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    We are big believers in putting money ....AND effort where your heart is....and while it is time consuming and energy is rewarding in more ways than any paycheck or other kind of recognition one can ever receive.   (This has meant less "rain time" sometimes and will for a while....
  There are reasons people make improvements to their homes...sometimes it is because that is how they choose to live...not because they expect every dollar and appreciation to be returned when they sell it. The features that a homeseller considers important....and the ones that the Buying public...
   Imagine that your life as you know it lost your job, your spouse left with another person...and the savings are a single parent overnight with no support other than the part time job you had....the house needs some repairs......bills continue and income does not...
   It was the end of the tour of a lovely home....everything was squeaky clean, the home well personal photographs, no perfuming odors....just a welcoming atmosphere any buyer would welcome owning and Agent happy to have listed.    Tour concluded and it was time for "the talk".......
  It doesn't matter if it something you told a friend...or time you arranged with a client...a  date you said you cirled on the calendar for the appointment with the......You gave that person your offered your trust....that the appointment would be made on time and you would be prepa...
 Real Estate is a definetly a "play to win" sport....but we play by the rules that the market dictates.  If the Seller "needs" a price....that does not figure into our equation in figuring out the list price that we suggest.  What he/she/they "need", how much the paid, the tax assessment, wht th...
 We are without words ...knowing the anxiety and fear in the hearts and minds of people in Texas and Florida.  There is no perfect climate...we use snowstorm days to stock the freezer with home made soups....It rarely hits 90 degrees....and the longer we are here...we are happier to be here.    ...
    Such music to our real estate ears....Luxury estate...mmmm and touring was indeed that.....updated/upgraded everything...beautifully manicured landscaping....Many features that would appeal to lots of people we mused as we completed the property tour.    "We have talked to two other...
 Get on the Bus Gus.....Make a Game Plan Stan....   We have the Team that's on the Beam...Now let's Get    Hep to that Jive...Come on Packers....Matty will take Us   To see you LIVE !     Come to Matty's and Enjoy that Pig or Jump the Bus and         Do that Gig...   Whatever you do it's sure to...
  People who are self employed know that as soon as you leave town....the phone will could be offers...or invitations to list a property...But you know it is just what happens when you hit the road, ride the rails or take off on that is a solid, tried and true rule of self ...

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