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 The answer to that question is a definite "Maybe" because there are so many "What If and Yes Buts" that can be a part of that answer....divorcing transactions have a few more of these kinds of conditions than other home buying transactions.  The first logical question to ask is "where are you i...
 The most FAQ we get in our divorce course is HOW do you "remain neutral as a real estate agent in a divorce ?  The answer is that you do not...'Surprised ? I am sure many of you are...that is the most frequently made comment on our posts as well..."I did two divorce transactions and they worked...
  We were talking with a friend the other day about the age old topic of why Sellers choose one agent over another. One never knows what the "trigger tripper" will be ...what connects the dots and wins the honor of becoming the listing agent.  Something that stands out for one Seller is not the ...
    Real Estate and is not is recession proof....and there is never a dull moment if you choose to have this niche as part of your practice.    Wisconsin is a community property state one of nine in the country which include:  Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nev...
  As  Real Estate agents with a niche in divorce, we are sometimes asked to participate in hearings, trials and mediations.  Sometimes testimony is by phone with both attorneys being given the opportunity to question us regarding our experience with the not soon enough to be former spouses in th...
  The three bedroom, three bath home at 623 Glenview Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI  will be the new address for our buyers who are thrilled to be located close to their employment at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Fireplaces in both the formal living room and master bedroom are two of the features th...
   Pricing a home is not an exact science.  While all agents have access to the same statistics to arrive at a price....prices that Sellers receive in multiple listing presentations are seldom the same.  Some Sellers use the "whoever has the highest price wins the listing" contest.  That's one we...
   Our friend, Jeff Dowler has invited us all to write posts on how life works for the chosen (mostly) self employed members of Active the balance is achieved with working and playing and what we may have encountered on that  journey to strike that position.  I had a friend who taugh...
 One of the questions most often asked Realtors...or at least these two in Southeastern ..."IF we replace, add on ..update the  (fill in the blank) will we  "get the money back in re-sale" ?   There are all kinds of statistics that many self serving industries broadcast...if you ...
   We are often asked to review a listing that another agent has ...sometimes due to our divorce niche and sometimes because one of our purple envelope loyal and wonderful business or client sphere members has suggested that we offer a second opinion to a friend or neighbor who is trying to sell ...

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