anthem: Helping Home Sellers Realize the Dream of Moving On Part III of a Passport Series - 07/20/08 11:54 PM

This is the third part of a series concerning acquiring “passports” which you will need in order to adequately pursue and receive your dreams. If you haven’t seen Part I you will need to start there to satisfactorily understand what this business with “passports” is all about. If you are interested in knowing which “passports” an excellent home stager uses you will want to look at Part II of the series.
You know you must sell your home and you are ready to begin collecting the “passports” which will be … (2 comments)

anthem: Get the Necessary Passports for Your Dream of Being a Home Stager - Part II of a Passport Series - 07/14/08 08:31 AM

In this, the second portion of the Passport Series, we will take a look at some passports which are important to growing a home staging business. If you haven’t already seen Part I you will need to take a look in order to understand what purchasing or acquiring multiple “passports” is all about.
Following is a segmented list of the various passports you will be using as a home stager.

In order to be prepared to serve your clients you will need a well stocked:
Office Accessory Library … (19 comments)

anthem: Are You Truly Prepared to Receive Your Dreams? - 07/07/08 12:13 PM
“Believing in your dreams demands that you are prepared to receive them” Barbara J. Winter in her book Making a Living Without a Job.
The above quote from Winter’s book is written on a 3 X 5 card which is stuck in the French Memo Board that hangs at eye-level next to my computer.

That small reminder takes my mind back to the pages in which Winter describes how she realized she needed to purchase a passport if she truly believed in her dream of returning to England. The unfolding of the tale which … (29 comments)

anthem: The Home Staging Business and Safeway Have a Lot in Common - 07/02/08 09:47 AM
Because we shop at Safeway (sometimes in Anthem and other times in Prescott Valley or Prescott, even on occasion in Cottonwood, Arizona) for much of our family’s food needs we have experienced first hand much of what this BusinessWeek story speaks of concerning the new look and feel of Safeway stores.
“Safeway wanted a fresher, healthier image. The first step was to become fresher and healthier.”
Apparently, when Safeway began feeling the crunch from so called “big-box” stores from one side and upscale specialty stores from the other they began to take action to change not only their … (7 comments)

anthem: What Do YOU Do? - 06/12/08 09:51 AM
I am the administrator of an exclusive home display and merchandising firm. Our clients are intelligent and highly motivated individuals, who seek quality, expect expertise and understand the importance of capitalizing ventures which will provide high returns.
By providing imaginative thinking, problem solving skills and understanding the importance of proper decision making the associates within my firm, rooms b.y. root, operate with our clientele to place their individual properties in the advanced strategic position of garnering the most advantageous price point possible within the individual property’s acceptable range.


anthem: Preparing Your Property to Sell is Going to Cost You!!! - 06/07/08 07:54 AM
Of course not preparing your property for sale is likely to cost you even more – like the hope you had for selling your house.
You have heard it said other ways before. Here are some of them:
No pain; no gain.
You get what you pay for.
Nothing ventured; nothing gained.
Penny wise and pound foolish.
There is no such thing as a free lunch.
Did you know that for as little as $200 you can receive information from a professional home stager which is designed to improve the market position … (20 comments)

anthem: Home Stager Contain Yourself! - 05/26/08 11:57 PM
There are many containers which a home stager must use in order to provide excellent house staging consultations and services.
Some we find important to us are:
Business End
Plastic Totes
File Cabinets
Brief Case
Tool Box
Waste Basket
Utility Trailer
Business-Card File
Paper Clip Holder
Desk Drawers
Staging End
Plate Holders
Soap Dispensers
Decorative Bowls
Hat Boxes
Plant Pots
What we recently added to our plethora of containers is a leather covered, lidded file box which contains our marketing materials. This box remains in … (16 comments)

anthem: Home Staging – HGTV -- This Real Estate Agent is After My Own Heart! - 05/23/08 01:50 AM
Not long ago, after doing a bit of internet research I came upon a real estate agent (in my neck of the woods)

who seemed to have her act together. I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting her so I took the initiative of picking up the phone and introducing myself. We had a pleasant and brief conversation in which we agreed to look at ways we could be of assistance to one another.
Because both of us are busy women we had a flurry of e-mail and phone conversations before we were able to get together and have a … (14 comments)

anthem: So You Don’t Believe in the Power of Home Staging - 05/08/08 05:25 AM
Do you believe in the power of marketing in general?
Do you believe the way a product is packaged makes a difference in number of sales?
Do you believe quality or lack of quality is an important determining factor in the price of any product?
Do you believe first impressions count?
Do you believe fresh is a good adjective to use in conjunction with for-sale products?
Do you believe the phrase; “I love it!” is not a good indicator that a home shopper has placed a particular property in the “good” column?
Do you believe there are more houses … (17 comments)

anthem: Home Staging Practice Which Starts With Great Ideas and Theories - 05/06/08 03:04 AM
“A person’s mind stretched to a new idea can never return to its original dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes
I Had a Great Idea! 
In truth I had about eight billion three hundred million six hundred thousand and forty four “great” ideas. With time and the facts of life the list was narrowed to about seven or eight really (and truly) great ideas. Some of my “great” ideas were ahead of their time and some behind. Others of my “great” ideas were simply stupid. Then more were fine ideas for someone else. And still others were ideas that simply needed to … (22 comments)

anthem: Seller Motivated! (Rant Warning) - 05/04/08 03:27 PM
Have you spent time with a person who feels it is necessary to explain on a regular basis that he or she is SMART? If you are like me, what you may want to say to that person is, “If you are so doggone smart, you don’t have to go around proclaiming it to everyone because they will know.” You may even think -- if you are really smart you will be smart enough to let that smartness show without self-proclamation. If someone is honestly smart IT WILL SHOW!
Have you seen (or used) the words, “Seller Motivated,” in copy … (22 comments)

anthem: Hairdressers, Home Stagers and What the Heck do They Do? - 04/29/08 07:08 PM
You know what a hairdresser is.
Here is something else you know about hairdressers. You know what it is they do. They cut hair. Hairdressers also color hair and they even take it upon themselves to make curly hair straight and straight hair curly. Hairdressers are on their feet a lot.
 The bottom line about hairdressers is it is their job to keep their clients looking great! Although, I do remember seeing a sign in a beauty salon which read, “I am a beautician, not a magician!”
 What got me started on this post was a recent remark from … (60 comments)

anthem: Home Staging Must Offer House SPECIFIC and Owner EXPLICIT Solutions - 04/11/08 03:04 AM
Each home is indeed distinct.

Even houses which are built with the same plans are occupied by very diverse persons and require different solutions.
An excellent house stager who knows how to address the precise issues involved with each individual house as well as with each unique home owner is the best solution to being sure that any given house is in fact prepared to be the best in today’s market.
The needs and desires of the house seller must be addressed in ways which will help him through the process with the least amount of stress possible. Finding … (12 comments)

anthem: Home Staging to Impress the Guests - 04/01/08 02:14 PM
One way to be sure to impress your Guests be they home shoppers or the I’ll-be-there-next-week-type is to take the guest bathroom from, “Oh my,” to “OH YES!”
Our plan for this room included:
a bit of spiff and scrub elbow grease a gallon of paint for the walls with a slightly darker paint for the trim a simple cornice for the window (which we custom built) a new shower curtain some new linens a few well chosen, clean-lined accessories.  
The color scheme was dictated by the stonework counter top and mirror surround.
Here are … (10 comments)

anthem: Home Staging Information Sources You COULD Use - 03/31/08 03:34 AM
It is easy to see a list of what one must do in order to prepare one’s home for sale in today’s market place. Just take a look at any number of real estate oriented websites and the generic list of “home staging tips” generally pops up somewhere.
Then of course you can also choose to bypass the hair dresser and cut your own hair. Look, I found this entire description for self cutting the tresses.
There are two things to be said about cutting your own hair as opposed to staging your own home:
It will … (31 comments)

anthem: Home Stager Assignment – Who is Your Ideal Client? - 03/17/08 01:16 PM
The perfect client for my business turns out not to be my client after all. Anyone who owns a business knows that repeat clients are the best clients. In that case it seems the perfect client for my business should be someone who regularly sells home after home after home. So what is a girl to do?  Because most people who decide to sell their homes don’t fit that category I’m left with trying to find a client who is selling someone else’s homes (real estate agents or brokers) or who is a home builder (contractors, developers or spec builders) or … (12 comments)

anthem: Selling Your Home? 5 Important Considerations - 03/11/08 12:13 PM
1. Understand what you are selling 
Most home shoppers are looking for a place to live – not a project! One of the first things you must understand when you are selling your house is that prospective buyers most often are looking for a piece of their dream. Usually they are not willing to think in terms of what needs to be renewed, cleaned or repaired. While there are a few home shoppers who are looking for a bargain (knowing it will be a project) most are unprepared to spend time and dollars in order to have a home in which … (9 comments)

anthem: Northern Arizona Home Sellers – An Open Letter - 03/06/08 09:54 AM
Dear Home Seller,
You have just set out to sell your house and you realize that it is not among the easier things you have ever done in your life. As a matter of fact there are all sorts of reasons that have made it one of the most difficult tasks you have attempted.
The decisions you’ve made concerning who you will enlist to help get the house sold.The inevitable paperwork which accompanies a transaction this large.You’re uncertainty concerning whether you have followed your Real Estate Agent’s recommendations properly. The addition to your schedule of daily housekeeping chores which before … (12 comments)

anthem: Home Staging Vacant Houses May Not Be Rocket Science But . . . - 02/29/08 04:37 AM
For those who may not be familiar with the drill think back to when you were just out of college. You found the perfect little place to live and you needed to move all that stuff from your college living quarters as well as all the “new” pieces your family and friends were unloading on giving you. You may have discovered for the first time just how much junk many items you really owned.

That is just a small glimpse of the picture concerning staging day. The items which are being carried, toted, hauled into the property are nice pieces … (28 comments)

anthem: Home Staging – What is in it For ME? - 02/21/08 10:42 AM
What do you really get when you have your home
professionally prepared by a home stager?
Professional Home Staging:
Makes all aspects of preparing a residence for sale easier, greatly reducing the amount of time you as a home owner have to spend preparing the dwelling so that you can spend time on the things you want and need to do!
Enables you to improve your home’s marketability quickly and effectively.
 Makes obtaining fantastic listing photos easy.
Virtually eliminates the time wasted searching for the correct information concerning what is in and what is not for today’s home buyer. It also decreases errors … (12 comments)


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