real estate marketing: Where Do Real Estate Buyers Find Their Agent? - 05/03/16 12:36 PM

When you're deciding how to allocate your marketing budget, spend some time considering where real estate buyers are searching for a REALTOR.  Ideally, you want to "fish where the fish are."  Make sure you have a presence in the right places and you'll find more, better quality leads who are ready to move!
In this year's NAR Home Buyer and Seller report, we learned exactly how real estate buyers are finding their agents.  Do these numbers line up with how you gain real estate customers?
49% of buyers selected an agent who was referred to them.By far the largest percentage of real estate buyers find their agent … (2 comments)

real estate marketing: 5 Ways a REALTOR can Circle Back to a Stalled Conversation - 01/13/16 07:48 AM
This article first appeared on Inman. 
Are you familiar with this chain of events? A real estate prospect shows interest in listing his or her home. You diligently pursue the lead with phone calls, a home evaluation and coffee meetings. You do everything right, but in spite of your best efforts, the conversation stalls and fizzles out. What’s a real estate agent to do?
You don’t want to pester someone who isn’t ready to make a move, but you also don’t want to fall out of touch. This prospect is eventually going to list the home, and you want to be the real estate … (5 comments)

real estate marketing: Ask an Expert: Answers to Your Top Real Estate Marketing Questions - 01/11/16 08:37 AM
As the real estate industry has evolved and technology plays a bigger role in marketing every year, there are always new questions from REALTORS.  You want to make sure you’re being as efficient and effective as possible with your marketing efforts.  In this post, I invited real estate expert Danny Wood to answer some of your top questions.
Danny has a deep understanding of online lead generation. In the last 11 months he has generated over 10,000 home buyer & seller leads using just social media & google search alone!  He helps real estate agents with marketing & technology... and he helps … (1 comments)

real estate marketing: What’s All the Fuss about Integrated Real Estate Systems? - 01/05/16 11:20 AM
All real estate professionals need the ability to manage contacts in a central place and to automate staying in touch with those people to the greatest extent possible.  Standalone systems just don’t do a good job of supporting that type of relationship building.  Integrated systems are the key to real estate success.
Standalone Real Estate Marketing Systems are a Nightmare
Traditionally, automated real estate systems were standalone systems.  For example:
         An REALTOR® might have an MLS IDX search framed into a website. o   Search engines can’t read information in an iframe, meaning that the listings in the search weren’t useful for SEO.
o   Information … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: 7 Special Holiday Marketing Ideas for Realtors - 12/10/15 07:43 AM

The holidays are a crucial time of year for REALTORS® to market to past clients and prospects. It may be difficult because this is the time of year when your work calendar suddenly opens up. But your past clients and prospects are busy with their own holiday events and to-do lists, so that can leave you feeling stranded!
Would you believe me if I told you that the holidays are one of the best times of year to grow your business? It’s true. The reason is because this season offers countless opportunities for you to make a valuable impact in the lives of your … (22 comments)

real estate marketing: The Least Effective Ways to Prospect in Real Estate - 11/27/15 09:29 AM
As a real estate agent, you probably understand the importance of prospecting if you want to generate more quality leads. Whether you enjoy prospecting or not (that’s a whole different topic), there’s no denying its effectiveness as one of the best ways to generate leads.
But how can you be sure you’re prospecting as effectively as possible? The last thing you want to do is prospect in a nonproductive way that wastes your precious time. If you want to get the most out of your time spent prospecting, make sure you avoid what not to do, below.
You only do one or two prospecting … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: Why is it hard to stand out? How REALTORS Can Break the Mold - 11/19/15 06:57 AM
Dr. Seuss once said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  And this heartwarming advice certainly applies to real estate agents!  In a sea of REALTORS all working to get the next listing, catching your prospect’s eye can be a challenge.  Let’s explore some tried and true methods for standing out from the crowd as a Realtor and getting more attention from prospects.
You know that there are other real estate professionals working in your city or town, and that’s ok!  Every person has a different set of skills and experience to offer clients, and there is room for all … (22 comments)

real estate marketing: [INFOGRAPHIC] 7 Real Estate Blogs You Should Follow Right Now - 11/02/15 11:46 AM
The real estate industry is constantly changing, now add to that the fact that the marketing industry is also varying day-to-day. So how can you stay on top of all of the changes so your real estate marketing can be as effective as possible? The answer: simply turn to the experts – the ones who are steadily churning out valuable, insightful real estate marketing blog posts, all in one place.
We’ve compiled a list of 7 real estate blogs you should be following for the latest industry news, tips and trends. Many of these blogs have an eNewsletter signup so you can get … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: 5 Real Estate Marketing Tasks You Should Automate - 08/10/15 11:25 AM
The day of the average REALTOR® is a busy one.  Between commutes, meetings, listing appointments, prospecting, and marketing, you might find it difficult to carve out the time for dinner with your family!
While some of your tasks do require that you carry them out yourself, there are parts of your day that could be automated.  Taking advantage of technology can free up your time so you can dedicate yourself to your other tasks and your personal life.
Are you spending too much time manually completing tasks that could be automated?  Here are 5 key real estate marketing tasks that you should automate … (2 comments)

real estate marketing: How to THINK BIG for Your Real Estate Business - 04/21/15 12:46 PM
As 2015 moves forward, it’s a good idea to step back and re-evaluate your perception of your upper limits. What I mean by “upper limits” is…are you thinking BIG enough?
It has been proven over and over that we typically only reach 10% of our overall potential. There's lots of room for "more." There’s a great anonymous quote that says…“If you argue for your limitations…you get to keep them.”
Here’s a few examples where most Salespeople aren’t thinking BIG enough:
1. Not maintaining tight control of your morning routine… two quick  suggestions to help you with this ever present challenge: a) set a minimum standard … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: 4 Ways to Create and Disperse Your Unique Value Proposition - 04/01/15 07:41 AM
This blog post originally appeared on Inman. See the original article here.
In the midst of over 2 million active real estate licensees in North America, your unique value proposition (UVP) is what makes you stand out as a real estate agent.  It distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd, and showcases how you are different, better and most able to offer the best service in the sale or purchase of a home.
Your UVP is the cornerstone of your overall marketing strategy and the key to your success as a real estate agent. With a strong UVP you’ll be on … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: How to Find Quality Real Estate Leads - 01/28/15 12:40 PM
Is real estate lead generation one of the primary things on your mind when it comes to your business? If so, you’re not alone. Considering the average REALTOR® gets only 12 leads per year, it’s no wonder many agents are researching ways to obtain more high quality real estate leads.
In this blog post, I’ll share some valuable real estate lead generation ideas and examine the tips and tricks for how an agent can get more quality leads.
First Things First, What Exactly is a Real Estate Lead?
Simply put, a lead is the name and contact information for someone who … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: Use Your CRM for REALTORS ® to Get Relevant and Personal - 10/09/14 12:19 PM
If you’ve written off email marketing as being ineffective, you may want to think again. Email is one way you can stay in touch with your real estate database and remain “top of mind,” quickly and easily. It’s much more cost effective than many other marketing channels, such as direct mail and print advertising, and much of it can be automated. Studies have shown that people 1) want to receive email from individuals and companies they’re interested in, 2) use email to share information, and 3) check email every single day.
When it comes to email, relevancy and personalization are not … (6 comments)

real estate marketing: Real Estate Marketing Ideas - 09/16/14 12:13 PM
If you’re looking for some great real estate marketing ideas, you’ve come to the right place! In this post I’m going to outline four of my top ideas for promoting yourself and your business, staying top of mind, and establishing trust and credibility with your real estate sphere of influence (SOI).
1. A monthly real estate newsletter
Make sure your CRM for REALTORS® includes a professionally designed and written monthly real estate e-Newsletter. This way, you can benefit from a fantastic way to stay in touch with your database without having to pay an extra fee to a newsletter company or spend hours writing … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: 4 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Stand out From the Competition - 08/14/14 08:09 AM
Today we have a guest blog post by Carrie Gable, President and CEO of RealSupport, a leading real estate virtual assistance company:
As the real estate market rebounds, so does the number of new agents! A recent article by the Associated Press reports that the number of real estate applications has doubled in states like Florida and California, where rising home prices are grabbing headlines. Newcomers to the industry are lured by the impression of a big payday with a relatively low barrier to entry.
Real estate sales has always been a highly-competitive industry. With tens of thousands of new agents expected to … (3 comments)

real estate marketing: The 3 Best Real Estate Marketing Tools - 08/05/14 08:54 AM
The best real estate marketing tools aren’t always easy to find. And everyone seems to have a different opinion these days on which ones really are the cream of the crop. In this blog post we’re going to let you in on three tools which we believe are absolutely essential for every REALTOR® which will help take your business to new heights.
1. IXACT Contact – Real Estate CRM
A real estate CRM is the foundation to building a referrals-based business. If you want to stop cold calling and get the majority of your business from referrals and past clients, you … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: How to Get More Referrals from Your Real Estate CRM Database - 07/22/14 09:14 AM
Want more referrals? Well, there may be more opportunity for referrals than you ever imagined right under your nose.
The key is to focus in on yo
ur “personal circle;” friends, family, and acquaintances who may be willing to recommend you to others.
The average homeowner knows three to five people who will move each year. Let’s crunch the numbers a bit. Assume there are 25 people in your personal circle. If that’s the case, you could get 75 to 125 new referrals per year from the people in your real estate CRM!
Once qualified, you need to take the right approach when … (2 comments)

real estate marketing: 3 Ways to Express Personality in Your Real Estate Email Marketing - 07/17/14 11:20 AM
Today’s blog post is by leading real estate virtual assistant, Pamela Cendejas. Pamela is an IXACT Contact partner and founder of Second Self Virtual Assistance. Enjoy:
You can always tell a good author by the descriptive details of their characters.  As you read, the players come alive and you’re able to imagine how they look and what their voices sound like.  The same should be true with your email.  Your readers should be able to feel like they’re getting to know “the real” you.
Here are three simple-to-do ideas you can put into action to express your own personality in your real estate … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: Top 3 Marketing Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make - 07/03/14 12:25 PM
As a REALTOR®, you have to wear a lot of hats. You may have not received much training in marketing even though it’s a key component of your job. But hopefully this blog post and others on the IXACT Contact Real Estate Contact Management Blog will help you improve and master effective real estate marketing.
Here are three real estate email marketing mistakes agents often make:
1. Sending generic real estate marketing emails
The “Dear Valued Client” approach and emails with no salutation at all or just “Hello” have spammy, batch and blast email written all over them. Who wants to read an … (3 comments)

real estate marketing: Want to Better Service Your Clients? Consider a CRM for REALTORS® - 04/10/14 12:25 PM
What are you doing right now to offer exceptional service to your clients? Perhaps you respond to their inquiries right away, provide them with excellent advice, are proactive in showing them homes they may be interested in and anticipating their needs, and more. But are there other things you can be doing? Maybe you could be leveraging technology more to bring the service you provide from good to great. Or great to extraordinary.
The technology I have in mind is a CRM for Realtors. Not a generic CRM but one that’s specifically customized to meet the unique requirements of real estate sales … (0 comments)

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