This property is close to Eleven Mile Reservoir and already has a professional dirt bike track built! Great location for a weekend getaway for camping, or build your dream home! $80,000 for 38.35 acres! MLS #9068205.     Contact Ruth Grainger for more information! 719-648-2288
City of Victor rolls out the welcome mat! The City of Victor is rolling out the welcome mat for businesses that are looking to expand, relocate, open a branch location or establish a work/live environment! The downtown district of Victor has over 60 intact beautiful, authentic turn-of-the-century...
Are you an art fan, an artist? Victor is hosting the 16th Victor Celebrate the Arts. Artists are coming in this weekend to sign up for the event. We have local artist, and artists from all over the state and nation. They get a week to paint the local scenery and historic sites and buildings. Star...
When I wake up in the morning and start walking around like a zombie, there is one thing that is a must. My coffee better be hot! With a cold front coming in I have found the coffee is cooling much quicker than I want. Then it dawns on me I am going to need a new coffee pot. A sad day when a trus...
 What a good relationship provides Many people think that once you build a business relationship with people it does not need any tending to. How wrong they are! Over the years of my young life I have seen people treat relationships in a lazy manner while I can see that cultivating relationships ...
After being away on vacation these past few weeks I am glad to be back. One thing I know and am sort of glad about is that in today’s real estate world you can work from almost anywhere. This is good for building leads and networking with people all over the state! Getting emails and calls days a...
 I learned something for a week old calf yesterday that I really needed to know. We were loading the cows (three semi loads) on to the truck. Once the bigger calves where loaded we started with the littler ones. My 12 year old cousin wanted to push the little guy up the ramp. As she was you could...
 It is a new day, which means new work to be done. Cleaning the house is top of the list but due to cattle and horse activities might not happen till later. Calves are in rare form causing havoc with the older cows. Horses are mad since they have been working harder to gather the renegade cattle....
 Knowing someone may help. Recently I was at the Top of the World Rodeo and had some folks working with me loading the timed events stock. One messaged me yesterday on Facebook and asked if I would help her find a home. Today after going through my Buyer routine she said she would rather work wit...
 A lesson from yesterday! I hate being late, overdue, or slacking. Always have, always will. Yesterday, after a great start to the day, I had some bumps in the road (health). So I run and finish all I had to do. Come home and feel horrible, come to find out that the 6 page paper I thought was don...

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