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“We Need Your Help - The Free Enterprise System is at Risk!” The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was created out of Dodd-Frank will put me and most of the mortgage industry as we know it, OUT OF BUSINESS! If this is allowed to happen, the real estate industry is next. PLEASE PAY ATTEN...
“Are Realtor Fees Next on the Chopping Block?”   I have been beating the repeal of Dodd-Frank drums since the inception of the bill. More and more hard to digest facets of the bill keep coming to light, none of it good for a free enterprise system. The bill continue to dictate how we can or I sho...
Senate Proposal to Revise HARP 2”   I have commented a number of times regarding some of the problems with the HARP 2 program. It is certainly way better than the HAMP program that was a complete bust. Some of the issues that I have written about are now being proposed that would make more people...
”Mortgage Bankers Association Predicts Lowest lending levels in the Last 5 Years” I would like to understand where they get some of these numbers. Are there any Realtors doing less business this year than they did last year or the year before, if so, not many. Are there any mortgage brokers or mo...
“Positive News for Real Estate in Massachusetts” Real estate values in Massachusetts, making a positive turn upwards. We doing mortgages throughout Massachusetts for many years. The last few years we have been fighting the appraisal battles each and every day. The tide is starting to turn in the ...
“Obama vs. Romney” I love listening people talk about which one of these guys will have more impact on unemployment and housing. Are you kidding me? Sure there are many still drinking the Kool-Aide and think that the current administration is doing a good job with jobs and housing, but even these...
Memorial Day is a time to remember the courage and sacrifice of the brave men and women who served and protected our country. Wishing you and your family well on this important holiday weekend.     Joe PetrowskyRight Trac Financial GroupPhone: (860) 647-7701 x116Fax: (860) 647-8940joe@righttracf...
“Why Aren’t there More First-Time Homebuyers in the Market Place?” I was doing a mortgage application last week. This individual was buying his first home. During the application process, I will ask the person or persons, who else they know, that could use my help in obtaining a mortgage. We then...
“Overdue Borrowers Reluctant to Ask for Help” Six months ago clients came to me, asking for some advice. They told me they had gotten behind on their mortgage and didn’t know what to do. I asked them if they had contacted the servicer, they answered no. They told me, they didn’t know what to say....
“Families that Lost their Homes Want to be Homeowners Again” Not as quickly as they would like, but are coming back into the market place in strong numbers. At least a couple times a week, I speak to someone that has lost a property through a foreclosure, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure or short sale...

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