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Today we get our first glimpse at what the true cost of the Health Care Reform bill will actually cost America. This morning AT&T gave us the first Billion Dollar Red Flag.  According to their filing with the SEC, AT&T will take a $1 Billion dollar non-cash charge expense recorded against their f...
So what comes next for Interest Rates, and the housing industry? This is the $64,000 question (actually given today's hyper spending maybe that should be $64 Million Question). The last couple days have seen a significant spike in interest rates, and there are a number of reasons, but they all ev...
I sure wish I could claim this as an original material analogy, but it comes from an Economics Professor at the University of Georgia, and I only saw it as an outsider's comment so I could not Re-blog it in the author's name.  I believe this is the best explanation available to bring true underst...
Here is an interesting way to look at the long term success potential for the White House's Making Home Affordable Modification Program.  I previously covered the problems associated with the actual number of permanent modifications, and the frustration faced by those hoping for such a modificati...
As a result of the Financial Crisis/Credit Meltdown/Real Estate Bubble etc., the Federal Government has spent approximately 10% of our countries total GDP annually for nearly 2 years now in an effort to "ease the crisis."  So what have we gotten for our investment? Currently we are told unemploym...
I heard on the radio this morning that today is one of those anniversaries of something I would normally never think about. It turns out that March 15, 1985 is the date of the registration for the first Dot Com ever. It was launched by a computer manufacturer in Cambridge, MA (of course they have...
Friday we received the "good news" that foreclosures are improving. I would argue that we are still in a very fragile state, and the recovery that this implies is debatable at best. Actually, what we are seeing is that banks are holding back on foreclosures that are long overdue. We have had a co...
I got this in an email today, and checked out the authenticity.  Turns out it is entirely legit as verified by Snopes  This is a good read when you consider the source is a Canadian author who is not in line with the US main Stream media.  Her...
In a Wall Street Journal article today Barney Frank "warns" of a non government backed future for Freddie, and Fannie.  "Rep. Barney Frank has unexpectedly called into question the safety of investing in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac."  Basically, Representative Frank is saying that bondholders of F...
I find it interesting that these views come from someone born outside of America when current political winds would lead to the belief that conservative American values are hated throughout the world?Here is the list of "24 Ways to Be a Good Democrat."   You have to be against capital punishment,...

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