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Redding real estate, buying a home in Redding or Shasta County, or just wanting an unofficial appraisal...let us help. From residential to commercial, we know and sell a lot of real estate in the North State. Convenience Stores, Mobile Home Parks, Self-Mini Storage, Gas Stations



Palo Cedro Flags....I am proud to be part of the Palo Cedro Post of the American Legion for their flags on display along Deschutes Road. All credit goes to Bob Wagner and the committee for a great job on this. Very impressive in our rural community. Thanks to all of the volunteers that made this ...
Early in my campaign, I made it known both verbally and in writing that one of the characteristics of my campaign platform was to, in an effort to be a true advocate for the taxpayer, look for ways that the county could save money in cost cutting ideas. From fleet management to inter office coope...
About a month ago, as part of my campaign for Shasta County Assessor Recorder, I met for my Editorial Interview with the Record Searchlight paper. As part of my prepared notes for the interview, I made it very clear that we are still in a downturn, and that County offices are going to find that t...
Last Tuesday our campaign team started putting small American flags on each of our larger signs in the Redding area as our tribute to Memorial Day....being a little creative to call attention to the fact that many have died for our country over the years to keep us a free nation. Today, my oppone...
Please join us this Sunday, May 23rd, at the Anselmo Vineyards in Inwood near Shingletown, CA in the foothills of Lassen National Park. Please check out this gorgeous 2200 ranch at  and you will see what I mean. This is a fund raising activity for my campaign for Shasta County Asse...
Earlier tonight, at a Candidates Night, I was asked the question "what are you telling the taxpayers about Senior exemptions". My answer was "call the Assessors Office.... that the office can only do what is allowed by law, but some of the exemptions might apply to you".  And, the following is th...
Letter to the Editor May 10, 2010  In your editorial of April 4, 2010, you challenged me to "prove" the statistical facts pertaining to property assessments in Shasta County since the incumbent Assessor-Recorder took office in January of 2007.  The factual information and official data from the A...
Join us for this outstanding day in one of the most beautiful areas in all of Northern California....May the date now. Please check out the Vineyards at   or  

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