athletic alley: Summer Means Sports! - 05/14/09 05:21 AM
Okay so all the other seasons mean sports as well but summer is most associated in my mind with sports, i.e. the Boys of Summer. I look forward to the occasional afternoon baseball game or a weekend trip to see my favorite team play in person. In addition to the big league sports there are the numerous minor league and college teams to see. I also enjoy the T-Ball the my nieces and nephew play. So whether you are taking in your favorite major league team, minor league team, college team, or children's team, the warmth of summer beckons many of … (4 comments)

athletic alley: The Intersection of Sports and Politics - 02/18/09 06:09 AM
Throughout history sports have been the arena where pure skill has carried the day. Whether it is an individual sport or a team sport the politics that separate us have generally dissipated. There are notable exceptions such as the Munich Olympics of 1972 where the nastiness of hate reared its ugly head. There are also positive examples such as Jesse Owens' victory in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin during the tyranny of the Nazis. This is a prelude to a recent disturbing development in the world of tennis.
Yesterday the United Arab Emirates denied the Visa of a qualified player who … (10 comments)

athletic alley: Busy? You Betcha! - 01/26/09 06:44 AM
I wanted to write this post because I have been a scarce presence on Active Rain since late December. It is important to let the followers and occasional readers of my Active Rain blog know that I am not gone nor am I leaving Active Rain. I am happy to say that I have been extremely busy in both my personal and professional life; and yes this is a very good thing.
First the personal, I was in Hawaii for a little over a week for my youngest brother, David's wedding. If you have seen my last three Wordless Wednesday posts, … (19 comments)

athletic alley: Introducing R & D Management - 01/19/09 05:10 AM
I am happy to re-blog this post by Danny Thornton. In a time when many markets are having a difficult time on the road to ultimate recovery, developing tools to enhance your current income stream as well as searching out and creating other income streams is very important. Please feel free to click on any of the links in Danny's post to get a better understanding of what we are doing to help ourselves and others in this respect.
Before I get into this post, let me just clarify that this blog is not the announcement that this post … (2 comments)

athletic alley: Athletic Alley - An Update - 09/10/08 04:24 AM

On July 26th my business partner, Danny Thornton and I launched the Athletic Alley website. In the six weeks since then, there has been a lot of tweaking of the site's features. Some of the tweaking has been for aesthetic reasons and some for operational reasons. We have seen the addition of an online branded shop and paying advertisers whose revenue stream will actually be paying for the site itself.
The site has also received more than 17,000 visitors in its six weeks of operation. While this may not seem like a huge number when compared to Active Rain, we … (20 comments)

athletic alley: College Football Opening Day! - 08/26/08 07:17 AM

Thursday, August 28th marks the opening day for NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division I-A schools.
The SEC has two games scheduled both of which is are interconference games, Vanderbilt (SEC) at Miami of Ohio (MAC), and North Carolina State (ACC) at South Carolina (SEC).
The ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) has three matchups, four if you count the aforementioned interconference game, scheduled, Jacksonville State at Georgia Tech, Charleston Southern at Miami of Florida, and Wake Forest (23) at Baylor.
The Big East kicks off their season with Hofstra at Connecticut and Eastern Kentucky at Cincinnati.
The PAC10 has Oregon State … (16 comments)

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