web 20: Marketing By Answering LOCAL Questions Thru Social Media on Zillow Advice - 02/06/09 02:57 AM
Zillow Advice launched a few months ago (a interactive place to ask and answer real estate questions) and already thousands of questions and answers have been posted. 
But who has time to sort through them all and search for the ones that apply to you?  Good question- that's why you can sign up to receive email alerts when there is a question posted in your local area.
1.  Go to Zillow and sign in.  Click on the Advice Tab and search for your topic of interest.  It could be a subject like short sales or an area like Chicago, IL or … (13 comments)

web 20: New Free Feature On Zillow Launches Today - Zillow Advice - 12/16/08 03:02 AM
We at Zillow are continuing to roll out free ways to get your listings, your brand and now your expertise in front of the home buying, selling and owning community. 
Your listings- About 18 months ago, Zillow started letting people post listings on the site.  Each posting can include up to 50 photos, virtual tour links, personal website links, and all your contact information - for free. 
Your personal brand- In October 2008 we added the Professional directory.  Anyone who registers on the site and creates a profile can be found in this directory, for free.  Your profile can be as detailed as you … (8 comments)

web 20: Blogging is a SOCIAL media- keyword SOCIAL - 08/11/08 08:07 AM
I came across an Active Rain network blog the other day of someone who is in a similar line of work as me, working for a major real estate website.  Funny, I thought, I haven't heard of this person before nor ever seen their blog.  I checked out the blog and found some interesting content and nicely written posts.  When I clicked to find out more about this person, turns out they have written 128 posts!  So why haven't I heard of this person before? 
I think the answer lies in "social" aspect of blogging. 
I have written 138 posts, so … (63 comments)

web 20: Imagine Writing Your Next Blog Post While Driving.... Soon You Can! - 06/26/08 07:17 AM
Today Chrysler announced that next year their vehicles will come with the option of becoming a mini wireless Internet hotspot. 
So now you can get Internet in your car, Virgin has Ethernet ports on their planes, and I still can't pick up a cell signal in my basement.....but I digress. 
The Internet will be a dealer installed option that will work over cellular telephone links. Chrylser's uconnect system can link telephones and personal music players to the car's onboard electronics, so imagine controlling your Apple iPod with radio and steering wheel controls.  It will also includes the company's in-car 30-gigabyte hard … (28 comments)

web 20: Watch Out For The Web 2.0 Police! - 04/22/08 11:34 AM
I have said Web 2.0 websites (sites where users can actively post and contribute) have a sort of "give a penny, take a penny" philosophy.  For the most part, there are so many people out there that want to help (by giving a penny or writing a cool blog post) than hurt (taking all the pennies or leaving malicious comments).  
Because I work for a company that allows people to write to the site, people often say "Zillow should manually police this or that".  Of course we do our best to catch any scandalous behavior, but really we leave it up … (60 comments)

web 20: Everything That Can Be Rated Will Be - 04/02/08 12:07 PM
I was in a meeting this week discussing general Web 2.0 principles and how people are using the web.  The statement was made "Everything that can be rated will be".  Meaning that the collective consumer voice is going to creep into every industry where free markets exist. 
That got me thinking about how I ultimately make decisions.  I know that I use the internet a lot, but I surprised myself by how much I rely on other people's opinions when making a purchasing decision.  Here are some examples of my purchasing behaviors in just the last three months:
Got a new … (6 comments)

web 20: Transparency Creeping Into Our Lives As Well As Into Real Estate - 03/06/08 07:32 AM
I often write about transparency on the Internet, and am usually all for it.  But tonight I just watched the show Moment Of Truth, where people are asked very personal questions and they get money for answering them honestly- whew, tough (don't waste your tivo space on it).  But the fact that this show exists, and that people watch it, further reinforces the type of transparency and access to information that people desire and expect in this day and age. 
When I think of other examples of total transparency two immediate examples come to mind:
1) Inman News Conference - Twice a … (8 comments)

web 20: Is A Website A Necessary Part Of Your Marketing Arsenal? Maybe Not... - 02/26/08 07:01 AM
I was recently on a panel to discuss Web 2.0 principles and an interesting discussion ensued regarding if it was actually necessary to have a website anymore as an Agent. 
What sparked the thought was talk around how expensive and labor intensive it can be to maintain optimum search engine ranking.  Another challenge was keeping the content on website fresh and relevant, especially when it is necessary to go through a web developer to update them. 
Ultimately, everyone agreed that the more marketing you are able to do, the better.  But when you are dealing with limited time and resources, you … (28 comments)

web 20: Choosing A Service Provider - Web 2.0 Style - 12/19/07 04:16 AM
The question has been asked many times, is Web 2.0 helping people make money?  I wanted to share a process I went through this week with a dentist.  Hopefully from this experience, you can relate it to your business as a real estate professional. 
My mom has given me many great things in this world, but unfortunately I also inherited her bad teeth.  My huge sweet tooth doesn't help either.  But I recently woke up one morning only to realize that I had cracked a tooth.  I called up dentist to make an appointment and found out that they no longer … (6 comments)

web 20: Lola Audu 2.0 - Why 2.0 Works - 10/04/07 01:42 AM
Why do Web 2.0 sites like Zillow and Yelp and Trip Advisor work?  Because people love to share information.  They love to feel like they are a contributing part of a community.  They love to talk about their passions whether that be their neighborhood, a favorite restaurant, or a trip they just took. 
There is a Realtor in Grand Rapids, MI, whom I am sure Active Rain regulars know about as she is featured quite often, Lola Audu, who in the past few years has gone from not knowing what a blog is to being one of the best bloggers out … (16 comments)

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