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Let me preface this post by saying I would be remiss if I did not share this information with all of the naysayers of Open House Events.  I call every Open House an event because we make it an event.  When you attempt to meet a challenge “head-on,” you must have a strong push off the blocks. Pri...
   "There is going to come a time,  when there is a right eye doctor and a left eye doctor....things have become soooooo specialized."   I have to agree says she who has 3 "regular gal", the exodontist...gotta love those root canals....and the implant specialist.       Each speci...
How often have you been talking to someone and realized they aren't listening to you? When I got my instructors license for real estate 5 years ago I came to realize that a lot of people hear you talking, but don't listen to what you are saying.  As an instructor I had to overcome people hearing...
Whether business is slow, you are getting over a cold, or you're just in a post-holiday slump, there are some simple ways to realign yourself with the good in the universe!   1) Music!! The type of music you listen to can immediately put you in a better mood. Whether it's hard rock, reggae, gosp...
Owners selling their property without hiring agents are called FSBOs (For Sale By Owner).  Try asking these Sellers what they do for living, and then tell them that you, probably, could easily do it. They would smile at you. They would tell you that it is very unlikely that you would be able to ...
It is amazing how many Borrowers I meet who are selling their home, and are surprised to find out they will not receive the full difference of the funds between the Selling Price, and what they still owe on the house at the Closing to put towards the purchase of their new home.  It would be nice...
Why in the World Would You Want to Reblog a Post? And How to Do It!   There have been many times when I would have missed out on an interesting post or information about a challenge or contest had it not been for another member’s reblog.   Do you have any idea how many posts scroll through the b...
The Best Time to List Could Be Right Now  The holidays are here and some people think that is at cross purposes with selling a home. The good news is that is could be an even better time to sell your home because it is the holiday season. Take a look at what actually happens in the minds of buye...
Holiday Decorations and Selling Your Home.   It wasn’t hard to notice that holiday decorations have already announced the holiday season. In fact, I saw Christmas trees and outdoor decorations ou on the floor at the Big Box Home Improvement Store Before Thanksgiving (and shortly after Halloween!...
A question people try to avoid, especially home sellers. Before I tell you my thoughts, here is the scenario. A home is listed. The seller insists of listing at an amount higher than all sale comps in the area. For those non agent, a comp is a home that has sold in the last 6 month's or a home f...

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