fair oaks: Fair Oaks, CA, The Historic "Levering House". - 04/15/18 05:53 PM
Frequently you hear the saying “If these walls could talk”. I heard the saying last week as the owner of the Levering House at 7881 Orange Ave talked about his home during his 31 years of ownership. A man with a huge heart, Doug Porter has tried to help those in need by renting out rooms in his 2 story home to those struggling to make ends meet.  The cast of characters who have come and gone could populate a movie, he says. Over the years, Doug has tried to maintain the historic feel to the home through many remodeling projects, … (4 comments)

fair oaks: Moving to Sacramento? Which are the best neighborhoods? - 11/27/17 04:43 PM
Sacramento is showing up on the national stage lately, generating a lot of interest in moving here.  The recently released movie, Lady Bird, features nostalgic scenes of Sacramento and it's hometown beauty.  In an interview, the author recounts how the film crew kept checking for home prices during the shoot - they were pretty impressed. 
It's no wonder.  It's a petty cool town.  Why, you ask?
Recreational opportunities - Our 32 mile bike trail through the wooded wonderland bordering the American River is awesome.  So is boating in Folsom Lake.  And fishing the salmon and steelhead runs. 
4 season outdoor living - Yes it is hot during … (3 comments)

fair oaks: Fair Oaks, CA, Historic homes - the Rice Chasko Home - 01/27/17 12:37 PM
Fair Oaks, California, Old Homes Review, by Sally Dunbar, Old Homes Editor
7848 Orange Avenue, the Rice-Chasko Home
Fair Oaks has it's share of lovely historic homes. Fair Oaks grew as a community at the turn of the century along the American River, 17 miles upstream of Sacramento. As one of the early homes, the Rice Chasko home was built in 1902 by Henry and Phoebe Rice of Minnesota.  Between this 5 acre parcel and another east of the Cemetery, the Rices farmed over 100 trees - pears, peach, fig, citrus, 20 almond, 40 olive, and grape vines.  After Henry’s and Phoebe’s deaths … (2 comments)

fair oaks: Another Historic Home of Fair Oaks - the Alvin Heim Home - 03/30/16 08:52 AM

The history of Fair Oaks is full of intertwining families, and so it is with this month’s Old Home feature - the Alvin L. Heim Home at 4940 Minnesota Ave. Alvin came to Fair Oaks from Indiana in 1909, buying 10 acres on Minnesota, tucked against what is now the North Ridge Golf Course. He married Vena Bishop in 1915, and had three children - Adolph, Alvin W., and daughter Thalia (born 1922).  By 1929, it appears Alvin Heim had built the two story home which still stands on Minnesota, although it has been substantially added to.
Alvin developed quite an orchard … (6 comments)

fair oaks: VA loans are getting easier and better! - 04/08/15 07:28 AM
Veteran loans through the VA are awesome for the veteran - but sellers are frequently reluctant to accept an offer with VA financing.  Usually that is becasue the VA requires that the home has a pest clearance, and many sellers (including banks who have held the foreclosed properties) don't want to give a pest clearance.  That leaves the veteran pretty ticked.  "I served my country, no no one wants to help ME."
But things are changing. 
First while the VA still requires a pest clearance, they have lightened up and are now allowing the veteran to pay for the repairs.  They can't pay for the … (1 comments)

fair oaks: A Shout Out to Loomis Cabinets and Jean Woods, Designer - 03/06/15 12:56 AM
Redesigning your kitchen is a daunting task, with many options.  My best advise? Hire a Pro Designer who knows what they are doing!
A few years ago I sold a beautiful charmingly rustic home in Carmichael to Debby and Mark.  The only weak spot was the dated kitchen.  But it is dated no more. Debby had me over to see the finished remodel, accomplished with the design help of Jean Woods, Kitchen Designer for Loomis Cabinet Sales.
"Jean was so easy to work with," explained Debby. "She totally listened to our wants and ideas, and designed our new cabinets exactly as … (3 comments)

fair oaks: Walking the Komen 3 Day San Diego - 60 miles in 3 days - What a HOOT! - 01/26/15 09:00 PM
This Thanksgiving, I hope to give thanks for my feet and my friends. I will have just completed walking 20 miles a day, 3 days in a row, through the streets of San Diego.  I picture sunny skies, 1800 fellow walkers wearing pink boas, sequined tutus, and men wearing balloon stuffed leopard print bras.  I hear it is one big 3 day street party as the San Diegoites come out to cheer on the Susan G. Komen 3 Day walkers with cheerleading squads, pink ribbon stickers, dogs in tiaras, and children holding clever signs -  "Save the ta-tas",  "Cancer Sucks",  and … (6 comments)

fair oaks: Fun Things To Do in the Sacramento Area - 10/05/14 06:01 AM
Fun Things To Do In And Around Sacramento
Sacramento is an exciting place to live.  Our claim to fame is we are two hours from everything - San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, the Gold Country, the Wine Country, snow skiing, and scuba diving.
But we have our own jewels right here.  Downtown Sac is bursting with eclectic shops, theaters, museums and an historic old town along the banks of the Sacramento River.  Hiking, biking, boating, basketball, baseball and soccer fill our leisure time.
Take a look at some of our best including Fun Things To Do, Recreation, Museums, … (6 comments)

fair oaks: Fair Oaks Brew Pub Coming Soon - Building Renovations Happening Now - 07/28/14 11:21 PM
The buzz in Fair Oaks Village on Saturday was coming from a scissor life, a couple of guys, and a crow bar yanking the old siding off of an even older building front - 1908 to be exact. The Fair Oaks Brew Pub is coming to town!
In the video below, building owner Rich Schmitt talks about the cool window and  etched "1908" date he discovered when he began restoring his building across from Plaza Park in the Village so the Brew Pub could move in. This building used to be two story (on the left of the photo), but a … (5 comments)

fair oaks: Which Are The Best Fair Oaks Neighborhoods To Live In? - 04/13/14 01:51 PM
As a Fair Oaks Realtor, I hear this question a lot. What is the best neighborhood in Fair Oaks? And my answer is like a broken record. It depends on what is important to you.
Do you value freeway access over tranquility? Do you want a big lot with lots of breathing room, or a small low maintenance patio home? Do you want good schools, or an area with very few rug rats screaming during cocktail hour? When it comes to neighborhoods, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder!
Here are some of the qualities that I think make our … (6 comments)

fair oaks: Sailor Bar, Fair Oaks - Great Walking Trails along the American River - 04/05/14 09:58 AM
Sailor Bar is an amazing place to walk, bike and experience the American River in Fair Oaks, Ca.  It's a 114 acre river bar that feels wild and wonderful, yet holds the secrets and scarring of 100 years of gold mining history. It's a walker's paradise!
Sailor Bar extends from the Hazel Bridge along the north side of the American River, to the rise of the Fair Oaks Bluffs near Olive and Natoma Avenues. It's easy to get a 3 - 5 mile hike in by wandering around the many twisted and turning trails through gold mine tailings, along the river's edge, … (3 comments)

fair oaks: Walking Trail Access from the Fair Oaks Bluffs to the American River - 03/27/14 10:10 PM
Hold on.  I gotta take off my muddy boots.  I just came in from the bar. Not the Dew Drop Inn, but Sailor Bar - the hiking & biking wonderland along the American River in Fair Oaks, CA, with miles of trails. It's not easy to know all the ways to get there, but I have just poked and prodded every street along the bluffs and have finally found all the access points. Because much of Fair Oaks is high up on the river bluffs (with awesome views) it's too steep to get to the river.  Many of the flatter parts are blocked … (3 comments)

fair oaks: Making Your Goals Fun - Some Unexpected Numbers - 01/18/14 10:41 PM
I never imagined I would be dreaming about numbers.  But I do.
Leaf numbers.  Shadow numbers.  Numbers from a found inner tube.  Even from pine cones.

We're on a mission to hike 60 different hikes by next September, and started our first with a fingered "1".  "Let's do two fingers, for our second", we cleverly thought.  After 3 we were hooked. 
For that, my daughter twisted her lanky frame into a 3. She missed her calling as a contortionist.
We are up to 25 by now, and the numbers have taken over.
Now I lay in bed at night thinking … (4 comments)

fair oaks: A New Bike Repair Station on American River Parkway by Sunrise Bridge - 01/14/14 07:07 AM

You break out your dusty bike and get ready for a ride, only to find you have a low tire. Bummer, huh?  But if you are lucky enough to be riding the American River Bike Trail  near the Sunrise Bridge in Fair Oaks, Robin Hood has arrived!
Check out the new Bike Repair Station they just installed. (This just added: when I wrote this, I assumed it was the Parkway who installed it.  But no - it was an Eagle Scout Project!  I am trying to find out who the Scout was, and will update as I find out. … (7 comments)

fair oaks: Who Bought or Sold Homes in 2013 - Sally's Tally of Sales - 01/11/14 12:24 AM
I love going back over the previous year to see who I helped buy and sell a home.  There are always so many reasons, but one fact remains - we seem to be hellbent on moving!
For 2013 I sold 39 homes.  The biggest reason seems to be a change of home - bigger, smaller, different neighborhood, or to be closer to their kids.  
A few were empty nesters, were ready to downsize.
Rose was preparing for the inevitable move-out of her boys and wanted them to have adjusted to the new house in the same neighborhood before they left.   … (2 comments)

fair oaks: We Went to Prison Today... On Hike #25 - 01/09/14 12:47 PM
Yep, we went to prison today, Folsom Prison, to be exact. And no, we weren't sent to the slammer. Instead we hiked up a short spur of the Canal Historic Trail from Rainbow Bridge in Folsom, to the gates that posted we would be shot if we went any further.
OK, not SHOT, exactly, but definitely in trouble. They don't want people breaking into prison apparently. We complied.
So we took our photo of our makeshift #25, and skedaddled on out of there, back down the gorgeous trail that follows the American River. We left our leaf strewn #25 there in … (8 comments)

fair oaks: Walk #24 In the Lake Bed of Folsom Lake. Drought has its advantages! - 01/05/14 12:14 PM
It's dry here in Sacramento.  6" of rain so far, when our average is 18".  A problem?  You bet. Any advantages?  You bet. And today I walked on one of the mega advantages!
Our walk #24 (out of 60) was oddly around the bottom of a lake.
Folsom Lake is usually huge - 11,000 surface acres with 75 miles of shoreline.  Normally we sail on it, with jet skis and speedboats zooming across its beautiful waters.  This summer we even hosted Hydroplane races during Big Wake Weekend - it's that big!
But today, the lake has shrunk to a puddle.  Literally. … (3 comments)

fair oaks: Hiking in Auburn - #23 out of 60 by 60 Hikes. - 01/03/14 05:44 AM
Boy did I learn a lesson on Hike #23. It involved keys, a zipper, and a slouchy drop of my jacket while taking a picture of the number 23 formed with sticks.
Becky, my walking partner, and I parked near the town of Cool, up Hwy 49 South of Auburn, CA.  After connecting on parts of the Wendell T. Robie and Olmstead Loop Trails, we bushwhacked along the newly uncovered Pardners Rock Trail with our friends Paula and Eric Peach. Eric is an Auburn Rec Area trail preservationist and promoter, and has been working to uncover old historic trails used by … (0 comments)

fair oaks: 60 Hikes by Age 60 - We're up to #23! - 01/02/14 09:08 AM
Last July I wrote about my goal of doing 60 walks by next September. A fellow Realtor and I threw down the gauntlet after having trained to walk in the Komen 3 Day in San Francisco, and made the commitment. What has happened since has been amazing.  We are up to #24, and are having an awesome time seeing different neighborhoods, walking new mountain trails, and stretching ourselves in ways I couldn't have imagined. And we are seeing our area in a whole new light. We'll reach our 60th by September, before my friend turns 60.
We began in Old Sacramento, and … (3 comments)

fair oaks: Good friends bring out your best. 60 Hikes by age 60. Wow! - 07/07/13 04:08 AM

The pebble she tossed has turned into a boulder.
Last January, my friend Becky tossed a pebble into still water. 
"Wanna walk the 3 Day with me?  For breast cancer?  It's three 20 miles days in San Francisco and you raise $2300."  
The ripple had begun.
Sure why not! Hell, I'm 61, my right hip hurts, I have knee pain and plantar fascitus, but why not?  So we did.  And oddly all those things worked themselves out - except my age.  I'm still 61.  But I don't hurt anymore.  Good shoes, orthodics, a sport medicine doc, 400 miles … (10 comments)

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