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Mortgages are available in all shapes and sizes, no money and low down payment plans are still available, and dont forget to get qualified prior to shopping to be sure you are looking in the right price range.



  How do you fix a broken Jack-O-Lantern? With a Pumpkin patch of course.   Why Don't Mummies go on vacation? They are afraid they will relax and unwind.   Why Didn't the Skeleton dance at the party? He had no body to dance with   Have a great week! Rob Robert Rauf Mortgage Banker www.RobertRaufH...
  Facebook is the world's largest social network. Disregarding this, people share all kinds of information on Facebook without thinking about who's seeing it or what effect their comments and pictures might have on them in the future. One study revealed 30% of employers use Facebook to vet job ap...
  The last 3 weeks have not been good ones for the Mortgage world. Last week was a crazy up and down week that ended up only slightly negative by the close on Friday, but bumpy enough along the way that it left many feeling queasy. almost every day last week had some VERRRRY negative moments but ...
 Finally, some good news in the form of relaxed guidelines.  This is some great news. PMI Companies have caused many of the guideline changes we have experienced over the past few years since they were not willing go offer PMI on anything that had risk at all. Just a few weeks ago we got news tha...
  I don't even want to talk about last week, but I guess I need to.Friday was a horrific day in the credit markets and fannies lost 29/32nds by the close of business. That was a total loss of 26/32nds for the week. that may not sound like much, but that is an ugly number! WHY? Well it had a lot t...

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