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Yesterday's News  Does your own profession require that you stay on top of current trends?  Is your skill set highly dependent on ever-changing data and fast-paced, underlying market dynamics?  Do you get the sense that the general public has only the faintest idea of the vastness and complexity ...
Back to the Future - Prepaid Interest Explained It doesn't take a time traveler to appreciate the fact some folks are just inherently going to have a problem with paying today for something that won't come due until tomorrow.  Especially when that something is perhaps ill-explained and/or part of...
To Airbnb Or Not To Airbnb... anybody even asking the question?  Shall we then conjure The Bard to determine not whether renting out some or all of your home(s) through Airbnb or VRBO is a good idea itself, but once done is done, to know how thee mortgage lenders may view thine income?  Whi...
Buying First Class I’ve flown with some great real estate agents in my 15-year career, but certainly one who deserves a primo seat at the front of the plane has got to be Westlake Village, CA, agent Teri Pacitto of RE/MAX Olson and Associates.   Teri and I have completed a good number of transact...
Happy Paper Trails to You If you want to realize, first hand, just how far the mortgage lending industry has gotten away from the days of the "Wild West," there is no single better way to do it than to hath the fury of an underwriter's scorn of your assets --- you know, the very bank statements, ...
 An Open Letter from Dave Stevens This from Dave Stevens, President & CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association:Where We Are Today.We are currently in the middle of a housing crisis. That's right...I said it. Industry experts, economists and even consumer groups have predicted one would emerge, alb...
The Homebuyer's Guide to the Fully Documented Income Universe It's hard to believe sometimes, but I've been in the mortgage business for nearly fifteen years.  So please give me the benefit of the doubt when I tell you that not a day goes by when I don't hear a client or prospect utter something ...
Top 10 Things Buyers Can Do While Waiting for More Inventory   Years ago, when I had free time, I used to love watching Letterman.  In fact, back then, he was on NBC and it used to be called "Late Night with David Letterman," and not "The Late Show."  So that's how far back we're talking.  Anyway...
Need a Jumbo Loan?  Better Call in the Reserves   Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Marin County, where I'm located, we tend to see a lot of loan amounts that exceed the conforming and high balance conforming loan limits (respectively, $417,000 and $625,500, in most local metropolitan stati...
CU Sooner Rather Than Later   By now, most of us real estate professionals have become accustomed to the fact that things rarely stay the same for long in the mortgage industry.  Not a month passes, it seems, where guidelines do not shrink or expand at the whims of our regulators, and certainly n...

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