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I recently received a call from a couple in Hemet.  They are interested in finding out how a reverse mortgage can improve their retirement.   I'm excited to meet with them because they have already improved their financial situation greatly by paying off their mortgage and now own their home fre...
  Can I refinance a reverse mortgage with a new reverse mortgage?  The answer is sometimes.  And it depends upon the current equity in the property.   Home values have risen quite a bit over the last two years, in some communities here in Southern California as much as 20% per year! In a situati...
Here's an Upland Reverse Mortgage Story.     I'm so excited to be helping a wonderful lady in Upland right now.  She’s lived in her home just 22 blocks from the Euclid Avenue "Ye Bridle Path" for over 25 years. In 2003 her and her husband refinanced their home. Then just a few years later her hus...
Orange County Reverse Mortgage Question -  Reverse Mortgages are Non-recourse loans - what does that mean?   Recourse and non-recourse are terms used in conjunction with mortgages that describe the options/procedures that the lender has available to use when a loan is not repaid according to the ...
Reverse Mortgage Scams.  I recently posted a blog article on this subject including my lastest video, "Reverse Mortgage Scams".  Today I see the headline: Surviving Spouses Sue HUD Over Reverse Mortgage Rules in a Class Action Lawsuit  and this is one scam I neglected to mention in my video and t...
It seems as if everyone is talking about Reverse Mortgages.  Are they bad? Are they good? What are the pitfalls? What kind of problems can they solve? Today I'll answer the last question above.  What kind of problems can a reverse mortgage solve? In this short video you will hear about some of my...
My latest video on Reverse Mortgages is about Reverse Mortgage Scams.  What can happen and how to avoid falling into a scammers clutches.  It's mostly common sense.     I'm always sad to hear about seniors who have obtained reverse mortgage from bad people who tell them untruths about their righ...
People want to know, what are the Pros & Cons of a reverse mortgage?     Which do you want to hear/read first?....... Okay we’ll go over the cons first… the negatives.   The first negative is the fact that when a person with a reverse mortgage dies, the heirs will inherit a home with a lien on it...
How Does A Reverse Mortgage Work? We've all heard about reverse mortgages. The bank will loan you money, you never have to make a mortgage payment and you still own your home. But still..... How do they work? This video will help to explain it to you.   Let's get started - First the lender must d...
What is a reverse mortgage? For the answer to this question you can choose to watch the video below or if you're a reader, just keep reading. Every day on TV we see celebrities pitching reverse mortgages as the answer to living the perfect retirement.  It sounds pretty good, maybe even too good. ...

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