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To agents giving me feedback: Of course this house is dated! If it were not dated I'd price it at the average price of a 5 bed 3 bath home in Bent Tree, which is currently $334,087. I promise you it would look like new if you spent $114K on a makeover! Please tell your clients there are no $335K ...
So you found your Realtor®, and you found a buyer, and you have arrived at an agreement that is blissfully acceptable to you as the seller, and the buyer. Does that means the property is sold, because that is the definition of market value in real estate school. A willing and able seller agrees w...
I think in the future, when I am approached by people who say they want to buy a house, but don't know what they want, and refuse to acknowledge me as their agent, I will instead find someone I don't care to be with, give 'em a prepaid gas card, and slam my hand in the car door for two hours. The...
Instead of talking about how to find an agent, let’s visit how not to find and agent. Here are nine things you might want to consider avoiding: The agent is a relative or best friend. Unless you know they have the experience and knowledge to handle your most valuable asset, you might want to go e...
In our small county where several months ago, everyone was bemoaning the state of the real estate market, and complaining about being stuck with their home, we are witnessing a miracle!Real values are up, days on market are down! Happy day! But inventory is very bad??? I can't explain it. Is it t...
I’ve never had a personal home that expired while on the market, but I’ve been through it with clients enough to understand the disappointment, financial concern, and frustration they endure. There are generally three reasons why listings expire: asking price, condition, and agent (poor marketing...
Everyone would rather avoid needy clients. You know, the ones that call you every ten minutes with a question, suggestion, complaint, and are rarely positive. We've all had them, and we'll have them again.I used to deal with unions and skilled workers. I was always courteous but firm with them, g...
Remember that old adage:"No-one cares how much you know until they know how much you care"?                    WRONG!  In real estate, prospects just don't care how  much  you say you care. You can tell them how much you care until you are blue in the face. All you will get is a blue face.  Take...
A common complaint about real estate agents is we don't answer our phones.   There is a lot of truth to that;  some reasons are justified and others, well, not so much. Most good agents are, well, busy.  They're busy because they're good and they get a lot of their business by referral. And busy...
I've asked this question in the past, but no one offers a valid explanation.Why does the state of Georgia allow one person to hold an agent license as well as an appraiser license at the same time. Would that not create areas of conflict, especially in commercial operations?Granted, it doesn't ha...

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