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You know who I'm talking about: the dude walking up to your home still sporting his 1980's mullet. It worked for him in 1982 and according to him it's just as cool today. Actually the reason for this article is not hairstyles but fellow inspectors trying to remember "Back in the day" inspection t...
If you currently have a house in the market or if you have plans to plans of placing a piece of housing in the market, then it never hurts to utilize home inspection to boost the success rate and market value of your sale. A home inspection is a visual examination of a residential dwelling perfor...
When was the last time you had your plumbing, electrical wiring and other vital systems checked? If the answer already lies somewhere in the last century, then you may be living at great risk. Imagine if you were to purchase a house, do you know since when it was last checked? You might have been...
The attic is often overlooked when a buyer is set into buying a house. Even during a house inspection, the buyer usually forgets this part of the house, which can reveal a lot of things like the history of a house and clues that might lead to problems, which the current owner might not even know....
Your instincts tell you that you have found the perfect house for you and your family.  You can't wait to close the deal, buy the house, and move in all your stuff.  You just can't help but be biased about it.  You wouldn't have to be, through availing of home inspection. There are always so many...
You have probably heard of home inspections and how buyers and sellers can benefit from their expertise. You may have even heard of how it is advisable to have your own home inspected by a professional every so often to prevent damage that may be seen in advance through expert eyes and the help o...
The house is one of the most important properties for the most people. It provides not only shelter and a place for your family to grow, but is also used in many other aspects of an individual's life. In business, some loan requests can only be handed over with a large and dependable asset such a...
When a Professional Home Inspector is hire to inspect new construction, this is usually done in a three phase approach. The first phase is before the foundation is poured. The second phase is just before sheetrock is installed, this will allow all electrical plumbing and most of the mechanical sy...
If I had a nickel for every time; Ok I not going to start my article off with that old cliché, although it's very true. Some of the major issues I run across doing my Home Inspections are from issues, if identified earlier, could have been corrected with much less headache and your hard earned mo...

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