olympia realtor: My best advice for real estate newbies - 10/07/15 11:09 AM
I've been in real estate for 10 years and sometimes I still feel like I'm  a rookie. Starting in real estate was my first endeavor as an independent business person, and I've experimented and tried lots of different strategies, systems, gadgets etc. All this initial experimentation was pretty short lived, as I soon realized that all I needed to do is to be really good at my job and to treat people the way I would want to be treated. That meant no cold calling, no gimmicks; just quality service, skill, diligence and dependability.
I treat each transaction as if it were my … (12 comments)

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olympia realtor: Little Free Libraries - 10/06/14 05:58 PM
As a Realtor I drive through lots of different neighborhoods and see plenty of houses. Recently I've noticed more and more of these types of little houses pop up all over Olympia:

These book houses are part of the Little Free Library program and encourage visitors to “take a book” and “return a book”
The mission of the Little Free Library is to create neighborhood gathering places and encourage reading and book exchanges. Their big goal was to create 2,510 little free libraries, to match Andrew Carnegie’s achievement of … (2 comments)

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olympia realtor: What I wish I would have known sooner - 04/30/13 10:46 AM
If I could go back and give my newbie-agent-self advice, I would say: Connect with a skilled mortgage and escrow professional early on and use their expertise and loyalty to your clients' advantage.
When I started out, like all newbies, I received invitations from mortgage and escrow professionals to meet for lunch or for coffee. Enticements like helping to pay for my advertising started rolling in and free flyer boxes piled up on my desk. I felt that if I picked one lender or escrow officer over another, the others would be upset and I may end up paying for it at a later date. I tried to … (1 comments)

olympia realtor: Home Sales Forecast - 02/20/13 03:59 PM
Will 2013 be the year the housing market turns around on a national level? While in many areas of the US the market is seeing an increase in home prices, many regions are slow to catch up. In my area, Thurston County, 2012 ended with lower numbers than the previous year, while in King County home prices see double digit price gains.
The National Association of Realtors has recently published their national forecast for 2013 and 1014

It's shows an encouraging outlook for the next years ahead, especially with distressed inventory shrinking so drastically.
Sandy Nelson
Olympia Realtor®, GRI, … (2 comments)

olympia realtor: Graffiti Removal Help - 10/12/12 04:01 PM
Unwelcome Graffiti
It's like a disease that creeps up overnight and mars the face of your home or business with an unsightly blemish. While there are some who consider graffiti an expression of art, the uninvited, tagging kind is mostly a terror, not a treasure to home owners and business owners.

The best action against ongoing graffiti is immediate cleanup. Taggers do not get satisfaction when their work is painted over or removed. Quick and consistant removal is also imperative if you're concerned about keeping homes values high. Pervasive graffiti will lower home values in the affected neighborhood.
The three best ways to remove graffiti:

olympia realtor: I could pull my Hair out with these Appraisals - 07/18/12 11:15 AM
It happened again yesterday: The dreadful call from the buyer's agent that the appraisal has come in lower than the agreed upon sales price. For me this is the third time in five weeks, and I know I'm not alone in this.
Our industry tells us that market value is determined by what an able buyer is willing to pay for a property in an open market with an arms-length transaction. I have re-iterated this many times to my sellers, explaining that what they want to get for their property is irrelevant. It's what a buyer is willing to pay.
But the truth … (4 comments)

olympia realtor: The Future of the Historic Tumwater Brewhouse - 11/02/11 08:30 PM
If you're a South Sound resident, you might have heard that the Old Tumwater Brewery has been purchased last year by a team of real estate investors for 1.4 million dollars. You might also have noticed that work crews have been busy cleaning up the brewery site, and you may be wondering what is next for the iconic building site on the shores of Capitol Lake.
Although tons of debris has been removed, hazards secured, and some structural elements reinforced, the building remains an empty shell. This shell, full of potential, is waiting for the right business ventures to occupy it and take advantage … (3 comments)

olympia realtor: Pizza has arrived in Olympia - 10/17/11 11:56 AM
I first went to La Gitana Pizzeria in Yelm a few months ago. I’ve heard about their authentic Italian pizza from friends and had to try it out.
I was surprised at how busy the restaurant was, especially considering that the prices were a bit steep for Yelm. The pizza was definitely worth the trip to Yelm, and I told the owner back then that he and his partner should consider opening a restaurant in Olympia.
Imagine my surprise when I went downtown for Arts Walk last week and noticed a La Gitana Restaurant right on Capitol Way. This was only their second … (1 comments)

olympia realtor: Real Estate Private Transfer Fees - What a Scam! - 03/12/11 07:10 PM

Once I sell a home, I'd like to get a commission every time the home re-sells (regardless through whom) for the next 99 years.
In my dreams, right?
As crazy as this sounds, that's exactly was has been permitted to occur for some builders who have recorded real estate transfer fees against the properties they sell. In many cases they are slated to receive 1 percent of the sales price every time the home sells for up to 100 years into the future.
A Private Transfer Fee, or PTF can substantially increase the cost for the follow on buyer to purchase a … (4 comments)

olympia realtor: The Old Tumwater Brewhouse has new owners and new potential - 11/18/10 08:09 PM

A few days ago I attended a Tumwater Chamber of Commerce luncheon featuring a presentation by the new owners of the Old Brew house. Pat Rhodes and George Heidgerken bought part of the Tumwater brewery a few months ago, and together with Ryan Rhodes, the project manager, and Jim Brown, the project architect, spoke about the brewery's history, introduced a progress report, their vision of the old brew house's future and the potential it holds for the community.
If left unchanged, the historic brew house would have run a course of quick deterioration and would have been an irreplaceable loss to the community. As I've … (2 comments)

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