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Real Estate Appraiser - is Richard Ferris. I am a Florida state certified real estate appraiser serving clients in Lake county, Orange county, Osceola county, Polk county, Seminole county, and parts of Volusia county. My blog concerns local market activities, general thoughts on my real estate world, and technology tips to be more productive as a paperless office.
Aside from the melting credit markets and tighter lending availability.....this is a GREAT time to be in the market for a home!  (KEEP READING for a FREE copy of my neighborhood report!) The more trend analysis I do in my local Orlando/Lake county markets - the more solid this trend becomes that ...
It seems like all you hear about from local TV stations is the crashing housing markets here in Central Florida.  If all you hear from are news sources - you would likely think that the whole region is still in the dumps! However, talk to some of the folks on the ground here, and you may be find...
  I recently applied for a line of credit from my local bank.  I know...what am I stupid?!  Who wants to give a line of credit to a self employed individual?   I mean - I have 14 years of proven business income, and I put 20% down on my home when I bought it 3 years ago - so there is still SOME ...
     Many homeowners are! Many homeowners are receiving tax bills that don't seem to be in line with the real value of their homes.  With many real estate markets changing rapidly, it pays to find out for sure.   This is particularly true for buyers from 2005-2006 - commonly referred to as the "...
I recently complete an appraisal for an FHA refinance for a client.  While at the home, the customer gave me a copy of his appraisal from when he purchased the home in 2006.  The customer was fully prepared that home values in the Orlando market have certainly declined - but I was mostly surprise...
Working RE Magazine recently featured an announcement that eTrac, an online web based appraisal management system, is offering appraisers an opportunity to sign up in the eTrac network for free.  FREE is always nice, right?  So I signed up and began exploring some of eTrac's offerings.  The websi...
I recently did an appraisal of a single family home on a lake.  As is typical with many homes in the area (it is only 1 mile from my home, so I am VERY familiar with the area!), the home has a "guest unit" or "in law suite" above the garage.  This extra "unit" shares the same electrical, water, s...
My day is typically spent driving around Central Florida, inspecting homes for residential appraisals.  While in traffic, I noticed a woman using some device - which I figured was her cell phone.  I assumed I was witnessing another Central Florida driver texting their way through traffic.  What I...
As I continue to research communities throughout the day while performing area appraisals, I am finding some strength returning to certain communities.   The media would have us believe that the Florida housing market is still crashing - and it is in some areas. However, there are also some commu...
I am constantly amazed when reviewing appraisals, that some appraisers still go by "old school" rules of adjusting for square footage!  I probably spend most of my time writing commentary to the lender about why the value is over the market (or sometimes under the market) - specifically because ...

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