rent: NPMG Expanding To Lee County! Property Mgmt Consultations Available - 10/29/13 05:59 AM
Landlords, condominium associations and other real estate investors inevitable face the question about whether to utilize the services of a property management company.
Here is a great article which helps you prepare for that discussion: is an experienced property management group in Collier county and is expanding to Lee County. No long term contracts, 30 day cancellation. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.

rent: The One Missing Ingredient To Economic Recovery - 08/21/12 11:06 PM
Unbelievably, mortgage interest rates continue to trickle lower in recent weeks. Stability concerns in Europe, notably Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal, continue to cause investors to invest in “safer” U.S. backed securities. So why aren’t for people flooding the housing and mortgage market to buy a home and lock in their housing payment for the next 30 years?
Renters! We Have A Question For You…  
With historically low interest rates expected to continue for at least 12-18 months, how long do you need to save money to buy your own home?
o 0-12 Monthso 13-24 Monthso More Than 2 Yearso I Don’t Want To … (4 comments)

rent: Renting Scared – Why The Housing Slump Persists - 08/14/12 10:45 AM
Marriage makes you think about big decisions.
I recently traveled to Upstate New York to participate in my younger brother’s wedding ceremony. No matter how long or short, the exchange of marriage vows is a significant moment that reminds everyone present about commitment.
One of the biggest life decisions beyond marriage is the financial commitment of buying a house and taking out a mortgage. In light of the housing crisis we experienced 2008 – 2011, is it better to rent vs. own?
Renters! We Have A Question For You…  
With historically low interest rates expected to continue for at least 12-18 … (2 comments)

rent: Bank Of America Sues Itself - Mortgage by Randy Newsletter - May 2012 - 05/30/12 05:42 AM

rent: Baker’s Dozen Money Sucking Homeownership Costs – Part 2 - 05/16/12 02:28 AM
Relocating ain’t cheap. You either have to absorb the time to do it yourself or hire a professional to ensure it gets done right.  
In Part 1 of Baker’s Dozen Money Sucking Homeownership Costs, you learned the first 4 budget items you must plan for and be prepared to pay at or before closing.
The money drain does not stop there. Moving costs have to be planned in your relocation budget regardless of whether you are moving 10 blocks or 1,000 miles.
Part 2: Moving CostsWhen you buy a house, be sure to budget properly for the big move by considering these five transition … (1 comments)

rent: Baker’s Dozen Money Sucking Homeownership Costs – Part 1 - 05/15/12 03:44 AM
After years of home price declines and increased demand for rentals, homeownership is now more affordable than what you can rent a house for in 98 out of 100 major metro markets.
It is now cheaper to purchase a home compared to renting, according to a new report from real estate listing site Trulia.
Baker’s Dozen Money Sucking Homeownership CostsShould you jump on the MLS, find a realtor and buy a house just because some research report says so? Not so fast.
The cost of owning a housing property entails much more than a mortgage payment. Here are a baker’s dozen … (0 comments)

rent: FHA Jacks Up Loan Costs - Mortgage by Randy Newsletter - Mar 2012 - 03/26/12 01:05 AM

rent: #377413 Reporting For Duty - Mortgage By Randy Newsletter - May 2011 - 05/29/11 06:17 PM

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