short sale: Attractive Price Reduction on this Madison Ranch Home - 12/27/11 01:39 AM
Price just reduced from $198,900 to $189,000! That's a great price per square foot for this wonderful neighborhood.
Be the new owner of this large 4 bedroom Eastside ranch. Master bath and walk-out basement with a raised deck overlooking the back yard. All offers subject to lenders approval of Short Sale.


short sale: Half of Homeowners Underwater on their Mortgage - 11/18/11 06:42 AM
50% of Homes with Mortgages now UnderwaterI came across the video below and was shocked to hear that nearly 50% (half) of the nations homeowners are effectively underwater. In times like these, it's important to know that there is help available. If you are a home owner that is struggling to make mortgage payments, I would first suggest that you talk with your bank. They may be able to offer you a few different options. They can sometimes lower your interest rate, offer you a forbearance, or even roll your past due amounts into the mortgage principal.
In the event that … (0 comments)

short sale: Four Bedroom Short Sale Ranch in Madison WI - 11/18/11 02:19 AM

short sale: Is a Short Sale right for my home? - 11/04/11 05:13 AM

You've read about Wisconsin short sales online or maybe you have heard about them on TV. Now you are wondering if this could be a good option for your Wisconsin house. In simple terms, a short sale is a process in which your bank agrees to accept a sale amount on your home that is lower than what you currently owe. There are many reasons why you might consider an option like this.
Your home is 'underwater'. You currently owe more on your home than what you could sell your home for on the market. You have recently experienced a … (0 comments)

short sale: Marshall Wisconsin Short Sale Condo - 10/25/11 09:39 AM

short sale: Open House in Deerfield Wisconsin 10/23/11 - Short Sale - 10/21/11 06:26 AM
Come out this Sunday before the Packer game to this Deerfield Wisconsin Open House! Drop by between 11 A.M. - 1 P.M. and see all that this short sale property has to offer.

short sale: Benefits of Buying an Owner-Occupied WI Short Sale - 10/11/11 05:57 AM
There are often overlooked benefits to buying an owner occupied Wisconsin Short Sale home. It’s amazing just how much of a difference having someone living in a property can make. Here are some of the upsides that I have noticed in a Wisconsin owner occupied short sale home versus a vacant Foreclosure:
-  It feels like a home. When someone is living in a short sale home, there is furniture and pictures on the wall. It has already been somewhat ‘staged’ for showings. This helps potential home buyers get a feel for what an office or kids bedroom would look like if they purchased the home.
- The … (0 comments)

short sale: Does Your Wisconsin Buyer Agent Understand Short Sales?? - 09/27/11 04:10 AM
Are you looking to purchase a Wisconsin short sale? Make sure that you have an experienced short sale Realtor® working for you during the process. I personally have the SFR designation, specializing in Wisconsin Short Sales and Foreclosures.
REALTORS® who have earned the SFR certification know how to help sellers maneuver the complexities of short sales as well as help buyers pursue short sale and foreclosure opportunities. The certification program includes training on how to qualify sellers for short sales, negotiate with lenders, protect buyers, and limit risk.
Michael Collins, SFR
Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource 
If you'd like to purchase a … (0 comments)

short sale: Janesville WI Multi-Family Reduced Over $30,000 - 08/25/11 04:05 AM

short sale: Short Sale Your Home, Get Paid $30,000! - 06/23/11 06:15 AM
Is your home currently underwater?  Do you owe more than it's now worth?  Here are some more reasons to work with Rock Realty if you are thinking of a short sale on your Wisconsin home.

Important Notice:
Attention ALL Underwater Home Owners: Short Sale your home, get paid up to $30,000!
When you list your home with a Harris Real Estate University accredited agent you may qualify for one of these programs.
These programs are designed to make your decision to short sale your home easier. Your lender wants to avoid a foreclosure as much as you do. Your next step … (1 comments)

short sale: WI Foreclosure|What is a short sale? - 06/14/11 05:16 AM
We want you to realize that your situation is not hopeless, regardless of what you might be thinking or may have been told by others. Your lender is not looking for an excuse to foreclose. The truth is most lenders would rather have you keep your home and keep making payments each month. You are not alone. Thousands of people across Wisconsin have similar issues with their mortgages every year.
The most important key to resolving your situation is being proactive. Even if your mortgage payments are just a few months behind, your lender has probably already started … (2 comments)

short sale: Real Estate Agent in the Madison-Janesville WI area - 06/07/11 07:38 AM
Are you looking for a real estate agent or realtor in the Madison or Janesville Wisconsin area? Have you been thinking about purchasing a discounted home in this great buyers market?!
For anyone looking to purchase property in Dane or Rock County, I would be happy to assist you. My name is Michael Collins and I am a SFR certified Realtor and broker. The SFR certification stands for Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource. Although I'm based out of Janesville Wisconsin, I also service the Madison WI area as well as Beloit. I have buyers agent experience which includes assisting home buyers … (0 comments)

short sale: Faster Short Sales through Fannie Mae and the MLS? - 05/19/11 05:56 AM
The article below from Inman News is quite promising.  Anybody who has dealt with short sales is fully aware of how long and tedious the process can be.  Fannie Mae appears to be making an effort towards expediting this process.  They have implemented a Short Sale Assistance Desk program.  The Sunnyvale California CAR MLS has just implemented this listing service.  My hopes is that this could be implemented in our South Central Wisconsin MLS system soon.Michael Collins, SFRBy Inman NewsInman NewsTM
Sunnyvale, Calif.-based MLSListings Inc. is the first multiple listings service in California to implement a short-sale assistance program from Fannie … (0 comments)

short sale: Buying a home after a Short Sale or Foreclosure - 04/12/11 03:26 AM
This week I came across a blog by Harris Real Estate University. One of the more common questions I receive from someone considering listing their home as a short sale is: "How soon could we purchase a new home?"  The blog below does a great job of summarizing that answer!  Feel free to call me if you have further questions.  I'd be happy to assist!Original Blog Post
Short Sale Today..Buy a Home Tomorrow | How-To Get A Loan After A Short Sale or Foreclosure
What are the absolute bare-minimum guidelines to obtain a mortgage?
....and perhaps more to obtain a mortgage immediately after … (1 comments)

short sale: This property is no longer for sale. - 09/28/10 09:11 AM

short sale: Factors Contributing To The Rise In Foreclosures - 06/04/10 04:46 AM
Some experts believe home loan delinquencies will peak during the middle of 2010. The reasons given are unemployment still at high levels, number of mortgages 90+ days late are rising, and Alt-A & Option-Arm loans are set to reset in high numbers. There are many factors contributing to default, but mainly we can focus on 4 reasons.

1) The first is predatory lending which was common place for many years. This refers to approved loans given to buyers without the necessary financial resources to pay on the debt and loan originators who failed to inform the buyers of factors such … (2 comments)

short sale: Act Sooner than Later - 03/19/09 01:07 AM
When the economic environment puts a strain on your ability to pay your mortgage it is important to act sooner than later. Even if you have not missed any payments it is not too soon to take action. There are many resources to help struggling homeowners avoid losing their home to foreclosure. First, collect all your bills from everyone you owe money to. Total all your expenses per month and compare it to your total income each month. If you can foresee any difficulty now or in the near future making your payments it is time to take immediate action. Gathering … (0 comments)

short sale: Rock Realty - Using Short Sales to help Wisconsin Home Owners - 11/21/08 05:25 AM
If you are falling behind on mortgage payments, owe
more than the house is worth and/or have a second or third mortgage, you want to avoid
foreclosure and get a fresh start, you may want a short sale.
A "Short Sale" occurs when a Lender agrees to take less than the
amount owed to payoff a loan as an alternative to foreclosure. Lenders know that it takes
on average $60,000 to take a property back. We can often convince them that they will
be better off financially if they … (4 comments)

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