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As a result of 9/11, one of the main arteries connecting the two sides of Folsom, The Folsom Dam Road, has been closed since 2003. It's been a real drag for those needing to cross the river, as there were only two other bridges to accomodate the 18,000 cars that had crossed the dam daily.The dam...
I just read that San Juan High School in Citrus Heights is breaking ground on some spiffing up projects. Good for them. Not only is it the oldest San Juan District school (built in 1913), but it's my husband, Dave's, alma mater. That was back in the 60's, but it's influence still reaches into our...
You've probably heard that interest rates are pretty good now... around 5% for a "30 year fixed".  But check out what that means to you as a buyer. It's pretty shocking! A $200K loan at 5% costs you $1,073 per month P&I (principle and interest) If you want to keep that payment, here's the price l...
Sunday, March 22, 2009   If you missed buying a Fair Oaks home back in '02, those prices are back! After a high of $250/sf (per square foot) in August of '06, Fair Oaks prices have dropped approximately 38% to a stunning $155/sf. That is lower than the cost to build a home, yet it includes the la...
Last night Wife Swap (I admit I watched it... but American Idol wasn't on) had a real estate agent wife swap with a fun-loving wife. The agent put her job first and it looked like the main bonding time was when the young kids cleaned their office ( a hubby/wife team). Her kids were polite, darlin...
"What's this world coming to... kids today don't want to work, they want it handed to them." Every generation says that... clear back to Plato's time. I bet the cave man said it too, as his cave boy "texted" his pals with smoke signals. But the attitude is idiotic. And here's a case in point. Eve...
I just read that the Fed's actions today may cause mortgage interest rates to drop up to 1/4 or 1/2 point.  Interesting dilemna for those in escrow who have already locked their loan.  Do you stand by what you said, or weazle out because rates have changed? When you lock your loan, you are gambli...
Brad Paisley has a killer song out called "Letter To Me" where he writes a letter to himself at 17. He tells his young self it's not the end, now that he's been dumped by his girlfriend. Oh, and be sure to fill up the tank for your date with Bridgett... "on second thought that one turns out all r...
Buying a short sale is very different than buying a bank foreclosure or from a regular seller. So first... what is it? A short sale is when the owner is "upside down" or owes more than the home is worth. In order to sell, he would need to bring cash to escrow to sell, or would need the lender's a...
  It's tempting to save $400 - $1000 when you buy a brand new home by forgoing an independent inspection.  "Heck, it's brand new... what could be wrong?"... Right?... Wrong!!! A few years ago I sold a 2 million home in Los Lagos, Granite Bay.  Simply beautiful... and built by a well known, outsta...

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