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Carob. Whole Wheat. Carrot Juice. No McDonald's.   Staples in my diet as a child.   I wasn't allowed to eat at McDonald's as a kid. I was convinced it was some bastion of great tasting food because all my friends ate there often and thought their food was great. I'd whine and cry about not being ...
I think the regular readers of my blog are so with it in terms of the local home trends here in Salem Oregon, that I can just post these charts with no opinions attached, right?  Say yes…I’m in the middle of beating Plants vs. Zombies on my iPad and I don’t want to have to stop to write up any k...
“I always find it helpful to ask what their favorite piece of clothing is,” she said. “   Aagggghhhhh she picked all hot pink clothes for school this year. I mean ALL hot pink.” I replied. Considering it took us four coats to cover the hot pink that had been there previously, I wasn’t too excited...

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