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Discussions about the market and tips to get your home SOLD. If you are seaching for a place to call home, let me introduce you my town.



O.K., I'm not a kid. But, I was once and I lived in the same town where I live today. From grade 7 through High School Graduation I was able to enjoy growing up on the Jersey Shore. Summers were great! Winters were like being in a ghost town without a ride out. To me it was Purgatory living in My...
Why are parents Teaching their children all the wrong lessons in Life? Alright, this is a rant. A vent, if you will. I just got back from my favorite pizza parlor with a take-out pizza. I love this place. It offers good food at reasonable prices and best of all it is near my house. I could walk t...
The Tuckerton Seaport hosts the 8th Annual RED Wine and Blues Festival this weekend. You know it has got to be good when they make it an annual event and each year gets better than the last. If this economy has got you singing the blues you will have a lot of company at the Tuckerton Seaport this...
What computer choices have you made? Do you use the operating system that came with your computer? Mac, Windows (give me the version e.g. vista, XP, etc.) to Linux? Did you even know about Linux? It too has various versions and can be loaded from your hard drive or CD drive. How about the interne...
I ask you, did I have Property Tax Appeal - Victory or Defeat? I just got my "adjusted" tax assessment from the Ocean County Board of Taxation and I am not sure how I feel about it. I had written a blog about doing your own tax appeal titled, "How to Reduce your Little Egg Harbor, Ocean County, N...
A few weeks back I wrote about a single woman attempting to buy a house that did not fit her budget in my blog, Is it Mortgage Fraud?. She had been out with an agent in my office and was found by the mortgage representative NOT to be loan worthy. Seems her debt to income ratio was off and the cre...
Home Sales in Little Egg Harbor & Tuckerton. Is it a Fluke or a Spike in home Sales? June sales are up. Up big! We had 10 more sales in June of 2010 than we did in June 2009 in the Tuckerton and Little Egg Harbor. That comes after three months of dismal sales figures for zip code 08087. But, it i...
This is what NO Homeowner wants to hear - But, if you want to sell in this market - ya gotta do what you gotta do. Too much inventory to play around - you have got to make the buyer think he is getting a bargain as much as the seller feels he is giving it away. Call Greg Bain @ 609-290-7962 for ...
I love my community. This Saturday, July 3d, 2010, Tuckerton is going to celebrate the independence of America. No where is "grand old flag" sung with more passion than here in my town. My town is Little Egg Harbor and it surrounds the Borough of Tuckerton by land. We host Memorial Day and Vetera...
News Flash: The NAR did not invent the Internet. And the local board of REALTORS did not write a computer program that provides you with the search capabilities you have come to take for granted. No, those wonderful tools are the product of government involvement and funding along with some very ...

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