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Mortgage and Lending - Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709 - NMLS # 6869
“I have to do what is Right!”    Thanks for meeting with us today. It takes a mensch to make a referral and lose a fee. You are the best that is why we always refer clients to you. I now understand the name “Right Trac”. Mike I have worked with these clients for many years. They have been loyal b...
“Can you do a Construction Loan for a Duplex?”   Hi Joe, I have a customer who is looking to do a construction loan for a duplex, is that something you would be able to help with? I gave him your number so he could reach out but wanted to give you a heads up.  The customer’s name is XXXXXXXX XXXX...
 “Every Gal can Appreciate this one”   Looking in the mall for a cotton nightgown, I tried my luck in a store known for its hot lingerie. To my delight, however, I found just what I was looking for. Waiting in the line to pay, I noticed a young woman behind me holding the same nightgown. This con...
“I never take Thank You for Granted”    Good morning Joe,I just wanted to send you a note. It has been a while since we last talked. I do want to apologize for not writing you sooner. I never did thank you for helping my mother with her refinance, she’s so delighted. At this time I want to thank ...
   “Bait & Switch Advertising is Illegal”   Mr. Petrowsky, You were highly recommended by a co-worker of mine. He shared with me that you handled their mortgage and couldn’t say enough good things. I recently read an ad that said “You’re approved”. The reason that statement got my attention is th...
“I would have been counting as well”    While a friend and I were visiting Annapolis, we noticed several students on their hands and knees assessing the courtyard with pencils and clipboards in hand. "What are they doing?" I asked our tour guide."Each year," he replied with a grin, "The upperclas...
    “What Happens when the Closing Date Changes?”  Hello Joe,The seller pushed back the closing date to 11/10, very frustrating especially since we were supposed to close on the 30th and my mortgage has been clear to close for 3 weeks. I have a few questions:1. Will I have to bring more money to ...
“Mortgage Licenses in Multiple States bring Lots of Opportunities”  Good afternoon Joe,                I hope all is well with you, I’m pretty sure it is!  I have a client in White Plains who will be looking to purchase a home soon but may have an issue from an income perspective, I told him abou...
“Don’t You Just Love the Common Sense?”   The topic of the day at Army Airborne School was what you should do if your parachute malfunctions. We had just gotten to the part about reserve parachutes when another student raised his hand. "If the main parachute malfunctions," he asked, "how long do ...
    “Construction Mortgages, Love them!”  As you well know, we have been building homes for many years. I remember you telling me that your company does construction loans and I remember thinking, how can this guy do construction loans better than my bank. How wrong I was, not too old to learn. I...

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