texas hill country homes for sale: Back to School Tax Free Weekend - 08/08/14 11:46 PM
Today is a great day to do your shopping for "Back to School".  It is a tax free weekend in Texas.  You can buy all sorts of things without paying the usual 8.25 percent tax and that will mean big savings for lots of people.  
Clothes, shoes, school supplies and a long list of other things will be free from taxation.  So, get out there and do some shopping.  Better hurry, the lines could be long at the cash registers.  Get there early for best selection too.
This is better than coupons.   $8.25 savings on every hundred dollars spent! … (5 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: Sunday Morning Beautiful - 03/23/14 02:37 AM
A light mist of rain is falling on the Texas coast this morning.  The hummingbirds are flying back and forth to the feeders hanging from the back porch.  The lemon tree and the mandarin and the tangelo are sprouting bright white blossoms. 
Ring neck doves as big as pigeons find their way to the china berry tree where feeders hang gently swaying in the balmy breeze.  A warm 69 degrees makes it feel like early Spring.  Songbirds sing their songs, other birds chatter in the background.  The Earth is blooming, growing, and changing with each passing day.  Seeds are sprouting. Green … (12 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: Not too cold here in Florida! - 12/07/13 03:13 AM
There is a special place located just a short drive from New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  It is Blue Spring Park and the there is a huge spring located here with water flowing out a warm 72 degrees even in winter.  Manatees love it here and come from the rivers and bays to winter here in the warm clear water.                                               
There is also an abundance of fish.  Lots of different kinds and too numerous to count.  It is a beautiful place with large trees covered in Spanish moss.  It is a tropical garden paradise.
Many of the manatees come … (7 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: Welcome My New Agent, Charmaine Ottinger - 10/05/13 01:46 AM
Welcome, welcome, Charmaine Ottinger to our office and to Active Rain.          
Charmaine Ottinger is a long time resident of the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  She has been in the real estate business previously and left but has come back to doing what she finds most satisfying.  Meeting new people and helping them find their dream homes in the Texas Hill Country.    
Charmaine is a bubbly, happy person with a fantastic personality.  I am sure you will become friends quickly after meeting her.  She joins our company and is ready and anxious to get started helping buyers with their real estate … (17 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: "Do I Need to Probate The Will?" Yes, you do! - 09/08/13 10:41 AM
Everyone should know they need to probate a will.  If you are the executor to a will, please probate it.  In Texas, you have 4 years to probate a will.  If you have not probated it by then, you will need to file an affidavit of heirship instead.
Either way, you must hire an attorney.  The longer you wait the more complicated it can become.  People move, people die and circumstances change over time.  All this means problems for you.
Understand this!  A will shows the intentions of the deceased.  It does not, I repeat, DOES NOT CONVEY REAL PROPERTY.
I've … (10 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: 204 Loma Vista, Kerrville could be the retreat you've been wanting. - 08/15/13 10:22 AM
This brand new listing has a great location near HEB grocery, the post office, hospital, shopping areas and restaurants.  Located near major highways also.                           
204 Loma Vista is a nice brick and frame home that offers 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 car garage and 2 living areas and 2 dining areas as well.  There is room for the whole family to come to visit on vacation, on holidays or just retreats to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.  Hill Country retreats are wonderful!

Kerrville is in the center of the beautiful Texas … (12 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: Texas is Leading the Way with Wind Farms - 07/23/13 01:10 PM
  Wind Towers that generate electricity, clean energy is the way to go!  I am amazed at these giants that reach up into the air and turn the wind into fuel for our homes and businesses.  Technology has come so far in my lifetime but this is one of the best things invented I think.    Yes, the whole idea of wind energy is ancient but these beauties are not.                                                                                   
Wind produces 9.2% of all the electricity in Texas. It's a $20 billion industry!
Look at these beauties, working all day long and at night too.  They are quiet, clean, and … (24 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: Glacier Bay in Alaska - 07/18/13 12:19 PM
If you ever have the opportunity to go to Glacier Bay in Alaska, I highly recommend the trip.  It is so incredibly beautiful.  I like the history of the glaciers and find it most interesting how the glaciers have receded in the past 200-300 years. 
Glacier Bay was a solid sheet of ice only a couple centuries ago but the glaciers started melting and the bay was formed.  To see the valleys where the ice flows down into the sea is amazing.  I found it quite breathtaking.  I loved hearing the loud, thundering sound as the ice breaks … (28 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: I prayed for listings and here they come - 07/18/13 11:56 AM
I have taken four listings this week myself and would have taken the fifth one today if the owner had been finished with all the repairs I told him to do earlier in the month.  Thank you, thank you!  I need listings, our office needs listings.  We sold so much in the Spring, our listing pool has been depleted.  So even me, the broker, is out asking for listings.  I hate to do this but when a seller wants to work with me instead of one of my agents, I will usually take them especially if I sold them the home … (8 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: Your Business Does Not Go On Vacation - 07/08/13 01:38 PM
It's Summer Time!  The kids are out of school and it is the time most families head for the beach or head for the mountains or somewhere in between for that long awaited and well deserved rest and recreation.  We call it Vacation!
Real estate agents and brokers work hard all year long and they also look forward to vacation.   However, many of us have a very difficult time getting away from business.  Our businesses do not go on vacation just because we do.
I find myself thinking about business too often when I am trying to relax on vacation.  I … (5 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: Affordable Living for Seniors Near Guadalupe River - 06/28/13 06:43 AM
Seniors are attracted to Kerrville, TX for the beauty of the area.  The many health care facilities available and small town quaintness add to the appeal.  The greatest option however, is the low cost of housing compared with other parts of the country.  Single family homes are the biggest seller but there is another option many may not know about.
Manufactured homes located in parks is the desired destination for many empty nesters looking for a good place to live with amenities and low maintenance.  This new listing has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and parking for 2 cars.  There is a … (4 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: As a Listing Agent, my job is to market your property - 06/11/13 11:16 PM
Yesterday  I was on a listing appointment and the seller asked me if I were to sell this listing myself, would the commission be the same or would he get a discount.  I told him it would be the same.  Many sellers feel like they should get a discount because I would be receiving both sides of the commission.  This is because they do not realize what we actually do for the money we earn.
As a Listing Agent, my job is to market the property.  To expose the property to as many potential buyers as possible.  To make the property … (11 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: Property values affected and nothing you can do about it - 05/25/13 01:35 AM
I just read a post on Facebook from a friend that is not sleeping well at night because of the neighbor's dog barking. 
Have you ever experienced that?  I have.  When I lived in the same small town my friend lives in, I had a neighbor with 4 dogs that barked all night long.  It was impossible to sleep.  My neighbor was not interested in my sleeping.  He was so hard of hearing it did not bother him.  The town was unincorporated and there were no animal control laws in place to take care of the situation.  Basically, there was nothing … (6 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: Print vs. Internet, why can't we do both more effectively together? - 05/19/13 07:18 AM
Print? Internet?  When it comes to marketing, I use both.  They work best together in my opinion.  Just like cream and sugar, it makes the coffee taste better.
Some areas, maybe even most these days, will do best with internet marketing.  In a busy city, the internet is definitely the way to go.  In a small town or a resort area, however, print media in the form of magazines and brochures has a big role to play in effective marketing.  Kerrville is a retirement haven and we have lots of tourism here as well.  With over 300 summer camps along the … (6 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: Attention: All Kerrville, TX Home Builders - 04/28/13 07:09 AM
Home Builders are always looking for a great place to build a home for their clients or a spec house for themselves.  Here in the Texas Hill Country finding a lot or a small acreage to build on is often challenging. 
Clients are always asking for level lots, with trees, with paved access, good location near shopping, schools, churches, post office, hospitals, etc.  Clients would rather have the property outside of the city limits to avoid city taxes.  A water supply without having to drill a well, electricity, privacy, low traffic are also amenities most people are searching for.
When you … (7 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: 2916 Memorial Blvd, Kerrville, TX 78028 - 04/28/13 02:28 AM
Last year I bought a building and remodeled it to use as my office.  This is one of the best investments I have ever made, I believe.  It is so nice to come to work everyday and know that I own my own building.  Paying a lease rental is deductible from my taxes but making real property improvements is also.  Knowing it is yours, gives you such an incredible feeling.  It's like nothing else in the world.
We tell our clients, everyday, they need to own their own home.  Home ownership provides so many benefits but so does office ownership.  I … (5 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: The 300,000 point milestone is here! - 04/02/13 11:03 PM
I finally made it!  The 300,000 point milestone is finally here for me.  Did you hear the applause?  The noise of excitement!  The horns honking, the balloons popping?  I did! :)
It takes dedication to achieve milestones like this but it is so worth it in the Rain!  The friends I have met along my journey have made my life more complete.  The knowledge I have gained from professionals willing to share their knowledge, their ideas and their concepts has been invaluable.
THANK YOU to all my Active Rain friends!
Sometimes, you are the first contact with the world … (17 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: What are you Waiting for? - 03/04/13 10:35 PM
What are you waiting for?  I ask my agents this often.  When a buyer prospect calls into the office or emails from the website.  "What are you waiting for?"  Get them on the phone.  Get them in the office.  Do it NOW!
Now is the time.  We've all heard that before, right?  Now.  Now is more important than later.  Let's look at the difference between now and later.  Now, the client has buying on their minds and are more receptive to you calling.  Later, life's situations take their focus off real estate and they may not have time to talk to … (8 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: Technology and Grandma - 02/06/13 10:35 PM
Grandma hates the new technology.  She says things were easier when pen and paper or pencil was the norm.
Shuffling through papers, storing paperwork, and keeping receipts that faded was no problem for her.  Trying to read computer generated reports, lists, and spreadsheets is a challenge for many older people.  It does not make sense to them or is as easy as the old ways.
Keeping the computer working, online, learning all the new changes when updates and upgrades are made, repairing programs, reconnecting, replacing parts, printers, even servers can make the average person go bananas.  My son is a computer … (13 comments)

texas hill country homes for sale: Need a Vacation Spot? - 01/24/13 11:10 PM
Here is the answer to your vacation desires! 
                                     "Port Hideaway"                                        
Rockport, TX offers many things to do from fishing, boating, swimming, bird watching,dolphin watching, museums, art galleries, restaurants, antiquing, parasailing, skiing, kayaking, picnics on the beach, festivals, and just relaxing!  Something for  everyone!
Google Rockport and you will be amazed at what is here and the surrounding area.  History buffs love this area for the rich history of Texas settlements.  Bird watchers know this is paradise.  Whooping cranes and roseate spoonbills dot the landscape along with seagulls, pelicans, and all kinds of ducks and seabirds.  There is so much to do … (15 comments)

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