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   As your eyes wander through the listings on MLS and you spot the NEW PRICE  label that accompanies some of them....and click on the "history" button to see what the New motivated price is over what the past price was for the sometimes learn that the Seller is dri...
    Today, the very first day of Mom would have been 96...the anniversaries are hard....Holidays are not ever the same.....and we miss her every day.  David lost his Mom when he was 15 so we always said that My Mother was as much his as mine since he knew her as an adult and had her...
   The Square Feet debate will continue ad infinitum as long as people live in houses....and maybe it began when they lived in tents.   We can always speak only for the Badger state....and if there are "standards" that everyone knows and follows, Bully for you and you have our admiration for cons...
      My blogging time is short as our practice is busy and getting our FUNd raiser together on October 21st means working about all the hours we can stay awake....birthdays don't know that....and they come anyway....and David's was yesterday..    We had already had a surprise party informally on...
   Unfortunately....everyone knows someone who has had their lives touched by Breast Cancer....a friend, neighbor, family member.  Know that there are many different kinds and early detection is sooo important so you need to make that mammogram appointment NOW....Yes...not the most pleasant of ex...
   We are experiencing what is called "Indian Summer" in Wisconsin which the all knowing (ok...sometimes knowing) internet defines as: An unseasonably warm, dry and calm weather, usually following a period of colder weather or frost in the late Autumn        Both David and I are "life long" Wisco...
   One of the most unique parts of having divorce as a niche is that you (the real estate agent) are the only person who can talk to ALL parties involved...both lawyers and as we call them the "bride and groom" and sometimes other professionals involved in a divorce case. What his attorney tells ...
  Sometimes you interact with different agents...sometimes they are new to the business....and sometimes they just don't really have the education/experience for the area in which you met them.  You have to wonder since none of the "agencies" in our experience patrol the real estate landscape...t...
   Matt Anderson knows EXACTLY where HE was in 1997 and invites you to share your memories...join the celebration of food and fun....and we think...congratulate him on 20 years of not only bringing food and entertainment...but being one of the most generous entrepreneurs in Wisconsin in supportin...
    We are big believers in putting money ....AND effort where your heart is....and while it is time consuming and energy is rewarding in more ways than any paycheck or other kind of recognition one can ever receive.   (This has meant less "rain time" sometimes and will for a while....

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