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Real Estate is an all encompassing business, where the lines between work, friendship and social life are sometimes blurred. It is a "lifestyle" and a great career choice. So my blog will have a mix of practical advice, good ideas, industry tips and some of my hobbies & passions mixed in. Come join the fun!



I decided about 3 years ago that I wanted everyone to remove their shoes before entering my home. It's a way of life in many Asian countries. What precipitated this was that I had a house-guest from Korea and when she entered my home she asked where the “shoe mat” was located so she could remove ...
  I live in San Diego where buying local produce all year round is a luxury I have grown accustomed to. What a privilege it is to purchase local heirloom tomatoes in the dead of winter, fresh strawberries picked just a few hours before, avocados grown a few miles away.   There are several Farmer'...
  Last year I wanted to upgrade the landscaping of one of my properties from water guzzling lawn to native landscape. The lawn area in front is rather small, but still needs to be watered to stay green. It was a year of some major expenses for me, so upgrading the landscaping was not first and fo...


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