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Now that you have a site and have got to that "Great, now what?" stage. Web Strategy and driving traffic to your site is what. I can help. SEO, Link Building, Web Strategy, Search Engine Positioning, Real Estate Marketing, Internet Marketing Strategies.



Ongoing Link exchanges Exchanging links with other sites will be a benefit not only to you but also to your peer website owner. Although straight reciprocal links are still useful, it's best if you can get into 3 and 4 way linking, so that you're not linking straight from one link page to another...
If you don't already know who Rich Shefren is, then go check out his stuff. He's got several really good reports on how to grow your business quickly. It's aimed somewhat at internet marketers (this is not a realty course) but the skills he teaches are very valid no matter what you choose to app...
Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important to any internet marketer (This includes Agents marketing on the internet.). If your website has a high page rank on the search engines, you will get a lot more traffic to your website from natural searches on the search engines. The more traffic ...
Although it is important to generate high volumes of traffic to a website, it is important for this traffic be targeted such that the people who visit your website are likely to buy the services and products you offer on your website. Since promoting your website can take some effort and money, y...
The following is sent to us by Rick Stonehouse, one of the first agents to be using our services.Case Study: A recent sale in the Brix building, 3700 block of main.  My “talking signs” attract attention and provide ALL the information a buyer needs.  Recently I got a listing in "the brix" a buil...
There's no shortage of advice with regards to what one must do to better a WordPress blog's ranking in the search engines. It's easy to become confused when you devour everything that's available, because some folks agree with others while another group totally disagree and offer different advice...
In this example, I'm using another industry, but I'm sure you can be creative and think of ways to use this for your marketing. How about searching for people on twitter that are talking about your city, or buying a home. Get creative, these are direct leads that you can engage with directly.

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