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 I remember what seems like a thousand years ago, when I went on my first listing was an elderly lady....a friend of a friend of the family. I did everything I had been taught in real estate school...and got little more than an occasional nod from the Seller but felt confident ...
    Many of you work with VA loans on a regular basis with locations near bases around the country.   When a Veteran has the misfortune of being upside down....the VA  does not have the ability to enforce their own determined valuation of the "Bottom line" on the investor for the loan....amazing ...
    In some markets across the country, the "Thinventory" is sooo thin....that it has Sellers believing whispering that your house is for sale to the neighbor....telling your friends on Facebook...doing a quick board on Pinterest will certainly sell your house in a minute for whatever the price w...
     Today is the day.....You can have your drink and HELP people too.....the Italian Community Center will be the venue for Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary Competition.   You will have the opportunity to taste 16 of the area's Bloody Mary's ...and you know that Matty's will have their best Mixologi...
 This has been an exceptionally strange year in the weather department in southeastern Wisconsin and we understand in many parts of the country. February days in the 60's followed by March days in the teens...You ....and the poor spring flowers that get begin to poke their leaves out....are all ...
   The other evening as Mac and I were cuddling on the bed preparing for a new email popped into our mailbox. Nothing unusual about that of course....popping all day and night is what email does.    This email was from one of the Lawyers we work with in the Divorce niche of our practic...
   In Real Estate you an easily feel bombarded by invitations to network...on  line or at "after work" socials....speakers for breakfasts....luncheons sponsored by local have to pick, choose or ignore the plethora of seeming popularity with these groups.   There are times when...
 We recently listed a beautiful  custom home in the Legends of Brandy Brook in the Village of Wales,Wisconsin. The rolling terrain of this Lake Country Village is the idea location for a people who want the conveniences of the big city (a half hour from Milwaukee) and the quiet countryside.  The...
 We know that every MLS is a little bit different....and the "rules" are not universal for every market.  One of the things that our MLS has which we are guessing is fairly universal is the ability to add documents accessible to other agents.    Typically, the attachments include the real estate...
 We are always on what seems to be a never ending...albeit enjoyable...(at least for me) quest to have our house be allwe want it to be as trends change...conveniences become even more convenient....and we continue with updates throughout the house.  It began with wanting a new refrigerator....a...

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