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I'm Returning Your Love Letter to Sender Some buyers will try anything to increase their odds of getting into contract and tugging the heart strings of the seller whose home has set their hearts aflutter.  One of the most popular tools for this job is the so-called "love letter."  A love letter f...
The Perfectly Smooth Blend of Customer Service Some of my mornings get behind schedule more quickly than I'd like to admit.  There are days when the obligations of child care and my non-negotiable self-pact to exercise will have me in a mad scramble to get to the office before the stress load bec...
20% Down? Ain't That a Shame... Last week, with the passing of Fats Domino, we lost a rock 'n' roll legend and pioneer. But nearly every week we (me and my team and you, as real estate agents with your teams) lose transactions simply because of the unquestioned and untested myth that every buyer ...
Don't Get Tricked by the 4506 What better time of year than Halloween to talk about being tricked?  One of the ways unsuspecting borrowers can fall prey to one of the worst tricks in the mortgage business is to run into issues with IRS Form 4506T.  This form, which can be found HERE, allows a thi...
Foreigners Have Been Waiting for a Loan Like This California has both a dynamic and desirable real estate market and in the recent years we've seen an influx of foreign buyers.  Despite the headlines such as, "Chinese Billionaires Snapping Up San Francisco Real Estate with All Cash Offers 150% Ov...
An Inch from Success My 5-year old has an uncanny ability to teach me lessons.  I'm going to get to that in a minute but you first have to understand my great disappointment when he would just flat refuse to ride his new bike.  Now I have to sidetrack us just a bit.  This bruiser of a mountain bi...
Unlocking a HELOC Mystery If you could create a client-facing "tip sheet" for your business, a simple punch list of things to do and not-to-do, what would be on that list?  You know, the items that always seem to fly under the radar of public knowledge and wisdom, but the ones that frequently und...
All in the Family Opportunity I was just trying to help the guy out.  He wanted to refinance his mortgage but his credit scores and debt-to-income ratio prevented him from doing so.  His response was not all that unusual. "This makes no sense!  I'm already paying the higher mortgage so why won't ...
Six Business Lessons Rescued from the Ironman Swim Imagine yourself  standing on a beach at 6:55am.  The cool dawn envelopes your senses and the damp sand to which your toes clutch feels like your only shelter.  You are wearing a wetsuit, goggles and a swim cap, and though you are sharing your ex...
What Happens When You Flip-Flop On Your Home's Listing? Oh how we love to skewer our politicians for their changes of heart and mind: "I was for the Iraq war before I was against it."  Or: "Read my lips.  No new taxes."  Or, better still: "You're going to have such great health care, at a fractio...

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