reo properties: Must Read For All Realtors - 05/04/11 08:02 AM
            Book Review: Title; "The Thank You Economy"
    If you are a Realtor and are over 40 yrs old, then you must read this book by Gary Vaynerchuk. He sums it up for us folks who still don't get it when it comes to " Social Media". As usual I thought I knew everything about this area. Well now that I have read Gary's latest renderings, I do, at least for now. I'm going to make another shift in my actions, thinking, conversation......Rather than tell what the book is about, I'm going to share with … (2 comments)

reo properties: SAN JACINTO REO REPORT ;THIS CALIFORNIA HOME COMPS OUT AT $139,000=WOW - 07/09/09 09:37 AM
               Located at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains range, you'll love the views of purple
mountains majesty every morning. Let me say no
more and see for yourself.


reo properties: Murietta's REO Report - 05/07/09 01:20 PM
           I want to make it official.....I Scott Barr declare that Riverside county in California has reached the
 bottom of the market for housing. At least that's what I told some friends at a dinner party back in April.
At first I made a blanket statement that we will look back a year from now and see that April was the
 bottom of the real estate market in our area. Then it occurred to me that I was standing in the kitchen of
a home located in San Diego county.Ooops...wrong county. (I think San Diego and Orange county have … (2 comments)

reo properties: Murrieta's REO Report-(NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY 4/1/09) - 04/01/09 05:02 PM
     This 3,972 sq ft 5 bed room 3 bath home can be yours for under $300,000. Located in Menifee
 California this should be plenty of room for grandma and the kids.  
     Not convinced that now is the time to buy then check out this mini-mansion located in Southern
California.  I must warn you that this listing will have many offers by the time you read this article. Which
brings up a number of issue's concerning this red hot market we are in.
•1.       Any property that is properly priced will sell within 14 days.
•2.       If you find something really, … (0 comments)

reo properties: Murrieta's REO Report - 12/29/08 06:09 AM
Anatomy of a sale (in today's market)
  What is a sane approach to the buying process in Southern California?
First, let's look at what is happening in our real estate market. We have primarily two types of sales taking place bank owned and short sales. Bank ownedor other wise known as REO property is just that the bank now owns the house. These are the new normal transactions in Riverside county California.
    As a buyers agent I'm always relived when my client wants to view a bank owned home. Typically these negotiations are handled like they were back in … (2 comments)

reo properties: CANYON LAKE REO REPORT - 12/23/08 04:52 AM
      How does an old fashion Christmas sound? That's
 exactly what we had this past Saturday. First, we
got a bird's eye view of the Canyon Lake's Christmas
 boat parade. Then we Christmas caroled into the
 night followed by some delicious treats for all. We
 ended the night
 with a "white
 elephant" gift
 that was made up
 of items only found
 at home.
      Earl and Marina Rideau really know how to bring
Christmas cheer to friends and family alike. About
 thirty of us got together for refreshments and
 fellowship. Part of the entertainment was Canyon Lake's

reo properties: ALL OF THIS IN OUR OWN BACK YARD - 11/09/08 06:57 AM
 Yes, Hemet is a little sleepy town compared to San Diego, Orange
 county and La. And yet, there are many treasures surrounding it
 within a quater tank of gas. If you like fresh air and beautiful views of
 vistas ,then Oak Glen, located just 15 miles from the Hemet/San Jacinto
 valley, is the perfect choice. My wife and I and 3 of our 4 daughters
spent yesterday afternoon
hiking, munching on raspberries and Carmel apples at
 one of our favorite apple farms,
 Riley's Apple Farm. (Our forth daughter is currently
 attending a private Christian college located on the Pacific ocean, poor thing!) The weather was … (1 comments)

reo properties: San Jacinto reo report - 11/04/08 07:32 AM

       In soccer we have a saying "it's
 always fun when you win." When you
 win it doesn't matter how bad the
 referreeing was or how many fouls
the other team committed. In fact, you
 start thinking that maybe Hitler was
 not such a bad guy after all. Well, I
 wouldn't take it that far but I think
 you get my meaning. The same
thing happens in real estate. When a
 home finally does sell, all is well with
 the planet especially in today's market. A lot of buyers are still on the fence wondering how much lower
 prices can … (0 comments)

reo properties: ANZA REO REPORT - 11/03/08 04:33 AM
    Recently my youngest daughter and I had the privilege to attend the Redshank Rider's annual Turkey
Treasure Hunt.  Although we don't own a horse yet, we thought
 it to be a good excuse to eat lunch in Anza,
California. What does this have to do with real estate you
 might ask? Well,it has  everything to do with
real estate. You see some of the prettiest country sits up in
 this arid
mountain community. Fresh air and beautiful mountain tops are a couple of reasons why it's worth the trip.
     The Redshank riders are a group of horsemen (and women) who are dedicated … (0 comments)

reo properties: Murrieta's REO Report :The Anatomy of a Short Sale part 3 - 10/03/08 11:20 AM

       Oh no, we received an offer, now what? I can remember not too, too long along when I received my first offer on my first listing. Oh no, we received an offer, now what?        Call the bank and inform them that you are trying to sell your client's house and that the market value is less than what is owed therefore it is being sold short of what is owed. (Please note that this is not intended to be used as a script but only as a guide.) Ideally the conversation should be an informational session. Basically, … (3 comments)

reo properties: SHORT SALES REMINDER - 09/23/08 07:22 AM
Do these two images go together when you think of short sales? I have found that being "nice" to the person on the other end of the phone, who is there to help, makes things move more expeditiously. After all isn't that what we all want a speedy operation? And I think operation is a good way to describe the process we all have to go through in order to get these deals done. I have found that being humble but firm is the best emotional state to be in when pursuing a short sale. Something as simple as being polite … (7 comments)

reo properties: TEMECULA'S REO REPORT - 09/22/08 05:32 AM
With banks heading to the hills or where ever they go when they shut down, the time to have access to a reliable lender has intensified. A reliable lender can be designated by their aptness at adjusting to shifting markets. Please note that I'm not a lender but its no secret that we agents can't perform our jobs effectively without the support of the financial institutions. So a good agent will have access to good lenders. We shouldn't take these people for granted.

reo properties: Murrieta's REO Report - 08/21/08 05:45 AM
Do you remember that old saying? "If you come to a fork in the road, take it. Now I know what they meant by it. There are so many choices in the market place that its hard to pick the right one. This process is helped by the fact that banks are receiving multiple offers but it is still a struggle for some folks to choose. Of course I'm talking about the current real estate market here in Southern California. I have clients who are finding three and four properties that they could easily live with. Patients on my part is … (0 comments)

reo properties: MURRIETA'S REO REPORT - 08/18/08 10:22 AM
                                                             THE ANATOMY OF A SHORT SALE PART 2
Is there anything else that home owners who are facing default on their mortgage can try before selling short or letting the house go? Well, here are two one might consider:
Try doing a Loan Workout with the lender this works as follows: You as the home owner contact the bank or lender and try renegotiate your loan. If by lowering your adjusted interest rate, they can keep your loan on the books this might be worth the effort. In some cases the bank might be able to forgive some of the debt … (0 comments)

reo properties: TEMECULA'S REO REPORT - 08/14/08 01:46 PM
                                                     THE SKINNY ON THE SHORT SALE PROCESS I've been doing short sales on both sides of a transaction for all of '08. I keep hoping and praying that this mess will clear up and go away. It looks like it's going to be with us for awhile.  I've been thinking about what could help make the process go smoother. Sooo here's my two cents; let's make three cents:
HIRE UNEMPLOYED REALTORS -Think of all the talented people, outstanding people, who decided that the life of a realtor was not for them. Why not tap into this work pool? Who could … (2 comments)

reo properties: MURRIETA'S REO REPORT - 08/13/08 11:14 PM
           ANATOMY OF A SHORT SALE                Short sales have become a big part of the California real estate scene. They are becoming so prevalent that I've decided to test my expertise by seeing if I can successfully break the short sale process down like an scientist would the human body. I will attempt this feat in two separate posts. First, there are three important facts that you must know before attempting a short sale. You must: Know exactly what a short sale is. Know the time line for a short sale. Know if you meet the lender's qualifications for a short … (2 comments)

reo properties: MURRIETA'S REO REPORT - 07/03/08 07:33 PM
  It still surprises me when people, who should buy rather than rent hesitate because they think the big dip is going to happen again. I've got news for all the naysayers, California is having a "blue light special" and it's already begun. Yes it will last for 14 more months or so, but the point is it has started. I know from experience that 89% of buyers and investors never buy when prices are going down. They generally wait for prices to go up then they jump in and regret it later. As of 7/3/08 prices will drop 5-10% then … (1 comments)

reo properties: MURRIETA REO REPORT - 06/13/08 08:09 AM
Yes, I really did show 14 homes to my clients yesterday. And as a result I'm writing two offers on two different properties. I love being a buyer's agent in this market. It was one of those surreal real estate moments. We viewed 6 of the 14 homes on one street. Not only did we save on gas, but we got our walking in too. We had to drive one block to look at the rest of the homes, including one that we are putting an offer on. What we viewed was astounding. 3600 sq ft properties were going for $320,000.  … (0 comments)

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