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I wish we could get home inspectors and buyers to read this! What Home Inspection Repair Requests Should A Buyer Avoid? A common question we receive from buyers is whether or not they should ask for everything that’s listed in their home inspection report. The short answer is no but, what repairs...
Changing Realtors Does Not Solve the Problem of Pricing on a Home   Most real estate agents have experienced this scenario in their real estate work lives.  The homeowner calls another agent in to see what they will do for their home for sale that already has been for sale with 2 or 3 other real...
So Your Best Friend Chose Another Realtor/Lender   That bridge up there?  That's to help you get over it.        Recently, in a few online forums I've seen some outright nastiness as a reaction to an agent's friend/family member/coworker/former middle school classmate choosing a different agent ...
So, who hasn't seen the listing of the artist's house in Richmond, Texas that has been making the rounds on social media this past week?  Although admittedly, my first instinct was "WTH?" I admit, after looking at the photos a few times, I thought the house was sort of cool in a cluttered, artis...
Four Ways to Buy a New Home Before Selling Your Current One   We here in the San Francisco Bay Area --- and from what I'm gathering, in many other areas of the country as well --- have dealt firsthand with the virtual impossibility of the "contingent offer."  That is, when a buyer must sell his ...
From Facebook, Twitter and Yelp to hosting fees and domain decisions, building an online brand is a daunting task. Before you dive into the hot new channel with low ROI or begin paying for a website you don’t have time to maintain, take a few steps back.   Below are our top “Dos” and “Don’ts” fo...
Common problem and helpful solution. Will be sending this on!   How To Keep Your House Ready to Show!   One of the last questions my sellers will ask me after a Home Staging Consultation is…   How am I supposed to keep it this way while we’re living in it?   Having had my own house on the market ...
Great advice for new and old Realtors® as well. When you start losing the client, start asking questions and then SHUT UP for the answeres! You're Only As Good As the Questions You Ask Think about it... One of your long-time referral partners gives you the contact information for a potential buye...
Still do it myself. It gets me some business and is worth the money! Smart real estate marketing often consists of doing what everyone else is not doing.  When you copy what everyone else is doing, you don't stand out, you become pigeonholed with all "those" real estate agents and companies.   On...
An excellent post from someone who has the same view of buyer agents as I have. As long as you're getting paid to be there, go ahead and do your job! Simply stated, it seems to me that many buyer agents do not accept the responsibility of verifying information provided by the listing agent. What ...

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