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Fear or Faith:Over the last couple of weeks I have found myself gripped with fear at various times. It happens when I stop and consider the gravity of what I’m doing. - Moving to a city where I know virtually no one, moving into an apartment with a stranger, re-starting my real estate business at...
I’m back in the US and officially over my jet lag. However, I don’t think I’ve gotten over my three weeks in Israel. I still feel a bit shell-shocked. The trip was deeply impacting in many ways, both positive and negative.Positively, I walked away with vivid pictures in my mind of the places wher...
Angry:I’ve been in Israel (and the surrounding area) for almost 3 weeks now. Right now I’m tired. I am barely recovering from a bout with the flu that put me on my back for 36 hours (conveniently on Shabbat when everything was closed down anyway). I feel like I need solitude and space. I have a l...
More Adventures: Egypt, Jordan and IsraelSnow, The Mountain, and Sandstone:It did snow in Jerusalem leaving about 4-6 inches on the ground while I was there. It was beautiful, but messed up our travel plans. Everything shuts down during the once a year snow in Jerusalem. We managed to get out as ...
Greetings... this is part II of my trip to Israel and surrounding areas. Feel free to post your thoughts in replyBeauty:I was surprised at how beautiful various parts of Israel are. I guess I didn’t really picture it being so lush and fertile. On the way from the airport to Jerusalem we passed fa...

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