adt home security source: Americans Waking Up to Social Media Privacy - 11/27/10 09:58 PM
There have been thousands of privacy related news reports over the past year depicting social networks, Google, marketers and advertisers as evil privacy violators who are slowly sucking dry whatever privacy we have left. Facebook has been raked over the coals by advocates and watchdogs who say their tactics violate their own policies. In response, numerous lawsuits have been filed and government agencies have put the pressure on everyone involved to come up with a serious solution.
It is evident that without some type of government oversight that the “self policing” done by all those who stand to gain financially by … (3 comments)

adt home security source: Digital Photos Held for Sextortion - 11/15/10 02:00 PM
This is a little over the top and if this story was happening to one person I may not even dare to discuss. But it seems to be happening to hundreds, maybe thousands and possibly tens of thousands. And the fact that kids today are posting anything and everything, it needs to be discussed.
Right now hundreds of cyber threat victims are coming forward, arrests are being made and court dates are set because criminal hackers in the form of weird men are breaking into women’s email programs and social networking sites and scanning their media for photos that show them … (1 comments)

adt home security source: Facebook Beefs Up Your Security - 11/11/10 08:43 AM
It is obvious to many that Facebook has got the message and is becoming more responsible for their users security. For a few months now I have enjoyed a security feature they implemented that allows you to say in control of your logins.
Login notifications: This feature sends you an email or text telling you someone has just logged into your account.
To set up and enable notifications
1. go to “Account” upper right hand corner
2. in the drop down menu to “Account Settings”
3. in the main menu go to “Account Security”
4. click “Yes” next to “Would you … (8 comments)

adt home security source: Identity Theft Part 2 – 5 More Identity Theft Myths Unveiled - 11/02/10 07:26 PM
#1 Publically available information is not valuable to an identity thief.
If I was an identity thief I’d start with the phone book. All information about you is of value to an identity thief. The bad guy gathers as much intelligence about you as possible. Once they get enough data to become you they are off and running. The breadcrumbs we leave behind and the information we post is all used to help them gather a complete profile.
#2 Shredding will protect me.
Shredding will keep some of your data out of the hands of a dumpster diver. But when your … (5 comments)

adt home security source: Just One Day in the Boston Globe - 10/26/10 10:32 PM
Sometimes all you can do is shake your head and wonder how we have managed to get this far as a species. Scanning today’s paper I couldn’t help but notice the total mayhem that makes up one day of news. I bring this to your attention not to sensationalize or provide the “bad news” but to make you grateful for what you have and hopefully motivate you to go out and do something positive to help your community. It also might make you think twice about your personal safety.
October 6th 2010:
Hundreds mourn victim of Mattapan shootings Simba Martin’s family … (1 comments)

adt home security source: Be On The Pulse of Your Home Security - 10/23/10 11:05 AM
Being on top of what is new and ahead of what is next in technology has always been my thing. I had a beeper the size of a pack of cigarettes and a mobile phone bigger than a shoe box. I’m somewhat of a gadget geek. I like new and shiny. However, when it comes to all these new technologies I am far from a first adopter.
First adopters are the ones who camp out overnight, wait in line and generally spend lots of money on something not ready for prime time. Sometimes there are flaws with new technologies that need … (0 comments)

adt home security source: 11 Ways To Prevent Home Invasions - 10/07/10 07:19 PM
Strangers and posers: You tell your children not to talk to strangers, so why do you open the door to a total stranger? And never talk to strangers via an open or screen door. Home-invaders pose as delivery people, law enforcement or public workers.
Distress: If someone is in distress tell him or her you will call the police for them. Don’t open the door for them.
Make a call: Under no circumstances do you open the door unless you get phone numbers to call their superiors. Even if that means making them wait outside while you call 411.
Money, jewels … (2 comments)

adt home security source: Triple Murder Home Invasion Testimony Ends - 10/06/10 08:02 PM
This is just a bad, bad story with no happy ending.
There are home invasions, then there is this home invasion. Just when you think humans can’t get any meaner towards each other there is Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky, the 2 men accused of a home invasion in Connecticut in 2007. Hayes and his lowlife accomplice allegedly met at a halfway house. They saw the mother (who was eventually murdered) in a parking lot one day and followed her home. A total random act.
The home was invaded at 3am. The father was immediately beaten and tied up in the … (4 comments)

adt home security source: Personal Safety When Selling a Home - 10/04/10 10:03 PM
Two real estate agents were killed in separate incidents in Ohio in the past two weeks.
“Police have confirmed the suspects in this week’s murder of a Youngstown OH realtor are not connected with the murder of a realtor in Ravenna OH the day after.”
“Meeting new clients, showing properties, holding open houses, letting strangers get into your car, and even your marketing may be jeopardizing your personal safety.
The root of the issue is that you have real estate agents with no formal security training who are then meeting with complete strangers at odd times of the day and in … (8 comments)

adt home security source: $50 Million Van Gogh Stolen, No Alarm System - 10/04/10 09:48 PM
“A prized Vincent van Gogh still life was stolen from a Cairo museum leading to a massive art hunt, conflicting reports about the details of the crime, and plenty of finger-pointing. Five people, meanwhile, have been arrested for “negligence” in relation to the embarrassing theft, which seems to have been carried out in the absence of rudimentary security measures, according to the Agence France-Presse.”
Let us “Hypothesize”: defined as a proposal intended to explain certain facts or phenomena – for a moment.
Lets say you’re flipping burgers at your job and you head home after a long greasy day. On the … (0 comments)

adt home security source: Subdivsion Residents Fighting for Security Camera - 10/01/10 06:11 PM
Condominium Association, Subdivision Association, or Neighborhood Association, whatever the name is, if you live in one and pay dues and have a board of directors that makes decisions for the community in regards to what you can and can’t do on a property, you probably feel my pain.
I like that bush, I hate that bush, no swing-sets, I want a swing-set, no pets, I want a cat BLAH BLAH BLAH!!
In Atlanta in what the residents of the subdivision considered a “safe neighborhood” a group of men climbed into a basement window of a woman’s home and stole every piece … (3 comments)

adt home security source: Woman Drags Naked Intruder By His Beard - 09/25/10 07:03 AM
‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’…then there is this woman.
They say “never hit a woman”. The reason is because women don’t just hit back, they keep hitting back until they are done with you. Plus it isn’t cool.
“A 64-year-old woman fought off a neighbor and dragged him out of her house by his beard after he let himself into her Kansas City home and took his clothes off. The woman said she awoke about 12:50 a.m and found her 62-year-old neighbor standing over her naked, as she tried to throw him out, he allegedly grabbed her throat. … (4 comments)

adt home security source: Are You Your Family’s Chief Security Officer? - 09/12/10 08:02 PM
Everyone’s job spills into their personal life is some way. I’m sure if your job is to clean offices all day, your home is probably clean. If you are a computer technician, your family bothers you every day to fix stuff. My guess is if you are a nurse, your kids are probably well taken care of.
My job is to scream about home security and other security issues all day. I’m pretty sure people are listening because they often thank me for the heads up and lately have been pointing to specific posts that saved them lots of headaches and … (0 comments)

adt home security source: Celebrity Burglaries and Home Invasions - 09/12/10 07:52 PM
I’m not one to dish on celebs, although I did just meet Mario Lopez on the set of EXTRA. Cool dude took a pic with me. Celebs are no different than you and I. They are fallible and vulnerable humans, who just get lots more attention.
With one big exception; they are much bigger targets than we are because often they are moneyed.
A half dozen teens from a hoity toity suburb of LA fancied the celeb lifestyle and considered themselves part of the “in” crowd. While they lived the celeb lifestyle by hanging out in all the clubs, staying up … (0 comments)

adt home security source: Dealing with Online Harassment - 09/08/10 07:51 PM
I was watching Back to the Future II with a little person in my life and thought how funny it was that every time McFly was called a chicken he would accept the challenge and throw up his dukes. Maybe it’s funny to me because I’m kind of like McFly. When someone tosses out an insult or a challenge or baits me, my teeth come out and I’m ready for battle. I can’t help myself; I’m half Italian American and half German shepherd (and I’m not sure which half is worse). Constructive feedback is one thing, but insults and attacking me … (5 comments)

adt home security source: Woman Becomes Victim of Craigslist Scam - 08/29/10 07:06 PM
I have a love/hate relationship with Craigslist. I love the occasional deal I get (like the 25 hp outboard motor I just got) and I love how people use it to find stuff I’m selling or renting out (like an apartment). But I hate the way some people completely over price what they are selling, thinking that old boat motor is worth what a new one costs. Or worse, when scammers contact Craigslisters every time they post an ad trying to get them to ship something overseas and scam them out of their money.
Craigslist should be used with caution. People … (3 comments)

adt home security source: 9 Tips to Protect Your Home from a Summertime Burglar - 08/25/10 07:19 PM
Nationwide, “burglars made off with $4.6 billion in electronics, jewelry, cash and other items in 2008, according to the FBI. In more than 30 percent of those burglaries, the thief got inside without forcing open a door or window. Many occurred during the day.”
As you pack your car for your next road trip, realize someone’s probably watching. Neighbors often peek their heads through their windows when they see activity. I’m one of those neighbors. I like to see what is going on and I often keep tabs on who is doing what and when. If a neighbor is leaving to … (2 comments)

adt home security source: High School Football Team Player Burglars - 08/23/10 04:14 PM
I was 17 once. I hung around with good kids, not so good kids and very bad kids. Teens heavily influence one another in ways that can have a direct impact on their futures. When you are young and new to the world, you are seeking out how things are supposed to be. Your gauge is guided by what your parents have become, but kids don’t often think their parents are smart enough to make the right decisions. So even if the kids’ parents are great, the kid may rebel and do stupid things.
At a young age, a kid that … (0 comments)

adt home security source: Condo, Apartment Neighborhood Watch Safety Is Key to Peace of Mind - 08/19/10 11:30 AM
In New Jersey, a condo board president was instrumental in launching a neighbor watch program which has received the attention of city officials.
The condo association has taken the extra steps of installing home security cameras too. The local police approved on the idea of using camera security and agree that every layer of protection is a good one.
“A neighborhood block watch, which residents can initiate through local police, bands together an educated public to work with police on safe neighborhoods. But it is just one of many ways an apartment or condo resident can help to improve security. Other … (2 comments)

adt home security source: 5 Tips to Help Prevent a Home Invasion - 08/19/10 09:47 AM
Imagine you’ve lived at your home for a number of years, but it doesn’t feel like home anymore. Home invasions change all that. It used to be a place that was comforting and soothing; a place of security where you didn’t have to “worry.” Not anymore.
There are few crimes as horrific as a home invasion. When a bad guy forces their way into your home and uses violence on you and your family to get what they want, all sense of security is gone. This is a crime that can be combated with common sense and a home security plan.

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