networking: 5 Ways to Build Influence in Your Industry - 04/07/17 07:18 PM
Influence. Authority. Expert-Status. If you’re in business, you probably strive to embody these words. Sadly, many entrepreneurs and business owners get lost in the crowd. If you would like to learn simple tips on how to "stand out" in your field...
Join us for PLAN!: "5 Ways to Build Influence in Your Industry" on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 from 8 to 9 a.m. at The Brooks Executive Suites, 9900 Coconut Road, Bonita Springs.RSVP TODAY: by clicking "going" to this invitationIn this final session of a four-part series, Erica Castner will reveal the top five ways to build “influence” in your industry and community!
Featured Speaker: Erica … (6 comments)

networking: First Steps to Build a Profitable Business - 02/26/17 06:20 PM
Would you love to be more efficient in building a profitable business?

Building a business is a process.

Identifying your mission and vision is the beginning.

The magic happens when other people know what you stand for and help you spread the word.
Join us for PLAN: “First Steps to Build a Profitable Business” on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 from 8 to 9 a.m. at Brooks Executive Suites, 9900 Coconut Road, Bonita Springs.
You will learn simple steps to lay the path to a more profitable business.
Event Host: Colleen Jorgensen of Sprint
Education Flash: Adam Dalton of AmeriSpec SWFL
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networking: 6 Powerful Words to Help Compose a Killer Reply - 12/31/16 09:14 AM
By no means am I taking credit for this tip. I learned it from Jim Westerfield, five star luxury home real estate professional at Royal Shell Real Estate.
Jim probably learned it from someone else. No matter, I felt compelled to share it with you.
When someone asks you for suggestions, input, here is a best practice response called
The Rule of 3
Step 1: Say, “I am thinking of 3 things.”
Step 2: Proceed to provide those 3 things in a concise manner.
By first making the statement  “I am thinking of 3 things,”
you accomplish 3 things:
1)Buys your brain time to think and organize thoughts

2)Shows your … (4 comments)

networking: How to Not Put Your Customers to Sleep! - 12/12/16 06:17 PM

Engage your customers and do not put them to sleep! Colleen Jorgensen, Mobile Telematics Account Executive at Sprint will deliver quick tips to convert your sales and marketing presentations to engage the customer and cut your presentation time by making meaningful conversation, not just boring them with facts.
 The event host is Alexandra Frangie, owner, At Home Health Care and Jim Westerfield, Five Star Luxury Home Realtor at Royal Shell Real Estate delivers the educational flash.
 PLAN! is an open group. Guests always welcome. Complimentary admission.
 RSVP Now:
 PLAN! Weekly AgendaCall To Order & Welcome 8:00 a.m.
Audience Introductions          30 sec eachBusiness … (1 comments)

networking: Another Bubble? Understanding Our SWFL Regional Economy - 12/01/16 08:13 PM

Is your business dependent upon the trends in the local economy? We bet it is! Do not miss this rare opportunity to hear directly from one of our local economists, Dr. Christopher Westley, director of the Regional Economic Institute at Florida Gulf Coast University.  You will learn trends in regional growth and employment, wages and affordability issues for our region and get Dr. Westley’s insights about whether southwest Florida is in a bubble.
 The event host is Steve Bray, sales and marketing manager, DryZone/H2O911 and Carolie Burroughs, CFA, founder, West End Avenue Advisors delivers the educational flash.
 PLAN! is an open group. Guests … (3 comments)

networking: How to Make an Average week Above Average - 11/28/16 01:48 PM
In the spirit of the November Active Rain contest seeking to help newbies to the workforce and ActiveRain, I offer this glimpse into an average week and some things that I look to do in order to make that week above average.
No matter if you are a real estate, mortage or other professional, chances are somewhere in your job description you need to be doing business development to be successful.
Real estate professionals need to secure listings and build their database of buyers from their sphere of influence which whould be ever expanding.
Likewise, licensed mortgage professionals need to be on the hunt … (3 comments)

networking: Get Connected Technology Breakfast - Nov 16 - 11/14/16 01:12 PM
Small business members of the Fort Myers chamber have technology challenges and questions that are different from larger local companies such as Lee Health, Chico’s FAS.
Cost, human capital, lack of knowledge, mobile, continually advancing solutions (software and hardware), infrastructure are among the areas of need for small businesses with 1 to 20 staff.
The Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce 2016 Get Connected Technology Breakfast will feature a moderated diverse panel of technology experts and be designed to help the audience:
a) learn about technologies small businesses should be using.
b) learn how to incorporate these tools into their environment cost effectively and with … (0 comments)

networking: Preparation for Change - Presented Nov 15 by PLAN! - 11/10/16 08:13 AM

At this inspirational event you will be surprised, no, amazed at how one man has overcome adversity and channeled his experience into “high-octane” advice and tools you can use.
Do not miss Thomas Bruzessi, a unique motivational speaker and performance consultant who will entertain you, inspire you and persuade you to supercharge your performance and always be prepared for change and success.
The event host is Randy Mitchelson, APR, vice president at iPartnerMedia and Mark Cangiano, president, Lane Financial Group delivers the educational flash.
PLAN! is an open group. Guests always welcome. Complimentary admission.
PLAN! Weekly Agenda
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networking: 10 Value Creation Maxims Every Entrepreneur Must Know - 09/29/16 12:17 PM
There is only one reason to own a business and that is to sell it to a third-party, employees or your children. Eric Gall, managing partner, Edison Avenue, covers ten strategies you can implement beginning today to maximize the value before you exit.
Eric’s tips are perfect for any entrepreneur who to improve his or her company in preparation to sell, but are also helpful even if you never plan on exiting.
Adam Dalton, owner, AmeriSpec SWFL will serve as event host while Steve Bray, sales and marketing manager, DryZone/H2O911 delivers the educational flash.

               Eric Gall
PLAN! is … (0 comments)

networking: Dominating Your Niche Online - 09/13/16 10:46 AM

Dominating Your Niche Online
Presented Sept 20 by PLAN! - Professional Leadership Academy Network

What is content marketing and why is it so important? Learn how Ray Higdon embraced this new marketing trend to lift himself out of personal financial crisis after the real estate crash and started learning internet marketing. Ray will share his secrets to using content marketing to build his audience, continue his re-marketing efforts and how he is now incorporating Facebook and especially livestreaming into his marketing model. Today he has become a two time best selling author that speaks on stages all over the world teaching business owners … (2 comments)

networking: Secret Stops along your Financial Roadmap - Presented Sept 6 by PLAN! - 08/30/16 03:09 PM
With so many financial advisors, insurance specialists, stock pickers, retirement planners, estate planners, bank professionals, mortgage brokers and other personal finance experts in the marketplace, how can one person possibly piece together a cohesive strategy that makes all these pieces work together?
There is a lot more to your personal financial picture than you realize.  For business owners the picture is even more complicated.

Mark Cangiano, president, Lane Financial Group, will reveal some clever ways that you can uncover cost savings in your day to day budget and options to redeploy those resources smartly.
Carolie Burroughs, CFA, founder, West End Avenue Advisors will … (3 comments)

networking: Mastering the Art of Agreement - Presented Aug 30 by PLAN! - 08/24/16 02:42 PM

Mastering the Art of Agreement -  Presented Aug 30 by PLAN! - Professional Leadership Academy Network
Do opposites really attract?  Research says NO!  People gravitate to like-minded people.  They surround themselves with those that agree with them.  Without agreement, nothing would ever get accomplished! Colleen Jorgensen, Mobile Telematics Account Executive at Sprint, will help the audience learn how to master the Art of Agreement to improve your relationships with your family, friends, and grow your business with increased sales and loyal customers.
Eric Gall, managing partner, Edison Avenue Advisors, will serve as host while Carolie Burroughs, CFA, founder, West End Avenue Advisors delivers … (1 comments)

networking: Perception is Reality : PLAN! Special Public Event - June 14 - 06/01/16 02:35 PM

How does southwest Florida compare to other markets competing for businesses to relocate or expand? Eric Berglund, MPS, president, Southwest Florida Economic Development Alliance (SWFLEDA) will update the audience on the latest developments in recruiting businesses to our region. The organization’s website,, serves as a marketing engine and data repository for site selectors, real estate consultants and company executives and all stakeholders within southwest Florida to understand the facts behind our region’s strengths and assets. PLAN! members who bring a guest to this special event will receive a complimentary breakfast.
Guests always welcome. Complimentary admission.
Session perfect for: business professionals … (2 comments)

networking: Secret Ingredient to an Experience of a Lifetime - 05/30/16 01:02 PM

Secret Ingredient to an
Experience of a Lifetime
Presented by PLAN! - Professional Leadership Academy Network - May 31
Do you like to travel?  Does your business attract tourists seeking unique experiences? Virtuoso travel advisor Theresa Tyo, owner, Camelot Journeys, will point out a few key reasons why you should form a relationship with a Travel Advisor who you can trust to cut through all the internet clutter and collaborate with you in creating unforgettable, customized trips from weekend getaways to experiences of a lifetime. Learn how Theresa’s worldwide connections give access to itineraries, exclusive perks and experiences that you can’t find online or … (2 comments)

networking: How to $pend More of your Money - May 24 - 05/22/16 03:36 PM

What would you do if you could recover $300 or more per month of your expenses? Add to your retirement? Build a vacation fund? Enhance your wardrobe?
No matter what your money vice may be, the first step is evaluating all the financial leaks in your life. Mark Cangiano, president, Lane Financial Group, and adjunct professor, Florida Gulf Coast University, will walk the PLAN! audience through his model of discovering found money from our normal day to day lives. These savings help self-fund the goals we want to accomplish without earning a dollar more.
Carolie Burroughs, CFA and founder, West End Avenue Advisors, … (0 comments)

networking: The Science Behind Trust - presented by PLAN! - May 17 - 05/09/16 12:04 PM
You’ve likely heard that people buy from people they trust. But is there scientific data to back this statement up? Carolie Burroughs, CFA and founder, West End Avenue Advisors will explore the psychological effects of trust and how salespeople can trigger the neurochemical messengers in customers' brains to get the right responses. Jedi mind tricks anyone? The PLAN! audience will come to understand the physiological effects of trust on the brain, and to use that information to improve ways of building trust and change behaviors that prevent or limit trust. The event host and business spotlight will be David Cruz, Your … (2 comments)

networking: Power of Relationships: Building a Referral Based Business - May 10 - 05/03/16 03:38 PM

Power of Relationships:
Building a Referral Based Business
Presented by PLAN!
(Professional Leadership Academy Network)
May 10, 2016
The lifeblood of any sales system is referrals and leads. Who can’t use more? If you do not, then take a week off from PLAN! and enjoy a morning at the beach.
For the rest of us, Len Strickler, professional sales coach, strategic seller will lead the PLAN! audience in an exercise to build a referral script using the power of words.
From the on-the-street salesman to the attorney, from the entrepreneur to the accountant, endless referrals are important. From the financial advisor to the architect, from the automotive sales … (2 comments)

networking: Amazing Wisdom from Dr. Clark - Presented by PLAN! - April 5 - 04/03/16 04:11 PM

Regular attendees to PLAN! need no special promotion or incentive to show up when Dr. Drew Clark, owner, Arc of Life Family Spinal Care, is scheduled to speak.  Whether he is sharing his wisdom about maintaining a healthy body, or sharing his thoughts on leadership and business, the audience always walks away inspired. Come this Tuesday for the next installment from Dr. Clark and experience for yourself why your purpose is his passion. Kristi Willems, owner, Beyond the Plate, will serve as event host.
Guests always welcome. Complimentary admission.
Session perfect for: health coaches, medical professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, business and leadership … (1 comments)

networking: #NepalNow - A SWFL Travel Advisor’s Experience - March 22 - 03/16/16 10:13 PM
Southwest Florida is a destination and travel agents around the world help their clients find their way to the beaches and attractions of Lee and Collier counties.  Likewise, the residents of this paradise rely upon local travel specialists to find new destinations to explore, especially during the summer months.
Fresh off her enchanting journey to the tiny mountain region, Theresa Tyo from Camelot Journeys will share her experience exploring Nepal as it recovers from a devastating earthquake and rebuilds its tourism-based economy. Theresa will use her recent trip as a foundation to educate the audience about the benefits of working with a … (2 comments)

networking: How to Let Your Business Cards Work for You - 03/13/16 10:56 AM
My business cards is hands down one of the most productive marketing tools I use.  It makes a great first impression and in some cases generates immediate sales because people want their cards to feel like mine. Yes, I said feel.  Design isn't the only element in a business card. The stock type and finishes that are available also play a huge role in how you make that first impression. 
Here is our recent article about business card design that can give you some things to think about in differentiating your card from the competition and creating a memorable item that isn't … (0 comments)

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