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 Blended families need lots of room and that was the challenge for us to findthe perfect house to call home for Shane and Michelle.  Recently married, they hoped the new home would have the cook's kitchen Shane enjoys and  a big backyard to welcome family and guests for the outdoor barbeque bela...
 The "rules" are ....if you are going to counter an offer...or counter a opposed to accept it as may "ignore" the deadline given for response and respond whenever you please.  The property may or may not still be available as the Seller is free to entertain others  wh...
 Thinventory brings out the "early birds and worms"..."first come, first served" Buyers in many parts of the country.  We have an eagle eye on the "delayed" listings to let our buyers know the first day that a house hits the market. This has been a great tool for getting them in to see a h...
     We were fortunate to have sold our Buyers home before it hit MLS ......and then the task began of finding the new home...they had their list...from location to features...that 3 car garage...the distance to travel to work...four bedrooms...five would be better...finished lower level...and as...
  We were approached recently by a woman who had been recently widowed and did not want to continue being a landlady without her husband's assistance.  He had been a generous soul...too generous in allowing extra time to pay rent that never happened...the duplex had been trashed with everything ...
    We hear the cries of "Thinventory" throughout many markets across the country....Buyers stacked up like cordwood waiting to pounce on the next home available in their area...and prepared to pay above the asking price if necessary or not be chosen as "The" buyer.    Often people in four season...
  Southeastern Wisconsin will be alive with celebrations everywhere on St. Patrick's Day....everyone "becomes Irish" from the streaks of green hair to the taste of green beer...the display of Irish dancers and OH the corned beef and all the trimmings  !  No Better place to find all of this and M...
 There are many things in different areas of our lives that I trust, enjoy, love, cherish because I know if we choose that same brand...we will be rewarded with the same great experence we have come to expect from it repeatedly.     If you have been in real estate a may notice that i...
        There were a number of places that came to mind in thinking about the "unique place I called home."  My first apartment in college was the basement of a home owned by a local judge who rented out all three floors...400 Oak Street...sounded like Mayberry.  My roommate and I enjoyed the uni...
  Less government...less regulation is a good thing, 'right ?  Most things applied the always and never category...don't always and never turn out to be accurate or appropriate in every situation.  While short sales may not be as prevalent as they were when we had 36 at once...a...

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