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  Bonus Because I strive to give more than I promise I used the same premise when providing the information in this series of Home Staging articles. Rather than the five promised parts in the Anatomy of Home Staging a Guest Room I’ve given a sixth part. In this part I would like to show you the b...
   Part V   The Art of Art Placement In the first four parts of this series we have covered paint colors and painting tips; window treatments; lighting fixture updates and furniture placement. With this article the point of attention will be the placement of art and accessories – The Art of Art P...
 A number of years ago my husband and I spent the night in a beautiful hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. We wanted to find a certain type of store (OK, we wanted to know how to get to a particular Antique Store.) so we asked the young girl behind the counter as we checked out to tell us how to get from...
 Part IV Putting The Right Furniture in the Right Place So far in this 5 part series I have talked about: Starting With the Bare Walls What to Do With Those Viewless Windows Lighting the WayNow I'll go on to discuss putting the right furniture in the right place.  Putting the right furniture in t...
 Part III Lighting the Way So far in our trip through the Anatomy of Staging a Guest Room we have covered the ceiling, walls and trim with paint. We have also covered the windows with practical and dramatic window treatments. Now we will be peeking at inexpensive ways to deal with lighting fixtur...
Part II   What to Do With Those Viewless Windows In Part one I wrote about the bare wall strategy of painting a guest room in order to prepare it for today’s real estate market.   In this discussion I will be focused on, “What to do with those viewless windows.” In this case, we discovered that ...
Part I of a five part series   Starting With the Bare Walls The entire process of Home Staging is a matter of discovering facts and making economical as well as sensory decisions based on those facts. With that in mind we are going to walk through the anatomy of Staging a Guest Room.There are ma...

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