south carolina: What's Happening in McCormick County - 05/22/09 01:47 PM
What's Happening in McCormick County,
South Carolina

Summer Lake Information:  Lake Thurmond, the largest U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project east of the Mississippi River, was built between 1946 and 1954 as part of a comprehensive plan of development for the Savannah River Basin. Lake Thurmond is one of the 10 most visited Corps lakes in the nation, serving about seven million visitors annually. The lake offers camping, day use areas, boating, fishing, hunting, and trails. Baker Creek State Park, Hamilton Branch State Recreation Area, and Hickory Knob State Resort Park are located on the shores of the lake. … (12 comments)

south carolina: What Do South Carolinians Think? - 05/16/09 07:15 AM

What Do South Carolinians Think? South Carolina, like any other state, faces challenges and needs that affect both personal life and growth within our state.  The Jim Self Center on the Future at Clemson University conducted a survey of South Carolinians to get information on quality of life issues. . Which issues (from the list below) do you think are the most important to South Carolinians?   Tell me your top three and I'll post what the study revealed later!  Also, I added an issue.  Which one of the issues below was not surveyed?
Education Economy  Housing Health Care Environment … (3 comments)

south carolina: Decline Reported in Foreclosures in South Carolina - 05/15/09 05:47 AM
Decline Reported in Foreclosures in South Carolina According to information in the Columbia Business Report, South Carolina saw decline in foreclosure filings from March to April, 2009.  The information reported was based on data released by RealtyTrac.  The data further indicated that one out of every 876 homes in South Carolina was in some state of foreclosure in April as compared to one in 855 in March.  Nationally, one in every 374 homes is in foreclosure.
South Carolina reported a 2.41% decrease in the number of foreclosures during the month while nationally, foreclosure filings showed less that 1% increase. REO's … (8 comments)

south carolina: Planning for College in South Carolina - 05/14/09 09:59 AM
Planning for College in South Carolina
Planning for college for our children is one of the most important decisions we make as a family.  The Strom Thurmond Institute of Government & Public Affairs at Clemson University has prepared a guide, a roadmap to success designed for South Carolina children and families planning for college.  Planning for College - A Comprehensive Guide for Families provides information to help a family make educational decisions from middle and high school, but focuses on higher education in our in-state public and private schools with 2-year and 4-year programs.  Information on financial aid is included.  According to … (8 comments)

south carolina: Grab Your Golf Clubs and We'll Bring the Boat Key! - 04/29/09 01:29 AM
Grab your golf clubs and we’ll bring the boat key!
What do we do as your REALTORS® when you come to see Savannah Lakes Village in McCormick, South Carolina to look at homes or building lots? 
We make sure the tank is full of gas and the car is clean to show the Village to you as our new buyer clients.  We ensure that all pre-showing paperwork has been done, explanations have been made, and your questions answered.  We don’t forget the community maps and information about amenities in the area.  We schedule, make, and confirm appointments based on what … (4 comments)

south carolina: 'Firewise' Landscaping - 04/26/09 03:32 AM
'Firewise' Landscaping
In a previous blog, How 'Firewise'Is Your Home?,we addressed suggestions for 'Firewise' construction.  This is especially relevant in our area because the woodlands of our state, South Carolina are easily susceptible to fire fires.  But all areas of the country are susceptible to fires to one degree or another.  With the ongoing and devastating fires in the Myrtle Beach(Horry County) area of South Carolina, all home owners should learn and incorporate 'fireswise' practices.   
Savannah Lakes Village in McCormick County has been designated as a 'Firewise' Community since 2006.  In the Architectural Expectations for new construction in Savannah Lakes … (7 comments)

south carolina: How 'Firewise' Is Your Home? - 04/24/09 07:20 AM
Being 'Firewise'
With the ongoing and devastating fires in the Myrtle Beach (Horry County) area of South Carolina, we are reminded of the need to be extra careful with any outside burning! This is expecially true in wooded areas. McCormick County is made up of primarily woodlands with much of our county acreage designated as Sumter National Forest, South Carolina Wildlife Management areas, and South Carolina State Parks. The woodlands are part of the charm of our area and provide wonderful resources. However for the sake of fire safety, Savannah Lakes Village in McCormick County has been designated as a … (10 comments)

south carolina: Just like that little ant, we have . . . high hopes, we have high hopes . . . - 04/22/09 08:15 AM
Just like that little ant, we have . . . high hopes, we have high hopes . . .
The Humane Society of McCormick - McCormick, SC needs your help!  We need your vote for our Humane Society in the ongoing Animal Rescue Site Challenge (Partner of The grand prize is a $20,000 grant with prizes awarded for the runners-up and state winners.
Winners are awarded based on the number of votes a Humane Society receives and you can vote one time daily! The voting began on April 13, 2009 and ends on July 25, 2009 with prizes … (8 comments)

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south carolina: Are You a Golfer? The Masters Tournament Part 1 - 03/30/09 12:31 AM

Are You a Golfer? The Masters Tournament Part 1
Are you a golfer? Do you have anyone in your family who is a golfer? Do you have a client who is a golfer? Do you like to watch golf on television? Do you know a golfer? Answer any of the above questions with a ‘Yes' and you probably are familiar with the Masters Tournament at the Augusta National in Augusta, Georgia.  Perhaps you may have watched it on television or you have been to Augusta to a practice round or to a tournament round! 
Every April, the Masters, the first … (9 comments)

south carolina: Is the American Dream of Home Ownership Alive? - 03/28/09 03:34 AM

According to Wikipedia, 'The American Dream' is "the freedom that allows all citizens and most residents of the United States to pursue their goals in life through hard work and free choice."  Over the years, home ownership has indeed been an American Dream.  But in these tough economic times, is the American Dream of home ownership still alive?
Many South Carolinians answer that question with a resounding "YES" as they drive their cars and trucks around our state!  They show their support for home ownership for low-income families by purchasing and displaying an 'American Dream' license tag. 
Several years ago, … (8 comments)

south carolina: What's Happening to Real Estate in South Carolina? - 03/26/09 11:36 PM
What's Happening to Real Estate in South Carolina? Point of Sale H.3272 South Carolina REALTORS®!  Contact your State Representative today and encourage him/her to support H.3272, legislation currently being debated in the House of Representatives.  H.3272 will amend the Point of Sale property tax legislation (passed by our General Assembly in 2006) which has created serious inequities in our real estate market and has had a negative effect on state-wide real estate and economic development. H.3272, introduced by Chairman Dan Cooper and Representative Jim Merrill, is designed to eliminate the property tax inequities. According to the South Carolina Association of REALTORS®, … (7 comments)

south carolina: Upstate South Carolina 30 Day Multimedia Marketing Campaign - 03/26/09 01:22 PM
 Coming Soon to Upstate South Carolina!  April 1-30, 2009
 30 Day Multimedia Marketing Campaign
Focused on helping Upstate South Carolina's Builders sell existing new home inventories, Spring, 2009. Creative media/web advertising and repeated reinforcement of the positive message to reinforce that this is a great time to buy a new home; the first time home buyer incentives, and fantastic homes at a GREAT price for only this 30 day window. NOT a solicitation of listings--but a joint 30 day targeted marketing campaign helping Upstate SC builders that have standing inventories that needs to be SOLD! Check out the Countdown Page

south carolina: A Trip through the History of McCormick, South Carolina - 02/24/09 10:25 AM
McCormick County, South Carolina is named for Cyrus McCormick(1809-1884), the inventor of the McCormick reaper, an invention which revolutionized the agricultural economy in the South.  About the time Mr. McCormick was inventing the reaper (1850), gold was discovered where the current town of McCormick now stands.  In 1872, he bought the Dorn Gold Mine and later donated land for the town, which was named for him in 1882. It is thought, however, that he never visited the area.  The mine continued to operate until the 1930s. 
The McCormick area had actually been part of Old 96 District, settled in the mid-1800's by Scotch-Irish, French Huguenots, … (11 comments)

south carolina: Traveling South Carolina's Heritage Corridor in McCormick County - 02/24/09 05:33 AM
Extending almost 240 Miles across South Carolina, the Heritage Corridor stretches from the mountains of Oconee County along the Savannah River to the port city of Charleston. The Corridor was established by the United States Congress in 1996.  The Heritage Corridor is one the regions in South Carolina in which communities have stayed together, preserving their individual heritage.  It is divided into 14 counties of which McCormick County is one.  Traveling the Heritage Corridor takes a visitor through historic, cultural, and natural resources to tell the story of the history of our state.
It is a diverse history.  From the low-country … (0 comments)

south carolina: What's a M . . . A . . . C . . . K? - 02/11/09 07:43 AM
Around here, the ‘M' stands for McCormick.  McCormick County, South Carolina is the smallest county in the state.  It's a rural county with almost one-third of the land designated for state parks, the Sumter National Forest, and wildlife management areas.  Our Lake Thurmond features 70,000+ acres of freshwater ideal for fishing and water sports.  If you don't like traffic (only two stoplights in the county) and love to see the stars without the light pollution of the city, McCormick County might just be what you're looking for.  Of course, there is a town called McCormick, too!
People who visit the area … (2 comments)

south carolina: Savannah Lakes Village McCormick, SC - What a Beautiful & Classic Home! - 02/06/09 07:46 AM

south carolina: Did you see that flake? Is it snnnnnow? Surely not! - 01/20/09 12:21 AM
Did you see that flake?  Surely - We can't be saying it - not the  ‘s' word -  in McCormick, South Carolina!  But yes, there it was this morning - for all to see - right on front of our house. It must have gotten lost to end up here in McCormick!
There's the often told story that a traveler from ‘up north' was looking for a new home to get away from the snow and ice of Michigan.  So he traveled south.  In every town, he would stop at the local hardware store and ask to purchase a snow shovel.  When he … (7 comments)

south carolina: I am McCormick County - 01/15/09 07:28 AM
"I am McCormick County" is the theme chosen to challenge local and regional artists to participate in the art competition sponsored by Spring Bonanza 2009 in McCormick, South Carolina.  Artists' interpretations will depict McCormick County and its many diversities. 

Two age categories (youth and adult) will showcase a broad spectrum of creativity.  Entries are being solicited through area newspapers, artists' guilds, schools, and web sites. 
Rules and entry forms may be printed by accessing the McCormick County Chamber of Commerce web site www.mccormickscchamber.orgvia the Spring Bonanza link, or the McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah web site
Winners will … (5 comments)

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