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All in the Family Opportunity I was just trying to help the guy out.  He wanted to refinance his mortgage but his credit scores and debt-to-income ratio prevented him from doing so.  His response was not all that unusual. "This makes no sense!  I'm already paying the higher mortgage so why won't ...
Six Business Lessons Rescued from the Ironman Swim Imagine yourself  standing on a beach at 6:55am.  The cool dawn envelopes your senses and the damp sand to which your toes clutch feels like your only shelter.  You are wearing a wetsuit, goggles and a swim cap, and though you are sharing your ex...
What Happens When You Flip-Flop On Your Home's Listing? Oh how we love to skewer our politicians for their changes of heart and mind: "I was for the Iraq war before I was against it."  Or: "Read my lips.  No new taxes."  Or, better still: "You're going to have such great health care, at a fractio...
A Primer on Prime Rate When we hear talk of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) adjusting interest rates, there is one index in the mortgage environment that we know will be impacted, even when 30-year fixed rate loans may not see any change to their pricing. This rate is known as Prime Rate...
Stated Income: The Band That Is NOT Getting Back Together Not a week goes by that I don't get asked in some fashion, explicitly or implicitly, if stated income loans are coming back.  And at the risk of making this a record-short blog post (for me, anyway), let me cut right to the Blues-Brotheres...
Can I Use RSU Income to Qualify for a Mortgage? Way back in 1997, Jeff Bezos set forth his bold business plan for Amazon, with proviso #9 reading:  "We will hire and retain the best people and we will not pay them with cash."  Wait.  What??? So I guess it's no longer any secret that many technolo...
For Your Eyes Only You’ve decided to work with RPM Mortgage and you’re about to begin the loan process.  How can you be certain that the personal and confidential information you send to us --- the sensitive documents such as tax returns, paystubs and bank statements --- stays secure in transit a...
Caution:  Collateral Crossing A while back, and in this post here, I talked about the four distinct ways that a homebuyer could purchase a new home without first selling his existing one.  And of the options, perhaps the least understood and most complex is the cross-collateralization program.  T...
Interest-Only? 40 Years? Fixed? Extra Extra? Are you a real estate investor? Do you consider yourself an ordinary or extraordinary investor? Have you ever thought about an interest-only loan for your rental property?I'd be willing to bet that even if the ordinary investor learned of a 40-year fix...
Four Ways to Buy a New Home Before Selling Your Current One We here in the San Francisco Bay Area --- and from what I'm gathering, in many other areas of the country as well --- have dealt firsthand with the virtual impossibility of the "contingent offer."  That is, when a buyer must sell his cur...

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