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   In football, when you get past the the ten yard line, it is time to get serious.  The bad news is the defense is getting serious too.     When we get an offer on a listing, we are on the ten yard line.  First and goal.  Negotiating skills are important here. This is the moment of truth.  If th...
   When we start a new Florida real estate license sales associate class at Climer School of Real Estate, in Orlando, it is a pleasure to see who is in the audience.  We have butchers, bakers and candle stick makers.  There is probably very few professions that have not been in my audience.     W...
   Habits formed in your youth stay with you forever. When I attended Oak Ridge High School in Orlando, Florida, I had an English teacher, Mr. Atkinson that taught me to look words up in the dictionary.  He used to give us an Edgar Allen Poe story to read for homework  like "The Purloined Letter"...
   I wanted to use a little more alliteration in that title but I thought better of it.     When I first started in selling, I had an old timer teach me the value of follow up. After you have been selling for a couple of years, you should develop an instinct, a gut feeling, if people are going to...
   One sure way to find a motivated seller is to look at the commission in MLS.  If you looked in MLS and saw a five per cent commission to the selling agent, you would assume that seller is motivated.  Would you show that listing?  It has been my observation that, if they get shown, they get sol...
   In Lake Wales Florida,  just south of Orlando is a hill where your car defies gravity and will roll uphill if you turn it off and put it in neutral.  How can this be you wonder.  Many things in Florida are hard to explain.    As I was teaching a broker class today at Climer School of Real Esta...
   I am sitting on an airplane when the guy next to me ask me if I am in real estate. " Yes", I replied.  "How did you know?"  "You are reading a real estate book".  He went on to tell me his house in Atlanta was for sale listed with a Realtor.  He ask me if I knew why it was not SOLD.     You kn...
   It is hard to tell.  Is it your reticular activating system or is it the law of attraction drawing you to what you pray for and think about?     As I started to blog and write and learn about better writing, everything I read recommended a book by E. B. White, "The Elements of Style".  The Orl...
   It would seem to go without saying but it does not. Be enthusiastic!  There is a recession going on but you don;t have to let anyone know that you are aware of it.    When people ask you "How's Business?" Give them an enthusiastic answer.  People love it when you are enthusiastic.  They hate i...
   Yesterday, at Climer School of Real Estate we started a broker class(FREC ll).  Broker class is super cool.  The students have been with us before usually.  They are  serious about their real estate career.    I had a wonderful experience.  Casandra,one of my previous students told me she took...

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