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    We suspect every listing presentation, in part, explains how the price of a house is determined..."The Market"....evil spirit some feel it is....makes that choice.   Sellers expecting a greater return...because of their investment, financial position, pride of ownership, expectation....and th...
 The "Wait till after the holidays" Sellers are coming....ahhhh Thinventory least some.....and with that the planning for the execution of listings.    We haven't really had any significant snowfall since before Christmas.  Individually....and microscopically each flake is a piece ...
 Historically...currently.....and often usually in most markets across the country, January is "Divorce Month". The month when there are more divorce filings than any other month of the year. Many people have theories about "Why January?" and we suspect after serving this niche for a number of y...
 The very best Reason for Freezin' this frosty season is the Polar Plunge !   The benefitting organization for this seasonal venture is The Special Olympics.  If ever you want to see a perfect example of courage and determination...youshould attend a Special Olympics Event !   People who try har...
 It's that time of year when the wind in the "not always sunshine states" bites the nose and burns the toes ....the snow crunches under foot....and the furnace gets a workout to keep homes at a comfortable indoor temperature.   One of the things that also happens during colder months is that the...
   As part of our practice devoted to  divorce, we are sometimes asked to testify in court. What are some of the reasons that our testimony might be required ?  That was the question one of the students asked that is enrolled in our DREAM (Divorce Real Estate and Mentoring) course.  There are a ...
  While the days have disappeared when we had 36 short sale listings....all with at least two liens...we closed them all and for many ..became their Buyer's agent for their next happily ever after. We admire the courage it takes to pick yourself up from a negative hard to re-es...
 You can hear the echo coast to coast that inventory is thin and complaints are made loudly by Buyers and Buyers.....and some "wanna be" Sellers who have nowhere to go.  Sometimes Thinventory may have other "victims."  The victims are Sellers....Yes you read it correctly.  They are Sellers who m...
   Thinventory is the term we have coined for a markets with very little inventory.  We have had this graphic created to illustrate this condition.  The condition frustrates both listing agents and buyers agents with not many homes to list....and buyers left with few or no choices to upsize, down...
    For everyone who waited until "after the holidays" to list...NOW is the time.....Call your Realtor...if you don't have one in mind.....begin the interview process now !      You don't want to one of many Sellers who waited until whenever "Spring" comes to the area to be lost in a sea of new l...

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