” on the office door, what is your impression?
Probably that he or she is exclusive, an expert, in demand, and respected by clients and colleagues alike – a highly successful professional.
The psychology is simple.
People believe – for good reason – that if you get referrals, then not only must you be good at what you do, you also must work hard and make the extra effort required to fully satisfy your clients.
There is a mystique that surrounds professionals who build their businesses on referrals.
In real estate, you need to … (4 comments)

communications: Accelerate Your Real Estate Marketing with A/B Testing - 04/19/12 12:34 AM
A/B testing should be an important part of any agent’s real estate marketing arsenal.
In this article, I'll discuss A/B testing as it relates to email marketing campaigns.
Take Your Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level
If you’re serious about taking your real estate marketing to the next level, you’ll want to A/B split test your emails.
The process of continually testing, tweaking, and modifying your emails is what will lead to tremendously positive success with your email marketing campaigns.
You need to pinpoint the right message that resonates with your real estate leads, clients, or whoever your sending your email to.

communications: Make Your Real Estate Newsletters an Invited Guest - 04/16/12 11:37 PM
Say a REALTOR® completes a transaction. The client is pleased with the services, the price for which the house sold, the quality of the home purchased, etc.
Then, a month later, the client receives a real estate e-Newsletter that the Realtor has sent through their real estate contact management software. Even though the publication is professionally designed and written — packed with valuable information — the client does not read it.
Why? Most likely the client didn’t know they were going to receive the e-Newsletter in the first place. 
It’s uninvited. 
A client receives countless unsolicited e-Newsletters, e-Flyers and other emails every … (5 comments)

communications: Focus on the Real Estate CRM Solution, Not the Problem - 04/09/12 11:52 PM
You show up for an open house and discover that your client is late getting the property in “show condition.” During a listing presentation, you realize you’ve forgotten your presentation materials. A fellow REALTOR® calls to inform you that a deal you thought was done has unexpectedly fallen through.
As a real estate sales professional, you’re bound to face challenges like these from time-to-time. They come with the territory.
But many people in these situations make the big mistake of focusing on the problem rather than on the solution.
Don’t Make the Big Mistake of Focusing on the Problem. Focus on … (2 comments)

communications: 5 Common Real Estate Email Marketing Mistakes - 04/03/12 01:04 AM
This is a fantastic blog post by our friends at Status Social Media. Email marketing is an important real estate marketing tactic that you should be using to grow your business. Your IXACT Contact real estate contact management software has a fully-featured email marketing system built-in, complete with pre-designed drip marketing campaigns and a monthly e-Newsletter. When you’re sending out your mass emails using IXACT Contact, make sure to keep the below points in mind. The monthly e-Newsletter, as well as the marketing campaigns and email templates that we’ve created for you in IXACT Contact all avoid the following five mistakes.
Real Estate Marketing: 5 Common Email … (0 comments)

communications: The Most Effective Real Estate Marketing Tactic is… - 03/29/12 12:11 AM
During the 2012 Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® Conference in Orlando, Florida, Imprev conducted a survey among the REALTORS® who attended and came back with some interesting real estate marketing findings. The focus of this article is the survey’s findings as they relate to real estate contact management.
Email marketing was ranked by agents to be the number one most effective “marketing product” (using the survey terminology) that they currently use.
The study also found that more than three-out-of-four Realtors said that drip marketing (or more specifically, automated drip eMarketing) was their second most preferred marketing tool (followed by an iPad Presentation App).
The fact that the majority of … (9 comments)

communications: Real Estate Marketing: What Makes Our Real Estate CRM’s Email Templates Unique, Not Canned - 03/27/12 12:59 AM
One of the reasons you may be thinking about signing up for a real estate CRM (CRM stands for customer relationship management if you’re wondering), is because it comes with email templates you can use to send to your real estate leads and /or clients, right?
Perhaps you want to ramp up your real estate marketing, assign your leads to drip marketing campaigns and/ or send your clients impactful and effective marketing emails.
But there’s one problem: you’re worried that the email templates in the real estate CRM are canned. You’re concerned that they may be poorly written and sound generic and impersonal.
This is a … (2 comments)

communications: An Amazing Way to Discover Your REALTOR® Reputation - 03/22/12 12:14 AM
“I think my real estate reputation is pretty solid,” says Hank, a real estate agent in Cleveland, Ohio. “My track record is excellent and I treat clients very well.”
That may be true. But how does Hank know for sure?
For that matter, how do YOU know for sure that clients think of you as the helpful, knowledgeable REALTOR® — the kind that they wouldn’t hesitate to refer to their friends and colleagues?
The only way to know for sure is to conduct a survey of your Realtor reputation:
How to Conduct a Realtor Reputation Survey: You can collect the information in a … (0 comments)

communications: Do You Have a Healthy Real Estate Contact Management Database? - 03/15/12 01:22 AM
The below article is a re-blog by Real Estate Coach Bruce Keith. The article underscores what can happen for Realtors who embrace real estate contact management in their business. If you’re using IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM on a daily basis, your contact with clients will become more meaningful and productive, your database will continue to grow, and you’ll see an increasing amount of referrals flow your way.
Bruce’s article is below:
WATERING YOUR GARDEN… for most Salespeople their most valuable asset is their Database… you know, your list of Past Clients and Centers of Influence. For obvious reasons it is your “most valuable asset” because of … (2 comments)

communications: An Easy Way to Boost Client Loyalty and Referrals in Real Estate Sales - 02/27/12 11:50 PM
Just about everyone has made New Year’s resolutions or set goals for 2012.
How can this goal-setting trend help your business?
I'm going to share with you a great real estate marketing strategy you can use to boost loyalty among your clients and build your referral and repeat business.
The next time you speak with your past clients, ask them about the goals they’ve set regarding their homes. Chances are, many of them will be planning to make some home improvements at some point in the year.
If so, let them know that you may be able to recommend a good Contractor or Designer. … (0 comments)

communications: Using e-Newsletters to Keep in Touch and Propel Your Business Growth - 02/22/12 11:49 PM
Sending out a monthly e-Newsletter is one thing that you, as a REALTOR®, can do to stay in touch with prospects and clients over time. In fact, it should be an important part of your real estate marketing strategy. Later in this article, I'll talk about how your real estate contact management system can help with this.
Here’s a good plan for deciding exactly who in your database to send out an e-Newsletter to: categorize your database (group your contacts) by A-List, B-List, and C-List. Your group of A-List contacts will be comprised of mostly past clients who you value the most (perhaps they’ve given … (5 comments)

communications: Why Every REALTOR® Needs to Pay Special Attention to Google Plus - 02/16/12 04:02 AM
Google Plus has been all the rage lately. It’s the new, popular kid on the block. Whether you’re deeply involved in social media, or a social media novice, you need to pay special attention to Google Plus. It’ll help you grow your real estate leads and it’ll supercharge your real estate marketing results. Here’s why YOUR business will benefit from creating a Google Plus page:
Search engine optimization (SEO) benefit. When you have a Google Plus page, people are more likely to find you in search engines. The more places you are on the web, the more likely you’ll come up in search results. Once … (6 comments)

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