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Express Capital Mortgage on gathering up those mortgage documents.  We don't like the ever increasing amount of documents that we collect.  Worse, we don't like asking for them even more. The borrower is an integral part of making our process "Express" and AzMortgageman likes to educate in advanc...
Express Capital Mortgage has a Mortgage TEAM?  We constantly see "teams" in Real Estate but commonly not within lending.  Why?  AzMortgageMan has been deep in thought over this.  Why?  Before moving to that answer here are the reasons we formed a team at Express Capital Mortgage.  Service- We val...
Express Capital Mortgage on the appraisal process?  Ok, so AzMortgageMan is not here to rant or vent about the process per se but we like to share our recent findings with value challenges.  First, where we are getting information on the values of properties?  Express Capital Mortgage has access ...
Yes, we can do them!  And NO, we ain't just saying.... Foreign Nationals By Express Capital Mortgage Inc. Foreign National loans have been difficult or non-existent for quite some time.  With so many Foreigners purchasing properties from Canada out here in Arizona we have not given up in our sear...
First off I will be fair.  So you've probably heard or seen both sides of the coin already.  But AZmortgageMan is on a mission.  Here are five reasons where I can explain the unique superpowers of mortgage brokers, along with a word on how to prevent a broker from stretching your refinancing budg...

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