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 Debbie Reynolds has issued a challenge that requires that we look in the mirror and decide what the Good, Bad & the Ugly ourselves....and this is going to be a really nutsy month so if it doesn't get written now....we would be saving you from this "insight."       If you know us at all...
  We have found it that our "mini breaks"....even if it is just an overnight a few hours away from home provide us with a renewed "vitamin" and enthusiasm for everything and business.  We arrange them sometimes "just because" and other times as a "work on the business excursion."  Which...
  Our state association has a Legal Hotline and it seemed appropriate to ask them ....had we been practicing "incorrectly" for decades ? (See yesterday's post here.)  Before someone bounces on us for not appearing with boxes and hand trucks....Know that the Seller told me less than 24 hours befo...
 Moving day came....and having checked with the Seller numerous times....weeks beore having offered a moving company at a discount...suggestions for supplies, etc. I was assured everything would be moved by the time of the final walk thru the day before closing.     I reminded that the contract ...
   Watching the devastation on the news is it and not knowing what tomorrow brings is harder.  We all want to do something to make it bring some sunshine into what are very dreary days with uncertain futures.         We see this country responding EVERYWHERE....
 As we look at our business and where it comes from and how we got it....It is by design that it is not confined to a geographic farm, one demographic description, one of know the song....One is the Lonliest can be in real estate and allied professions as well.     ...
  Facebook had a very pleasant and heartwarming post this morning....and for those of you who have already kindly responded to my post yesterday....thank you warms our hearts to know what a great community we are fortunate to belong to....and that caring is more than IS action.....
   People sometimes get hung up on "labels".....brokerage names....a culture they perceive but don't really agent that they don't like...a manager that doesn't unfavorite "label"...BIG of the beauties of this industry is that you can choose the kind ...
   The challenge from Anna Banana Kruchten,CRS,CRB,GRI  has to be written in pieces (you wouldn't be able to see them) because it takes more time than we have at any one time to write this post.   Contrary to a lot of agent's business we have a very busy forth quarter and the stars are again ali...
 There are all kinds of things said about weather casters....if they say "partly cloudy"  or "chance of....rain, snow, sleet, hail" the chances are ...they are right !   There is a chance...if it materializes they are right...if it doesn't....they are still right.      The news is full of the Hu...

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