georgia: Conflicting Real Estate Trends In Georgia - 03/19/16 06:57 AM
Pickens County real estate continues to exhibit opposing trends. While sales, pended sales, and prices show significant improvements over last year and prior, the number of homes for sale continues to decrease. Apparently, all the talk a few years ago convinced home owners that their homes held minimal value, so why try to sell?
We are now at ten months of inventory at all price levels, meaning at the rate homes are selling we could sell them all during that time (this of course assumes no new homes enter the market). When that level reaches six months of inventory, we enter into … (0 comments)

georgia: Real Estate Review for 2015 - 01/25/16 12:36 PM
As we enter 2016, the question of “how are things going?” has been a favorite during the holiday season. We always seem to hear about other counties doing so much better in the real estate recovery than Pickens, so I decided to take a look at some surrounding counties as well as our year over year performance. On county comparisons, it’s obviously hard to compare units or dollars, so I used percentages.
I’m not going to draw any conclusions from these numbers for you other than to say it appears that Pickens County’s performance generally stacks up favorably with the other counties. … (0 comments)

georgia: What Should You Do If Your Home Isn’t Selling? - 01/24/16 12:35 PM
It can be very frustrating to put your home on the market, expecting a fast sale, only to find that after six months you’re still waiting for an offer. What can you do?
First, determine if it’s a result of timing. You may have started worrying too soon. If it has been only a month and you haven’t gotten a bite, not to worry. The time a home stays on the market is related to the market’s strength, which varies regionally. According to The 2003 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, two-thirds of all homes sold in the … (3 comments)

georgia: The Listing Agreement ... Watch the Details! - 01/10/16 05:29 AM
Now that you’ve chosen a real estate professional to sell your home, you’ll need to work together to complete a listing agreement. This legally binding contract authorizes a broker and his or her real estate professionals to find a buyer for your home, according to the conditions specified in the contract. Depending on the type of listing agreement, you can expect to see most of these terms detailed in the document. In Georgia, we are fortunate that the agreement has been simplified by putting most of the moveable parts on the front page, but here is an overall recap of what … (2 comments)

georgia: Strategies for Selling a Vacant Home - 01/08/16 07:59 AM
Consider these two scenarios:
A) Robert has accepted a job in another state. Although his home has not sold, Robert must leave soon because his start date is in a few weeks.
B) Diane built her dream home across town. She expected her present home to have sold before completion, but it is still on the market.
Both Robert and Diane are concerned about having to leave their unsold homes vacant. They know that a vacant house can imply that the owner is desperate for a fast sale, and that it can be targeted for vandalism.
What can be done? Homeowners like Robert and Diane … (3 comments)

georgia: Old House? New House? Weigh the Options ... - 01/08/16 07:52 AM
Maybe it has something to do with a childhood home we fondly remember. Many of us long for old homes built with solid construction, quality craftsmanship and beautiful details. We wax poetic and wistfully recall the hand carvings, plaster walls and eyebrow dormers of homes we’ve known. On the other hand, how do the old homes we admire compare with newly minted models—and what should we consider before deciding which to buy?
Typically, old homes sit on generous plots of land in or near town. The neighborhoods are established and usually more central to schools and shopping. Mature trees and plantings … (1 comments)

georgia: Interest Uptick - 01/05/16 06:31 AM
We now have an entire generation, born since the middle ‘80’s, that believes they are entitled to mortgage rates just above free. Ironically, they were actually born when mortgage rates ran as high as 18%! During the Carter administration, if you had a 7% mortgage, you were not only lucky, you were considered to be a financial genius. That would now be considered highway robbery. They were stunned when the federal rates went up a quarter percent recently.
They will likely wait around for rates to go back down. They also waited around for all the cheap houses to disappear before starting … (0 comments)

georgia: Are You Violating the Law or Ethics? - 11/02/15 05:06 AM
Between real estate law and the code of ethics, it’s very easy to step out of your comfort zone.
Does anyone remember the part about putting your client’s best interest above your own? How about the part on staying within your field of expertise? If you do single family residential homes as your main service, are you even qualified to do large tracts of land? What about a multiunit apartment? What about a warehouse or big box anchor shopping center?
Many people think land would be easy. After all, it’s just lying there, right? How tough is that? Do you understand mineral rights? … (81 comments)

georgia: New Listings Down … Why? - 10/26/15 09:49 AM
After suffering through what was at least arguably the worst real estate correction in history, most of the surrounding county markets seem to be coming back. For some reason, Pickens is trailing behind. Following are three charts to illustrate (residential listings only):
This chart represents the number of new listings in Pickens versus the number of units sold.
Over the last year, new listings and the number of homes sold were trending up, then in July both columns starting dropping. This could be for a number of reasons, but my theory is that old inventory is either priced incorrectly or has other issues, … (0 comments)

georgia: Pickens Selling Seasons - 08/31/15 10:07 AM
In 2011 I looked at seasonal home sales in Pickens County. It covered the previous eight years of sales, and concluded that Spring/Summer and Summer/Fall were the best selling seasons, with Fall being slightly better.
 I decided to revisit those numbers and do it a little differently. This time I divided the year into quarters that represent our seasonal temperatures, so the first quarter starts in December and ends in February. I also went back five years to sort of pick up where we left off. Following is a graph illustrating the results: 
This illustrates that real estate is local. While metro markets … (0 comments)

georgia: Short and Sweet Stats Review - 08/14/15 07:43 AM
The second quarter review of real estate in the metro Atlanta area was very interesting. Everyone raves about how hot real estate is in Atlanta, and most people complain that Pickens is much slower in performance. 
Looking at the numbers, we find that listings are up slightly in Atlanta while sales are up about the same percentage, and pended sales are up nicely.  
In Pickens, units for sale are down 7.3%, while sales are up 43.9% and pended sales are up 31%! On top of that prices have stabilized.
I suppose the question is after people have gone through such a tough period in … (0 comments)

georgia: “I Saw It on Zillow” - 07/14/15 04:15 AM
I remember when people used to come in the office and ask the question, “Can you help us buy a house”. Wow. That even sounds like a long time ago as I write it! Of course, personal computers had been around for forty years, but the internet was just starting to gain a lot of footing, and real estate search engines for consumers did not really exist yet. The listing organizations were just starting to perfect platforms that replaced “the book”, when real estate agents were pretty much the gateway to buying a home unless you bought it unlisted directly from … (3 comments)

georgia: My Agent Is Worthless ... - 05/31/15 05:17 AM
My friend and neighbor has his home listed. Probably better to avoid that listing and preserve the friendship, but I get to hear all the reasons why the three agents they've had so far are worthless. 
The home is beautiful, but in my opinion over-valued. It's been on the market for over two years. They keep hiring miracle agents that don't live in the area on the pretense that their home is special, and local agents are somehow not worthy or capable to handle the sale. Apparently no one else is either!
The latest is that the last agent didn’t show the property … (8 comments)

georgia: New Listing Technique ... - 05/27/15 05:17 AM
A couple of years ago, I was doing a little maintenance in my neighborhood. Actually, I was trying to keep the kudzu from getting any worse until my neighbor got moved in, which is a common southern chore.
I happened to be on the side of a very steep hill. Four ladies came driving down the hill in a brand new red golf cart. I waved as they passed, even though I didn't know them. After a few minutes, I realized the cart had stopped at the foot of the hill.
Two of them were older, and one of them was struggling to … (2 comments)

georgia: Mortgage Rates Are Your Friend – Or Not! - 04/03/15 06:58 AM

Planning when to sell your home is important, and there is a lot to consider. The home must look good to attract buyers, so you probably need to break out the elbow grease or checkbook to get those repairs and improvements handled. You need to be concerned about curb appeal and staging. You also need to speak with your Realtor® about pricing your home so it will sell. Everyone wants to sell their home for the most they can get, and the buyer wants to pay the least he has to pay … not a difficult concept there.

georgia: What Just Happened? - 03/27/15 05:03 AM
Last Friday something happened to me that doesn't happen very often. I didn't get the listing.
I can't remember the last time I made a listing presentation and lost. Frankly, sometimes I get them and I don't even try that hard! If I have an appointment, I usually just assume I have a new listing.
This time I was dealing with a widowed senior. She is a charming but starchey lady, so I ironed my shirt and shaved. I was once told that half the job is won when you show up on time, and look and smell as good as … (4 comments)

georgia: Another Shot at Real Estate Agents - 03/01/15 07:55 AM
I just read an article in "Consumer Reports" that was very disappointing to me. For a magazine that is supposed to rely on credibility to attract readers, this article was all bad advice and hyperbole.
It encourages sellers to spend thousands of dollars getting a home ready to sell, promising they will get their money back and a 20% additional profit! While I agree that their suggestion to paint the front door, and possibly some rooms, and clean out the clutter are fine, they go on about how much money sellers will get back by remodeling bathrooms! That's just bad advice, … (6 comments)

georgia: Is Your Broker Ethical? - 02/25/15 05:08 AM
I have a broker's license, but I don't expect I'll ever be a managing broker, simply because I no longer have the patience to listen to people who would rather whine than work. Surely that does not apply to the majority of agents, but to the ones it does apply, I just don't have time anymore.
The other thing that would cause me consternation is competing against my own agents. Were I in that position, I would probably give away transactions just to make sure that the other agents were being treated fairly. Fortunately, I work in an environment where the … (3 comments)

georgia: Property Tax – A Balanced Assessment - 02/23/15 04:32 AM

In Pickens County, Georgia we have heated subject that recycles itself from time to time regarding our lack of school tax exemption for senior tax payers. In fact, most counties in Georgia do not have the exemption.
Before I begin, I will state that I am a senior. I hate taxes. I do not belong to any group seeking or attacking an education exemption on property taxes for seniors. I hope that when you read this you will appreciate the balance of facts. I don’t blame anyone for trying to save money.
When my kids were in … (1 comments)

georgia: Pickens County Real Estate Wrap 2014 - 01/15/15 05:43 AM

Here is a brief overview of the 2014 year end numbers in Pickens County compared to a year earlier.
While there are still naysayers on the return of the real estate market, I think most would agree that sales and activity are much better than a couple of years ago. There are a lot more statistics available than most people care to see, so just focus on these for now:
Also consider that the months of inventory based on sales in December was 7.9, compared to 15.5 months last year. The rule of thumb … (0 comments)

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